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Regulatory Development and Retrospective Review Tracker

Rulemakings by Effect: Small Governments Implementation or Regulation

There are three types of impacts on small governments described in Reg DaRRT:

  1. Small governments are likely to play a role in the implementation of a rule - Displayed on this page.
  2. Small governments are likely to be treated as regulated entities - Displayed on this page.
  3. Significant impact on a substantial number of small entities (SISNOSE) - Click to be directed to lists related to whether or not a rulemaking is likely to have a SISNOSE, as described in the Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA).
The list includes all rulemakings in Reg DaRRT, except those that have been withdrawn or those that have been archived.

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CategoryCan be sorted descendingTitleRINCan be sorted ascendingPhaseCan be sorted ascending
Hide details for Likely to play a role in implementationLikely to play a role in implementation
Show details for YesYes
Show details for TBDTBD
Show details for No Information AvailableNo Information Available
Show details for NoNo
Show details for Likely to be regulatedLikely to be regulated


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Reg DaRRT focuses on priority rulemakings and retrospective reviews of existing regulations. EPA offers other regulatory tracking tools as well:

You may also find useful information on our Related Links page.


This site provides summaries of priority rulemakings and priority retrospective reviews of existing regulations. We update most of the site at the beginning of each month, though some data is updated more frequently if it is time sensitive. The information on this site is not intended to and does not commit EPA to specific conclusions or actions. For example, after further analysis, EPA may decide the effects of a rule would be different or it may decide to terminate a rulemaking.

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