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10/01/2015EPA Strengthens Ozone Standards to Protect Public Health/Science-based standards to reduce sick days, asthma attacks, emergency room visits, greatly outweigh costs
10/01/2015Major Fertilizer Producer Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC to Ensure Proper Handling, Storage and Disposal of 60 Billion Pounds of Hazardous Waste / Manufacturer committing close to $2 billion in funding to address environmental impacts from fertilizer production
09/30/20152:30 PM EDT: EPA to Hold Media Call on Updated Ozone Standards
09/30/2015Tractor Supply Company Agrees to Implement Company-Wide Compliance Program to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations
09/30/2015EPA Announces National Limits to Reduce Toxic Pollutants Discharged into Waterways by Steam Electric Power Plants
09/30/2015TODAY: EPA Media Call on Final Steam Electric Effluent Limitation Guidelines
09/29/2015Guardian Industries Corp. to Cut Harmful Air Pollution at Flat Glass Manufacturing Plants in Seven States
09/29/2015EPA Updates Emissions Standards for Petroleum Refineries/First-ever fenceline monitoring requirements will protect nearby communities
09/29/20151:15 PM EDT: EPA to Hold Media Call on Final Refineries Rule
09/28/2015EPA Adds Five Hazardous Waste Sites to Superfund’s National Priorities List and Proposes an Additional Seven
09/28/2015EPA Updates Standards to Increase Safety and Protect the Health of America’s Farmworkers/Revised standards give farmworkers health protections under the law similar to those already afforded to workers in other industries
09/25/201510:00 AM EDT TODAY: EPA To Provide Update Following Recent Volkswagen Announcement
09/25/2015EPA Update on Recent Volkswagen Announcement
09/24/2015EPA Finalizes Rule to Modernize Clean Water Act Reporting
09/24/2015EPA Proposes New Protections for International Hazardous Waste Shipments
09/24/2015FRIDAY: EPA Administrator Visiting Notre Dame to Discuss Moral Obligation for Climate Action
09/23/2015EPA Announces $13.2 Million in Supplemental Funds to Clean up Contaminated Brownfields Sites Across the Country
09/21/2015Bayer Cropscience to Enhance Safeguards at Chemical Facilities in Four States to Settle Violations at W.V. Plant
09/21/2015EPA Encourages Homeowners and Communities to Maintain Septic Systems During SepticSmart Week
09/18/2015EPA, California Notify Volkswagen of Clean Air Act Violations / Carmaker allegedly used software that circumvents emissions testing for certain air pollutants
09/18/201512:00 PM EST: EPA To Make Announcement Today Regarding Major Automaker
09/17/2015EPA Seeks Input on Draft Monitoring Plan Following Gold King Mine Release
09/16/2015EPA and USDA Join Private Sector, Charitable Organizations to Set Nation’s First Goals to Reduce Wasted Food
09/16/2015EPA Recognizes Three Communities for Smart Growth Achievement
09/16/2015ADVISORY: EPA Administrator McCarthy Testifying Today Before Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
09/15/2015EPA Updates Gold King Mine Response Website with Sampling Results, Documents
09/15/2015EPA, USDA Join to Set Nation’s First Food Waste Reduction Goals with Charities and Private Companies
09/15/2015TODAY: EPA Administrator McCarthy to Address Growth Energy Conference
09/10/2015Duke Energy Corp. to Reduce Emissions from Power Plants in North Carolina, Fund Environmental Projects
09/10/2015EPA Awards Green Infrastructure Grants of $20,000 to Kansas State University and Mississippi State University
09/01/2015EPA Kicks Off Campus RainWorks Challenge to Develop Innovative Approaches to Stormwater Management
09/01/2015EPA Announces $1.9 Million to Small Businesses to help Support the Nation’s Green Economy
09/01/2015US EPA Administrator to Deliver Remarks on Partnership with States at Environmental Council of The States’ Fall Meeting
08/31/2015EPA Update on Gold King Mine Response: Additional Data Results and Public Records
08/31/2015EPA Proposes Rules to Improve Hazardous Waste Management and Better Protect our Waterways / New Rules Also Reduce Regulatory Burden on Businesses
08/28/2015EPA Update on Gold King Mine Response: Navajo Nation, Additional Data, Public Records
08/27/2015EPA Releases Additional Data and Public Records on Gold King Mine Response
08/26/2015EPA Releases Internal Report on Gold King Mine Response
08/26/2015EPA Update on Gold King Mine
08/24/2015Environmental Policy Dialogue Between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Ministry of the Environment of Japan
08/20/2015EPA Administrator Traveling to Japan to Highlight and Advance Environmental Bilateral Cooperation
08/18/2015EPA Proposes New Commonsense Measures to Cut Methane Emissions from the Oil and Gas Sector/Proposal Cuts GHG Emissions, Reduces Smog-Forming Air Pollution and Provides Certainty for Industry
08/18/2015NOON EDT: EPA's Office of Air and Radiation to Hold Media Call on Proposed Methane Standards for Oil and Gas Industry
08/17/2015Pennsylvania Water Utility to Reduce Sewage Discharges to Delaware River and Local Creeks
08/17/20153 PM MTN: EPA Daily Media Call on Gold King Mine Response
08/16/2015EPA Update on Gold King Mine Response Efforts for August 16, 2015
08/15/2015U.S. EPA Update on Gold King Mine Response Efforts for August 15, 2015
08/15/2015U.S. EPA Statement on San Juan River Data from Gold King Mine Release
08/14/2015EPA Proposes to Cut Methane Emissions from Municipal Solid Waste Landfills/Cost-effective updates would strengthen requirements for both new and existing landfills
08/14/20153 PM MTN: EPA Daily Media Call on Gold King Mine Response
08/13/2015EPA Statement on Data from New Mexico to Navajo Nation from Gold King Mine Release
08/13/201511:20 AM MDT TODAY: EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Holding Media Availability in Farmington, NM
08/12/2015Statement, Photos and Audio from EPA Administrator in Durango, CO
08/12/2015EPA Statement on Colorado data from Gold King Mine Release
08/12/2015Statement from EPA Administrator to Regional Administrators RE: ongoing field work at mines
08/12/2015School Indoor Air Quality Assessments Go Mobile / EPA Launches School IAQ Assessment Mobile App
08/11/2015TODAY: EPA Administrator to Discuss Historic Clean Power Plan to Cut U.S. Carbon Pollution and Protect Public Health
08/07/2015TUESDAY: EPA Administrator to Discuss Historic Clean Power Plan to Cut U.S. Carbon Pollution and Protect Public Health
08/06/2015Arch Coal Subsidiaries to Make System-Wide Upgrades to Reduce Pollution Entering U.S. Waters
08/05/2015EPA Proposes Stronger Standards for People Applying the Pesticides with the Greatest Risk/ Improved training and minimum age requirements for certified applicators will help protect people and the environment.
08/03/2015The Final Clean Power Plan: More Ambitious, More Achievable for States
08/03/2015Obama Administration Takes Historic Action on Climate Change/Clean Power Plan to protect public health, spur clean energy investments and strengthen U.S. leadership
08/03/20156 Things Every American Should Know About the Clean Power Plan
07/30/20154PM TODAY: U.S. EPA to Hold Media Call on Clean Power Plan
07/30/2015EPA Reaches Agreement with Manufacturer to Stop Use of TCE in Spray Fixative Products Used on Arts and Crafts/EPA also taking regulatory action to reduce exposure to this chemical
07/28/2015EPA Report to Congress: Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is Accelerating Great Lakes Cleanup and Protection
07/28/2015EPA Administrator Testifies before Full House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
07/23/2015FRIDAY: EPA Administrator and Chicago Archbishop to Visit Old St. Mary’s School in Chicago, Discuss Moral Obligation to Act on Climate
07/22/2015More than 6,500 Buildings Face Off in EPA’s Sixth Annual Energy Star Battle of the Buildings Competition/U.S. commercial buildings in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. race to save energy, water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
07/20/2015EPA Releases Updated Environmental and Public Health Indicators in Online Database
07/17/2015White House, EPA Honor Environmental Education Award Winners
07/16/2015TODAY: EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Speaks at National Corn Growers’ Corn Congress
07/15/2015Settlement with Interstate Power and Light to Reduce Emissions from Iowa Power Plants, Fund Projects to Benefit Environment and Communities
07/14/2015TODAY: EPA Administrator McCarthy in Boston with Canada and Mexico for Commission on Environmental Cooperation
07/13/2015-07/16/2015EPA Honors Winners of the 20th Annual Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards/Innovative technologies tackle climate change, water, and chemical issues
07/09/2015TODAY: EPA Administrator to Deliver Remarks at 2015 League of United Latin American Citizens Annual National Convention
07/09/2015FRIDAY: EPA Administrator to Deliver Remarks at 2015 League of United Latin American Citizens Annual National Convention
07/09/2015Public – Private Partnership Launches New AmeriCorps Program to Help Communities Build Resilience / Federal agencies, The Rockefeller Foundation, and Cities of Service announce Resilience AmeriCorps initiative as part of Administration’s effort to build climate resilience nationwide
07/09/2015EPA Administrator to Testify before House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology
07/07/2015TODAY: EPA Administrator to Discuss the Climate Action Plan with Christian Science Monitor
07/06/2015TUESDAY: EPA Administrator to Discuss the Climate Action Plan with Christian Science Monitor
07/02/2015EPA Finalizes Rule to Reduce Climate-Damaging HFCs
07/01/20156PM: EPA Administrator joining Georgetown Discussion on Pope Francis’ Encyclical and the Environment
07/01/2015EPA Proposes to Cancel Some Uses of an Insecticide Commonly Used for Residential, Industrial and Commercial Purposes/The agency found unacceptable risks to human health when sprayed indoors
06/30/2015Obama Administration Assists Communities in Building Local Food Systems to Foster Economic Growth/Investment Helps Improve Public Health and the Environment, Diversify Local Economy
06/29/2015EPA Honors 2015 Energy Star Combined Heat and Power Winners / Facilities in Maine, N.J., Texas recognized for emission reductions
06/29/2015TODAY: EPA Administrator at the National Zoo for the Youth Summit on the Environment
06/25/2015Modifications to Settlement with Alabama Power Company Will Reduce Harmful Air Pollution
06/24/2015FRIDAY: EPA Administrator on Bill Maher Show to Discuss Climate Action Plan
06/24/2015DOI, USDA, EPA, NOAA and USACE announce additional Resilient Lands and Waters Initiative sites to prepare natural resources for climate change
06/24/2015FRIDAY: EPA Administrator on Bill Maher Show to Discuss Climate Action Plan
06/24/2015U.S. Requires Arizona and New Mexico Plant Owners to Reduce Emissions at Navajo Nation Four Corners Power Plant
06/23/2015TODAY: Administrator McCarthy Holds Press Briefing on U.S.-China SandED Joint Session on Climate Change
06/22/2015EPA Strengthens Underground Storage Tank Requirements to Improve Prevention and Detection of Leaks
06/22/20152PM TODAY: EPA Holding Media Call on New Report on the U.S. Benefits of Global Climate Action
06/22/2015EPA Report: For the US, Global Action Now Saves Lives and Avoids Significant Climate Change Damages
06/22/2015TUESDAY: Administrator McCarthy Holds Press Briefing on U.S.-China SandED Joint Session on Climate Change
06/22/2015TUESDAY: EPA Administrator to Deliver Remarks at League of Conservation Voters Education Fund Capital Dinner

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