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08/31/2009EPA’s Urban Waters Service Day to Mark End of President Obama’s United We Serve Summer of Service
08/26/2009EPA Seeks Comments on New Information about Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide
08/19/2009EPA Proposes More Environmentally Friendly Practices for Airport Deicing

Discharges from deicing operations at airports can have major impacts on water quality
08/05/2009EPA Seeks Comments on its Reevaluation of the Chemical Perchlorate
08/03/2009EPA Offers Tips to Save Water and Money
07/14/2009EPA Awards Puerto Rico Nearly $72 Million in Recovery Act Funds for Water Infrastructure Projects / Money will boost economy, create jobs and protect human health and the environment
07/08/2009$90 Million in Recovery Act Funds to Bolster Water Services in Indian Country and Create Jobs
06/30/2009Video Contest Winners Inspire Stewardship for the Nation’s Waters
06/11/2009Obama Administration Takes Unprecedented Steps to Reduce Environmental Impacts of Mountaintop Coal Mining, Announces Interagency Action Plan to Implement Reforms: Federal agencies take coordinated action to strengthen oversight and regulation, minimize adverse environmental consequences of mountaintop coal mining
06/11/2009Obama Administration Officials to Hold Press Conference Call on Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
06/02/2009Open Beach Days Remain Steady
05/12/2009EPA to Help Lead ‘New Era’ of Partnership, Accountability in Chesapeake Bay Restoration Efforts Thanks to President Obama’s Executive Order
05/01/2009Landmark U.S. Geological Survey Study Demonstrates How Methylmercury, Known to Contaminate Seafood, Originates in the Ocean
04/09/2009EPA Withdraws Water Permit Fee Incentive Rule
03/26/2009Safe Drinking Water Needs Assessed
03/24/2009EPA Statement on Mining Permit Applications
03/24/2009EPA Acts to Reduce Harmful Impacts from Coal Mining
EPA Launches “Fix a Leak Week” To Encourage Water Efficiency
02/19/2009Stimulus Plan Will Create Sustainable Jobs That Will Protect Public Health
01/16/2009EPA and Florida DEP Work Together to Restore Florida’s Surface Waters
01/15/2009Video Shows Green Practices to Manage Stormwater Runoff
01/08/2009EPA Seeks Advice on Perchlorate in Drinking Water - Agency Issues Interim Health Advisory
01/06/2009Groups Work Together on Water Efficiency Research
01/06/2009New Report Reviews Cruise Ship Discharges
12/18/2008Vessel Discharges Require Permit
12/16/2008A Drop Reduced, A Drop Saved: PepsiCo, Pinellas County Utilities Named Water Efficiency Leaders
12/16/2008How Healthy Are America’s Coasts?
EPA’s Environmental Assessment Provides Wellness Check-Up
12/12/2008 Northern California Institute Chosen as Finalist for Grant to Improve the Gulf of Mexico
12/12/2008Finalists for Grants to Improve the Gulf of Mexico
12/03/2008Agencies Revise Guidance to Protect Wetlands and Streams
11/25/2008Green Savings Start at Home by Going Blue
11/20/2008Agreement to Help Improve Water Quality
11/19/2008Proposed Guidelines to Control Pollution from Construction Sites
11/10/2008More Time to Comment on Preliminary Regulatory Determination on Perchlorate
10/31/2008New Requirements for Controlling Manure, Wastewater from Large Animal Feeding Operations
10/20/2008Communities Win Blue Ribbons for Clean Water
10/09/2008Doing More with Less Water - First WaterSense Partners of the Year
10/03/2008EPA Seeks Comment on Preliminary Perchlorate Drinking Water Decision - Agency Plans to Issue a Perchlorate Health Advisory
10/02/2008Climate Change Strategy to Help Manage Water Resources
09/25/2008Committee Recommends Revisions to Rule to Control Microbial Drinking Water Contamination
09/22/2008New Permit Issued for Industrial Stormwater Discharges Offers Improved Features
09/22/2008Federal Agencies Map Plans to Address Marine Debris
09/18/2008Call to Action: Help Protect Water Resources -
World Water Monitoring Day Starts Sept. 18
09/04/2008EPA Provides Incentives for Clean Water Permit Fee Programs
09/02/2008EPA Decision Protects 67,000 Acres of Mississippi Wetlands
09/02/2008EPA to Announce Decision on Yazoo Pumps Project
08/06/2008EPA Continues Work to Understand Potential Impacts of Pharmaceuticals in Water
08/01/2008EPA Works with Builders On WaterSense New Homes Program
08/01/2008New Web Site Helps Kids Identify the Healthiest Fish to Eat
07/24/2008EPA Determines Regulation Not Needed for 11 Potential Drinking Water Contaminants
07/15/2008EPA Lays Groundwork for Promising Technologies to Help Mitigate Climate Change
07/14/2008EPA to Announce Proposed Rule on Carbon Sequestration
07/11/2008Wanted: Water Efficiency Leaders
07/02/2008EPA Re-Issues Permit for Construction Site Stormwater
07/01/2008Don't Trash the Ocean:
National Clean Beaches Week July 1-7
06/19/2008Estuaries Preparing to Be Climate Ready
06/16/2008EPA Proposes Vessel Discharge Permits
06/16/2008Action Plan to Reduce Nutrients to Mississippi River from 31 States Released
06/10/2008EPA Requests Grant Proposals to Reduce Hypoxic Zone in the Gulf of Mexico
06/09/2008EPA Reaffirms Clean Water Permits Not Needed for Water Transfers
06/05/2008Water Saving Homes Are Coming Soon
05/29/2008Improved Monitoring and Prevention Keeping Beachgoers Better Protected
05/15/2008EPA Proposing Stormwater Construction General Permit
05/05/2008EPA Hosts Webcast on Water Program's Climate Change Strategy
04/21/2008Giving Small Water Systems a Free Check Up
03/31/2008Army Corps and EPA Improve Wetland and Stream Mitigation
03/28/2008U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and EPA Announce Improvements to Wetland and Stream Mitigation
03/28/2008EPA Seeks Public Comment on Water Strategy to Respond to Climate Change
03/28/2008Aircraft Drinking Water Regulation Proposed
03/04/2008EPA Proposing Additional Options for Animal Feeding Operation Rule
02/20/2008EPA Seeks Public Comment on Possible Drinking Water Contaminants
02/14/2008EPA Helps Communities Increase Water System Sustainability
02/12/2008Washington State’s Water Laws Approved
02/01/2008Guidebook to Help Water Utilities Improve Energy Management
01/17/2008EPA, National and Environmental Groups Launch "Green Infrastructure" Plan to Benefit Communities and the Environment
EPA Reports on Clean Water Infrastructure Needs
01/14/2008EPA Money and Support Help Make Beach Visits Safe
01/08/2008Reduce Costs by Using Low Impact Development Practices
12/20/2007EPA Seeks Public Input on Draft Cruise Ship Discharge Report
12/03/2007Every Drop Counts - EPA Recognizes Water Efficiency Leaders
11/28/2007EPA, Army Corps Extend Public Comment Period for Joint Rapanos Guidance
11/20/2007Public Invited to Comment on Revised Plan to Reduce Nutrients from 31 States to Mississippi River
11/01/2007Improving and Maintaining the Health of Estuaries -
National Estuary Program Celebrates 20th Anniversary
10/15/2007EPA to Assist Livestock Operators
10/15/2007EPA Recognizes Outstanding Water Quality Achievements of 2007 - Clean Water Act To Turn 35
10/11/2007EPA To Develop Regulations for Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide
10/01/2007Bathroom Sink Faucets To Bear WaterSense Label
09/26/2007EPA Strengthens Lead in Drinking Water Rule
08/23/2007New Guidance on Watershed Permitting
08/20/2007$13 Million to Flow to 16 Watershed Groups
08/07/2007New Water Quality Trading Guide Available
07/26/2007EPA Launches New Tribal Portal Website
07/20/2007Know A Water Efficiency Leader?
07/18/2007EPA Extends Clean Water Act Deadlines for Animal Feeding Operations
07/05/2007New EPA Web Site Features Weather Hazard PSAs for Radio
06/26/2007Leading Innovators in Pollution Prevention Receive Awards
06/20/2007EPA Considers How to Develop Vessel Discharge Permit Program
06/13/2007EPA Approves Addition of Kenai River to Alaska’s List of Impaired Waters, Places Exxon Valdez Waters Decision on Hold
06/06/2007Bush Administration Takes Major Step Forward on Cleaning Up Abandoned Mines - New tools will help 'Good Samaritans' remove mine waste, restore watersheds, improve fisheries
06/05/2007EPA Delivers First National Estuary Condition Report

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