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03/08/2012TOMORROW: EPA Chief to Announce Creation of Anacostia River Revitalization Fund
03/08/2012EPA Encourages Americans to Save Water During Fix a Leak Week/ WaterSense Partner of the Year Delta Faucet Company to fix leaks at homes and community facilities across the country
03/02/2012Urban Waters Federal Partnership Launches Ambassadors Program to Support Revitalizing Urban Waterways in U.S. Communities / First Ambassador Selected; Will Help Coordinate Los Angeles River Watershed Project
03/02/2012EPA Provides $15 Million to Help Small Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems Across the Country/Funding will help small systems better serve local communities
02/16/2012EPA Issues Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Sites/New permit includes more protections for waterways, shaped by important public and stakeholder feedback
01/31/2012EPA To Provide Nearly $10 Million to Clean Up Beaches Across the Nation/The agency launches improved website for beach advisories and closures
01/17/2012Administrator Jackson, Secretary Vilsack Sign Historic Agreement With State of Minnesota to Help Farmers Protect Rivers, Streams and Lakes
12/07/2011EPA To Provide Nearly $2 Million to Revitalize U.S. Urban Waters
11/30/2011EPA Proposes Updated Vessel General Permit and Permit for Small Vessels/Action would help protect U.S. water quality and lower invasive species risk
11/03/2011EPA’s WaterSense Program to Label Innovative Watering Technology/Weather-based irrigation controllers can help save 110 billion gallons of water and $410 million per year on utility bills
10/28/2011EPA Develops New Planning Approach to Improve Water Quality in U.S. Cities
10/20/2011EPA Announces Schedule to Develop Natural Gas Wastewater Standards/Announcement is part of administration’s priority to ensure natural gas development continues safely and responsibly
10/06/2011WaterSense Partners of the Year Recognized for Dedication to Water-Efficiency
08/12/2011EPA Seeks Input on the Development of Drinking Water Perchlorate Regulation
08/08/2011EPA and USDA Create a Partnership to Improve Drinking Water Systems and Develop Workforce in Rural Communities
07/21/2011EPA Issues Final Guidance to Protect Water Quality in Appalachian Communities from Impacts of Mountaintop Mining / Agency to provide flexibility while protecting environment and public health
07/19/2011Update on the Cooling Water Intake Structures Proposed Rule
06/28/2011EPA Seeks Input from Small Entities on Revisions for the Lead and Copper Rule
06/27/2011Update on Waters of the U.S. Draft Guidance
06/24/2011Federal Agencies Partner to Revitalize Urban Waterways In Communities Across The U.S.
06/23/2011EPA Identifies Case Studies for Hydraulic Fracturing Study / Agency to conduct field work in various regions of the country starting this summer
06/17/2011EPA Administrator Tours WaterSense Manufacturing Facility to Highlight Products that Conserve Water / Consumers also save money with WaterSense
06/15/2011EPA Seeks Small Business Participation on Wastewater Discharge Rule for Steam Electric Power Plants
06/02/2011EPA to Host Public Listening Sessions during National Ocean Month
04/29/2011EPA Launches New Strategy to Promote Use of Green Infrastructure for Environmental and Economic Benefits
04/27/2011Obama Administration Affirms Comprehensive Commitment to Clean Water
04/27/2011Senior Obama Administration Officials to Host Press Conference Calls, Events Today to Discuss Clean Water
04/15/2011EPA Solicits Public Comment on Permit to Reduce Stormwater Discharges from Construction Sites
03/28/2011EPA to Open Public Comment on Proposed Standards to Protect Aquatic Ecosystems
03/11/2011EPA Encourages Americans to Save Water During Fix a Leak Week
03/07/2011EPA Seeks Public Comments to Help Develop Management Practices for Recreational Vessels
03/03/2011EPA Submits for Public Comment the Next Round of Safe Drinking Water Act Contaminant Monitoring
02/08/2011EPA Submits Draft Hydraulic Fracturing Study Plan to Independent Scientists for Review / The draft plan is open to public comment
02/02/2011EPA To Develop Regulation for Perchlorate and Toxic Chemicals in Drinking Water
01/14/2011EPA Grants Continue to Protect Beachgoers
01/13/2011EPA Halts Disposal of Mining Waste to Appalachian Waters at Proposed Spruce Mine / Agency cites irreversible damage to clean water, environment in the region
01/11/2011EPA Issues Guidance for Enhanced Monitoring of Hexavalent Chromium in Drinking Water
01/07/2011EPA and HHS Announce New Scientific Assessments and Actions on Fluoride / Agencies working together to maintain benefits of preventing tooth decay while preventing excessive exposure
12/22/2010Statement from EPA Administrator Jackson regarding her meeting with 10 U.S. senators on Chromium-6
12/21/2010EPA Statement on Chromium-6 in Drinking Water
12/13/2010EPA to Hold Listening Session to Obtain Public Input for the Next Vessel General Permit
11/23/2010EPA Recognizes Nation’s First WaterSense Labeled Homes / Water efficiency program aims to help homebuyers save money on utility bills while cutting their water and energy use
11/22/2010EPA Finalizes Rules to Foster Safe Carbon Storage Technology

Actions part of efforts to reduce barriers to widespread deployment of carbon capture and sequestration, an important set of technologies to combat climate change
11/09/2010Eight of Nine U.S. Companies Agree to Work with EPA Regarding Chemicals Used in Natural Gas Extraction / EPA conducting congressionally mandated study to examine the impact of the hydraulic fracturing process on drinking water quality; Halliburton subpoenaed after failing to meet EPA’s voluntary requests for information
10/22/2010EPA to Hold Listening Sessions on Potential Chesapeake Bay Stormwater Rule
10/07/2010EPA Announces WaterSense Partners of the Year
10/04/2010EPA Issues Clean Water and Drinking Water Infrastructure Sustainability Policy
09/30/2010Independent Science Advisory Board Draft Review Supports EPA Science on Mountaintop Mining Impacts
09/27/2010EPA Will Propose Rule to Protect Waterways by Reducing Mercury from Dental Offices / Existing technology is available to capture dental mercury
09/21/2010EPA Urges Citizens to Clear out Medicine Cabinets for Drug Take-Back Events
09/07/2010EPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Grants Awarded
08/20/2010EPA Releases Draft Strategy for Clean Water
08/17/2010EPA Launches Web Forum on How to Best Protect America’s Drinking Water
07/30/2010EPA To Hold Listening Sessions on Potential Revisions to Water Quality Standards Regulation
07/14/2010EPA Launches National Water Conservation Campaign/EPA’s WaterSense program helps consumers save money and water
06/30/2010Consumers Save Money, Water with EPA’s WaterSense Program: Showerheads added to the WaterSense product list
06/18/2010EPA Announces a Schedule of Public Meetings on Hydraulic Fracturing Research Study
06/17/2010EPA Proposes Updating Drinking Water Rule to Better Protect Public Health
06/07/2010EPA Begins Review of Science for Florida’s Coastal Water Quality Standards: Action reiterates agency's commitment to sound science and transparency
06/02/2010EPA Proposes New Permit Requirements for Pesticide Discharges: Action would reduce amount of pesticides discharged and protect America’s waters
05/27/2010EPA to Initiate Rulemaking to Reduce Harmful Effects of Sanitary Sewer Overflows
05/12/2010EPA Releases Land Management Guidance to Reduce Water Pollution to Chesapeake Bay
05/12/2010New Federal Strategy for Chesapeake Launches Major Initiatives and Holds Government Accountable for Progress
05/11/2010EPA Reaches Settlement in Chesapeake Bay Lawsuit
04/29/2010EPA Announces Funding to Help Urban Communities Protect Their Waters: Agency unveils a $600,000 competitive grant for urban watershed project under Urban Waters Initiative
04/20/2010Residential Homebuilder Settles Clean Water Act Violations in 18 States and D.C. / Settlement affects 161 construction sites in Chesapeake Bay watershed
04/01/2010EPA Issues Comprehensive Guidance to Protect Appalachian Communities From Harmful Environmental Impacts of Mountaintop Mining
04/01/2010TODAY: EPA Administrator Jackson to Hold Press Conference Call on Mountaintop Mining
03/26/2010EPA Proposes Veto of Mine Permit Under the Clean Water Act
03/22/2010EPA Administrator Jackson Outlines New Vision for Clean, Safe Drinking Water
03/19/2010TODAY: EPA Administrator Jackson to Discuss New Vision for Drinking Water Protection: Jackson to make remarks at the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA)
03/18/2010EPA Recognizes Leaders in Energy Efficiency: Winners save energy and money through Energy Star program
03/18/2010EPA Initiates Hydraulic Fracturing Study: Agency seeks input from Science Advisory Board
03/16/2010EPA Launches Web Forum on How to Best Protect America’s Waters
03/12/2010Fix a Leak Week Offers Texas-Sized Water Savings: Americans can save water and money
03/03/2010EPA Requests Public Comments on Vessel Water Discharges Report
01/27/2010EPA Extends the Stormwater Construction General Permit by One Year
01/15/2010EPA Proposes Standards to Protect Florida’s Waters: Action would decrease amount of phosphorus and nitrogen pollution
01/08/2010EPA Announces More Than $9 Million in Beach Grants To Help Protect Swimmers
01/05/2010EPA Makes Announcement on Two Proposed West Virginia Mountaintop Coal Mines
01/05/2010EPA to Hold Public Listening Sessions on Potential Stormwater Rule
12/18/2009EPA Releases First-Ever Baseline Study of U.S. Lakes
12/18/2009EPA Releases National Water Program Research Strategy to Advance and Broaden Research Partnerships
12/10/2009EPA Releases Final Specification for WaterSense New Homes: This will help homeowners increase water efficiency and save on their utility bills
12/08/2009EPA Releases Guidance to Help Federal Facilities Better Manage Stormwater
11/23/2009EPA Issues Rule to Reduce Water Pollution from Construction Sites
11/10/2009EPA Study Reveals Widespread Contamination of Fish in U.S. Lakes and Reservoirs
10/29/2009EPA Requests Comments on Survey for Stormwater Rule
10/19/2009EPA Proposes to Extend the Stormwater Construction General Permit by One Year
10/19/2009EPA’s WaterSense Label Available for First Commercial Building Product
10/08/2009EPA Recognizes Leaders in Water Efficiency: WaterSense Partners of the Year named
10/06/2009EPA Issues Final Aircraft Drinking Water Rule
09/23/2009EPA Releases List of Priority Drinking Water Contaminants for Regulatory Consideration
09/15/2009EPA Expects to Revise Rules for Wastewater Discharges from Power Plants
09/11/2009EPA Releases Preliminary Results for Surface Coal Mining Permit Reviews
09/10/2009Federal Agencies Release Draft Reports
Required by Chesapeake Bay Executive Order
09/10/2009TODAY: EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to Hold Chesapeake Bay Press Conference Call
09/09/2009TOMORROW: EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, USDA and DOI to Hold Chesapeake Bay Press Conference Call
08/31/2009EPA’s Urban Waters Service Day to Mark End of President Obama’s United We Serve Summer of Service
08/26/2009EPA Seeks Comments on New Information about Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide

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