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News Releases issued by the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention


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12/01/2004 EPA Releases Information on High Production Volume Chemical Challenge Program
12/01/2004 Regulatory Action to Complement Phase-Out of Two Flame Retardant Chemicals
12/01/2004New Grants To Reduce Lead Poisoning in High-Risk Communities
11/23/2004Early Release of 2003 TRI Data
10/14/2004Grants Awarded to Develop Pesticide Risk Reduction Programs
10/13/2004 EPA and Partners Increase Awareness of Protecting Children from Lead Poisoning
10/13/2004 Nominations Being Accepted for 10th Annual Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards
10/07/2004 EPA Conditionally Registers New Bt Cotton Product
09/30/2004EPA Reminds Pesticide Retailers Diazinon 'Stop-Sale' Date Approaching
09/15/2004EPA Recognizes 13 Leaders for Pesticide Stewardship
09/01/2004 EPA Seeks Comment on Proposed Pesticide Emergency Exemption Process Rule
08/26/2004 EPA Seeks Comment on Plans to Apply New Global System to Improve Pesticide Labels
08/12/2004EPA Proposes Critical Use Exemption of Methyl Bromide;
06/26/2004 Workshop on Implementation of Recent Pesticide Fee Legislation
06/25/2004Leading Innovators To Be Honored at Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards- Program will be on June 28 in Washington, D.C.
06/18/2004Pesticide Safety Campaign Launches Monday on Hispanic Radio Network
05/07/2004EPA Scientist Becomes President of Largest Toxicology Association in the World
04/28/2004 Grants Awarded to Fund Biological Pesticide Demonstration Projects
04/28/2004Proposal Seeks Comment on Clarified Language Used on Public Health Mosquito Control Product Labels
04/28/2004 Proposals for Research on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Requested
04/14/2004Training Activities Dealing with Lead Abatement Addressed in New Rule
03/18/2004EPA’s Campaign for National Poison Prevention Week Advises Parents to “Lock it Up”
03/04/2004Counterfeit Pesticide Products For Dogs and Cats Found - Retailers Ordered to Stop Sales
01/29/2004 Workshop To Seek Input On Plant-Incorporated Protectant Experimental Use Permits
11/25/2003Proposals for Biomarker Research Requested
11/13/2003Public Dialogue Initiated on Toxics Release Inventory
11/04/2003Modified Corn Variety Controls Moths and Beetles
11/03/2003Brominated Flame Retardants To Be Voluntarily Phased Out
10/31/2003Additional Scientific Reviews of Herbicide Atrazine Completed
10/31/2003Schools Invited to Participate in Internet Training on Mercury
10/17/2003EPA Makes Final Decison on Dioxin In Sewage Sludge used in Land Applications
10/16/2003Lead Poisioning Prevention Week -- Partnering for Prevention in October
10/16/2003Sixteen Organizations Recognized for Significant Progress in Reducing Pesticide Risk
10/09/2003Advisory Committee on Toxic Chemicals Underway; Membership selected
08/22/2003EPA Accepting proposals for Research on Endocrine Disruptors Using Computer Modeling
08/22/2003EPA Begins Health Risk Assessments for Six New Chemicals through Agency’s IRIS Program
08/06/2003Science Panel Completes Report to Agency on Possible Effects of Herbicide on Amphibians
07/31/2003EPA Orders ‘Stop Stale’ of Bio-Stop for Unregistered Mold-Control Claims
07/31/2003Nationwide Campaign Focuses on Safe Storage of Pesticides; other Household Chemicals to Protect Children
07/31/2003EPA and American Chemistry Council Announce $2 Million to Develop Advanced Pollution Exposure Model
07/18/2003Interim Guidance Clarifies Circumstances when NPDES Permit not Required to Apply Pesticide to Water
07/10/2003EPA Orders ‘Stop Sale’ of Unregistered Pesticide Product Purporting to Control Toxic Mold
07/03/2003Comprehensive Review of Widely-Used Insecticide Carbaryl Completed
06/27/2003EPA Halts Sale of Unregistered 'SARS' Pesticide Product
05/29/2003Pesticide Science Panel will Review Key Information on Herbicide Atrazine, Possible Amphibian Effects
05/21/2003National Consumer Awareness Campaign Launched on Vermiculite Insulation Used in some Home Attics
05/20/2003EPA Kicks Off Public Awareness Campaign for Vermiculite Attic Insulation which May Contain Asbestos
05/09/2003EPA Finalizes Changes to the Impact Hammeri Rule
04/24/2003Pilot Program Examines Modifications for Pesticide Emergency Exemptions
04/18/2003Link between Levels of Lead in Blood and Delayed Puberty in Gilfs Described in Research
04/14/2003EPA Intensifies Scientific Investigation of a Chemical Processing Aid
03/20/2003EPA Working to Find Solutions on Perchlorate
03/20/2003Finalizes Voluntary Cancellation of Virtually all Residential Uses of CCA- Treated Wood
03/12/2003National Poison Prevention Week Stresses Community Involvement
03/06/2003EPA Awards $4 Million in Mercury Research Grants
02/25/2003New Corn Pest Control Approved by EPA Can Lead to Reduced Pesticide Use-- Non-Chemical Alternative To Conventional Insecticides For Control Of Corn Rootworm
02/07/2003EPA Grants One Year Exemptions for DOD to Safely Dispose of PCB Wastes
01/31/2003EPA Adopts Aggressive Measures on Herbicide Atrazine
01/24/2003Government Seeks to Improve the Endangered Species Consultation Process for Pesticides
01/15/2003U. S. EPA and U.S. Customs Service Sign Agreement to Share Information on Hazardous Waste, Chemical, Pesticide Imports
01/14/2003EPA Administrator Whitman; Customs Commissioner Bonner to Announce Plans for Efficient Sharing of Imports Information; Includes Homeland Security Goals
01/08/2003EPA Issues Latest in Series of Stop-Sale Orders to Companies Selling Products with Unproven Anthrax Tuberculocidal Claims
12/19/2002Awards Given for Significant Achievements in Pesticide Environmental Stewardship
12/04/2002Proposal Outlines Approach for Field Implementation of Pesticide- Related Endangered Species Protection Program
11/27/2002Label Instructions Tightened on Flea & Tick Control Products for Pets
11/14/2002EPA Accepting Proposals for Endocrine Disruptor Research

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