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News Releases issued by the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention


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10/05/2007EPA Issues One-Year Registration for Soil Fumigant Iodomethane
10/05/2007EPA to Announce Future of Iodomethane
09/21/2007EPA To Regulate Ion Generators as Pesticides
09/10/2007EPA Releases List of High-Volume Chemicals
08/21/2007U.S., Canada and Mexico Take Lead to Manage Industrial Chemicals
08/13/2007Public Meeting To Discuss Nanotechnology
07/18/2007New Report Shows Environmental Benefits from Green Computers
07/18/2007Four Communities to Pilot New Federal Environmental Health Partnership
07/17/2007EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson Joins CDC to Help Local Communities Advance Environmental Protection Efforts
07/11/2007EPA Invites Public Comment on Design of Nanotechnology Stewardship Program
06/26/2007Leading Innovators in Pollution Prevention Receive Awards
06/11/2007EPA Advances Public Health and Environmental Protection with New Pesticide Screening
06/11/2007EPA to Release First Pesticides for Endocrine Screening
06/05/2007EPA Proposes Adding Child-Occupied Facilities to Lead Paint Requirements
05/16/2007(1) Compound Allowed as Alternative to Ozone-Depleting Chemicals for Specific Uses
(2)  New Reports Highlights Pollution Prevention Efforts
05/05/2007 11:30:00 AMDC Project To Help Residents Safely Control Pests
05/04/2007EPA Grant To Help Residents Use Safer Pest Control
05/02/2007EPA Seeks Public Comment on Risk-Reduction Options for Soil Fumigants
04/03/2007New EPA Asbestos Brochure Targets Auto Mechanics
03/29/2007EPA To Hold Public Meetings on Managing Non-Federal Mercury Supplies
03/28/2007EPA Releases PFOA Stewardship Program Baseline Year Summary Report
03/16/2007EPA Seeks Public Comment on Lead-Safe Work Practices
03/15/2007EPA Reminds Communities How to Prevent Unintentional Pesticide Poisonings
01/08/2007EPA Rules Out Wood Preservative ACC for Residential Use
12/18/2006EPA Finalizes Toxic Release Inventory Rule
11/16/2006EPA Phases Out Pesticide AZM
10/24/2006New Data Show Decline in Children's Exposure to Pollutants
10/23/2006Awareness Key to Preventing Lead Poisoning
10/18/2006EPA Invites Public Participation in Development of Nanotechnology Stewardship Program
08/23/2006EPA Releases Guidance to Reduce Mechanics' Exposure to Asbestos
08/03/2006U.S. Continues to Set Bar on Pesticide Safety
08/01/2006U.S. Pesticide Safety Highest in the World
08/01/2006(CORRECTED VERSION) EPA to Announce Efforts on Food Quality Protection Act
07/24/2006Greener Computers and Monitors Will Soon Hit the Market
07/17/2006EPA's Top-Five Keys to a Green and Healthy Summer
07/05/2006Report Highlights Accomplishments; Outlines Path Forward
06/28/2006Innovative Recipients Recognized for Turning Brown into Green Chemistry
06/23/2006Bans on Human Studies Extended to Nursing Women
05/16/2006Regulatory Changes Requested on Pest Strip and other DDVP Products
05/10/2006First U.S. Voluntary Standard for Computers in Place
04/20/2006Young Leaders Recognized for Environmental, Community Impacts
04/19/2006Recognition for Health Care Industry Leaders
04/18/2006Committed to Putting Children First
04/13/2006Easier Access to Health and Environmental Effects of Industrial Chemicals
04/06/2006New Edition of Hispanic Environmental Health Page Focuses on Pesticides
03/31/2006EPA Extends Public Comment Period on Lead-based Paint Proposal
03/22/2006Participation Sought at EPA Lead Proposal Public Meetings
03/20/2006EPA Reminds Public to Keep Household Poisons Away from Kids
03/17/2006New Requirement to Help Assess Potential Chemical Risks
03/02/2006100 percent Participation and Commitment in EPA's PFOA Stewardship Program
03/02/2006EPA to Announce Companies Joining PFOA Effort
02/10/2006EPA Offers $2.7M to Reduce Risks of Toxic Exposure
02/06/2006EPA's FY 2007 Budget Reflects Efficiency, Collaboration and Sound Science
02/03/2006EPA Press Briefing for President's Budget for Fiscal Year 2007
01/26/2006EPA Significantly Strengthens and Expands Safeguards on Human Studies Research
01/25/2006EPA Seeking PFOA Reductions
01/25/2006EPA to Announce New Effort on PFOA
12/29/2005New Requirements Proposed for Lead-Based Paint Work
12/19/2005Legislation to Reduce Global Persistent Organic Pollutants Receives Praise
12/14/2005Advisory: EPA Announces Largest Civil Administrative Penalty In Its History for Dupont PFOA Violations
12/14/2005EPA Settles PFOA Case Against DuPont for Largest Environmental Administrative Penalty in Agency History
12/02/2005EPA Celebrates the Nation's Cleaner Environment on its 35th Anniversary
11/30/2005Asbestos Project Plan Available
11/04/2005Information Available on Endangered Species Protection Program for Pesticides
09/07/2005EPA Proposes Strict Ethical Safeguards on Human Studies Research
07/20/2005Agreement Will Lead to Better Understanding of PFOA Sources
07/20/2005Comments Sought on Pesticide Review Process
07/20/2005Sixteen Leaders In Pesticide Stewardship Recognized
06/21/2005 Leading Innovators in Pollution Prevention Recognized
06/15/2005EPA and Partners Take Action to Reduce Lead Levels in Drinking Water in Schools and Child Care Facilities
06/03/2005Hartz to Relabel and Cancel Flea and Tick Drops for Cats and Kittens
05/11/2005Meeting On Possible Voluntary Pilot Program for Nanoscale Materials
05/11/2005Studies Provide Public With Updated Information on CCA-Treated Playground and Decks
03/16/2005EPA Promotes Poison Prevention
03/09/2005Proposal to Improve Dioxin and Dioxin-Like Compounds Reporting
03/09/2005 Better Labels for Mosquito Control Products
02/18/2005EPA Sets Reference Dose for Perchlorate
01/27/2005EPA Issues Interpretive Statement on Pesticides and Water and Seeks Comment on
Proposed Rule
01/12/2005EPA Proposes to Modify Toxics Release Inventory Reporting Requirements
01/12/2005EPA Seeks Scientific Peer Review on PFOA
12/15/2004 EPA Issues Final Reminder of "Stop Sale" Date for Diazinon
12/08/2004 EPA Updates Information on Sediments
12/01/2004 EPA Releases Information on High Production Volume Chemical Challenge Program
12/01/2004 Regulatory Action to Complement Phase-Out of Two Flame Retardant Chemicals
12/01/2004New Grants To Reduce Lead Poisoning in High-Risk Communities
11/23/2004Early Release of 2003 TRI Data
10/14/2004Grants Awarded to Develop Pesticide Risk Reduction Programs
10/13/2004 EPA and Partners Increase Awareness of Protecting Children from Lead Poisoning
10/13/2004 Nominations Being Accepted for 10th Annual Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards
10/07/2004 EPA Conditionally Registers New Bt Cotton Product
09/30/2004EPA Reminds Pesticide Retailers Diazinon 'Stop-Sale' Date Approaching
09/15/2004EPA Recognizes 13 Leaders for Pesticide Stewardship
09/01/2004 EPA Seeks Comment on Proposed Pesticide Emergency Exemption Process Rule
08/26/2004 EPA Seeks Comment on Plans to Apply New Global System to Improve Pesticide Labels
08/12/2004EPA Proposes Critical Use Exemption of Methyl Bromide;
06/26/2004 Workshop on Implementation of Recent Pesticide Fee Legislation
06/25/2004Leading Innovators To Be Honored at Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards- Program will be on June 28 in Washington, D.C.
06/18/2004Pesticide Safety Campaign Launches Monday on Hispanic Radio Network
05/07/2004EPA Scientist Becomes President of Largest Toxicology Association in the World
04/28/2004 Grants Awarded to Fund Biological Pesticide Demonstration Projects

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