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01/31/2011Federal Agencies to Convene National Bed Bug Summit February 1-2
01/04/2011EPA Requires Testing of 19 Widely Used Chemicals
12/29/2010EPA Issues National Guidance to Address Proper Maintenance, Removal, and Disposal of PCB-Containing Fluorescent Lights
12/22/2010EPA Provides Public with Easier Access to Chemical Information
12/21/2010EPA Forms New Group to Increase Tribes’ Role in Chemical Management and Pollution Prevention Activities
12/17/2010EPA and European Chemicals Agency Sign Agreement to Enhance Chemical Safety
12/08/2010EPA, Other Federal Agencies to Hold Bed Bug Summit in February
11/30/2010EPA Announces New Tool to Promote Safer Chemicals and Products
11/29/2010EPA Calls for Nominations for 2011 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards
11/19/2010EPA Seeks Small Businesses Input on Exterior Lead Paint for Public and Commercial Buildings
11/16/2010EPA to Expand Chemicals Testing for Endocrine Disruption
11/04/2010EPA Denies Petition that Sought a Ban on Lead in Fishing Gear
10/21/2010EPA Announces Lead Poisoning Prevention Week
Agency urges parents to protect children from exposure
10/21/2010EPA and Federal Partners Promote Sustainable Manufacturing in Communities

E3 Projects under way in Alabama, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin
10/19/2010EPA Seeks Small Businesses Input on Formaldehyde
10/06/2010EPA Awards $1.5 Million in Environmental Education Grants
10/06/2010EPA Pesticide Database to Aid Consumers in Controlling Bed Bugs
09/20/2010EPA Marks 20th Anniversary of the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990
08/27/2010EPA Denies Petition Calling for Lead Ammunition Ban
08/18/2010EPA to Take Action on Chemicals Used in Dyes, Flame Retardants, and Industrial Detergents /
Efforts to limit exposure and reduce harm to people
08/17/2010Bayer Agrees to Terminate All Uses of Aldicarb
08/11/2010EPA Proposes Improvements to Chemical Reporting
Actions to help keep children, families safer
08/10/2010CONSUMER ALERT: EPA Advises Care When Selecting Pesticides for Bedbug Control
07/06/2010EPA Rule Increases Protection from Lead-Paint Poisoning
Agency also extends deadline for required training
06/23/2010EPA Announces Winners of the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards
06/09/2010EPA Moves to Terminate All Uses of Insecticide Endosulfan to Protect Health of Farmworkers and Wildlife
05/18/2010EPA Helps Americans Get Ready for Summer with Insect Repellents
05/17/2010EPA Adds More Than 6,300 Chemicals and 3,800 Chemical Facilities to Public Database

Unprecedented access provided for the first time
04/23/2010EPA Announces Start of National Lead-Safe Renovation Program to Protect Children and Pregnant Women
EPA also strengthens protections in lead-safe program
04/14/2010Administrator Jackson to Deliver Opening Remarks at EPA Conference on Improving Our Waters
04/07/2010EPA Requires Contractors to Become Lead-Safe Certified / Agency expects more than 125,000 contractors to be trained by April 22 deadline
04/07/2010EPA Announces New Restrictions on Pesticide Phosphine Fumigants to Reduce Risks to Children
New labels aim to reduce accidental poisonings
03/29/2010EPA to Scrutinize Environmental Impact of Bisphenol A
03/17/2010EPA to Increase Restrictions on Flea and Tick Products
Cautions consumers to use products with extra care
03/16/2010MEDIA ALERT: EPA Will Announce the Results of its Evaluation of Spot-on Tick-and-Flea Products for Dogs and Cats
03/15/2010EPA Makes Chemical Information More Accessible to Public
For the first time, TSCA chemical inventory free of charge online
03/11/2010EPA: Keep Pesticides and Household Chemicals out of Children’s Reach
01/21/2010EPA Increases Transparency on Chemical Risk Information: Action part of continued comprehensive reform of toxic substance laws
12/31/2009Nominations Sought for 2012 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards
12/30/2009EPA Announces Actions to Address Chemicals of Concern, Including Phthalates: Agency continues efforts to work for comprehensive reform of toxic substance laws
12/22/2009EPA Seeks to Disclose Pesticide Inert Ingredients
12/17/2009EPA Reaction to DecaBDE Phaseout Announcement
12/10/2009Limited EPA Study Finds Low Level of Concern in Samples of Recycled Tires from Ballfield and Playground Surfaces
12/08/2009EPA to Strengthen Oversight of Pesticide’s Impact on Children and Farmworkers
12/02/2009Statement of Lisa P. Jackson
Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Legislative Hearing on the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)
Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
December 2, 2009
11/30/2009Five Companies Lauded for Reducing Pesticide Risk
11/30/2009EPA Issues Consumer Alert: Unscrupulous Vendors Market Unapproved Flu Disinfectant Products
11/19/2009EPA Issues Call for 2010 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award Nominations
11/04/2009EPA Proposes New Pesticide Labeling to Control Spray Drift and Protect Human Health
10/30/2009EPA Proceeds with Revoking Regulations Allowing Carbofuran Pesticide Residues on Food
10/29/2009EPA Orders Chemical Testing for Hormone Effects
10/22/2009EPA Proposes Tightening Standards for Lead-Safe Renovation Practices and Lead Paint Dust to Protect Children
10/20/2009New EPA Information on Insect Repellents
10/07/2009EPA Begins New Scientific Evaluation of Atrazine
10/01/2009Leaders Praise EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson’s Plans for Chemical Reform
10/01/2009EPA Opens Transparency Window into Pesticide Registration Decisions
09/29/2009EPA Administrator Jackson Unveils New Administration Framework for Chemical Management Reform in the United States
09/25/2009EPA Announces Guidance to Communities on PCBs in Caulk of Buildings Constructed or Renovated Between 1950 and 1978

EPA to gather latest science on PCBs in caulk
09/11/2009New Limits on Pesticide Uses Will Protect Salmon
08/26/2009EPA Announces New Steps to Protect Americans from Lead Poisoning. Actions to reduce overall exposures to lead
06/22/2009EPA Launches Protection Team to Explore Widespread Bee Deaths
06/22/2009EPA Honors Recipients of 2009 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards
06/16/2009EPA Helps Estuary Programs Adapt to Climate Change
05/28/2009EPA Green Lights First Antimicrobial Pesticide Against Anthrax
05/27/2009EPA Strengthens Safety Measures for Soil Fumigant Pesticides
EPA Makes the List for 2009 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government
05/11/2009Carbofuran Pesticide Residues in Food Revoked
04/16/2009U.S. and Canada to Increase Scrutiny of Flea and Tick Pet Products
04/15/2009 EPA To Begin Testing Pesticides for Endocrine Disruption
03/16/2009Prevent Poisonings: Lock Up Pesticides
01/07/2009Plan Announced to Improve Pest Control in Schools by 2015
12/17/2008$3 million in Environmental Community Grants to Be Awarded
12/09/2008N. American Enviro Ministers Advance Cooperation on Chemicals
12/04/2008New Partnership Grants Demonstrate Integrated Pest Management
11/25/2008Formaldehyde Emissions from Pressed-Wood Products to be Investigated
11/18/2008Celebrate the Environment:
Remember Mother Earth this Holiday Season
11/06/2008New Assessment Highlights Effective Mercury-Free Alternatives
10/30/2008Make a 2009 Green Chemistry Award Nomination
10/20/2008Wipe Out Lead Poisoning - National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week
09/24/2008EPA Launches New Chemical Assessment and Management Efforts
07/24/2008EPA Acts to Address Carbofuran Residues in Food
07/10/2008Soil Fumigant Pesticides Subject to New Safety Measures
07/01/2008Importing or Exporting? New EPA Web Portal Provides Environmental Requirements
06/24/2008EPA Honors Recipients of 2008 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards
06/23/2008EPA to Undertake Scientific and Regulatory Evaluation of Formaldehyde Use in Pressed Wood Products
05/29/2008EPA Requires Safety Measures for Rodent-Control Products to Protect Children and Wildlife
03/31/2008New Requirements to Protect Children from Lead-Based Paint Hazards
03/31/2008EPA to Announce New Requirements to Protect Children from Lead-Based Paint Hazards
03/17/2008EPA Administrator to Address Chemical Assessment and Management
03/17/2008Play It Safe, Prevent Poisonings, Lock Up Pesticides
02/22/2008USDA, EPA and FDA Statement on Genetically Engineered Corn "Event 32"
02/19/2008Ask EPA: What's Up with Nano?
02/04/2008EPA Announces Substantial Decrease of PFOA
01/28/2008EPA Seeks Data About Nanoscale Materials
12/18/2007EPA Awards Community Grants Across Country
12/13/2007Comments Sought: Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program Draft Procedures
12/05/2007Make a Nomination: Green Chemistry Challenge Awards
10/19/2007Getting Lead Out of the Home - National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week Starts Oct. 21
10/17/2007EPA Seeks Comment on StarLink White Paper
10/05/2007EPA Issues One-Year Registration for Soil Fumigant Iodomethane

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