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01/06/2016EPA Releases the First of Four Preliminary Risk Assessments for Insecticides Potentially Harmful to Bees
01/06/2016EPA Releases the First of Four Preliminary Risk Assessments for Insecticides Potentially Harmful to Bees/First-of-its-kind assessment delivers on President Obama’s National Pollinator Strategy
11/19/2015EPA Now Accepting Applications for the 2016 Safer Choice Partner of the Year Awards
11/04/2015EPA Calls for the 21st Presidential Green Chemistry Award Nominations/Program promotes environmental and economic benefits of using novel green technologies in chemical design, manufacture, and use
09/28/2015EPA Updates Standards to Increase Safety and Protect the Health of America’s Farmworkers/Revised standards give farmworkers health protections under the law similar to those already afforded to workers in other industries
08/05/2015EPA Proposes Stronger Standards for People Applying the Pesticides with the Greatest Risk/ Improved training and minimum age requirements for certified applicators will help protect people and the environment.
07/30/2015EPA Reaches Agreement with Manufacturer to Stop Use of TCE in Spray Fixative Products Used on Arts and Crafts/EPA also taking regulatory action to reduce exposure to this chemical
07/13/2015-07/16/2015EPA Honors Winners of the 20th Annual Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards/Innovative technologies tackle climate change, water, and chemical issues
07/01/2015EPA Proposes to Cancel Some Uses of an Insecticide Commonly Used for Residential, Industrial and Commercial Purposes/The agency found unacceptable risks to human health when sprayed indoors
06/18/2015EPA Uses Cutting-Edge Technology to Evaluate Chemicals for Human Hormone Impacts/New technology allows faster and less costly screening
06/10/2015EPA Recognizes Partners for Creating and Using Safer Choice Products/June 22 is the first annual awards ceremony for 2015 Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award Winners
04/07/2015EPA, NASA, NOAA and USGS Creating Early Warning System to Detect Harmful Algal Blooms
03/30/2015EPA Seeks Input for Potential Rule Banning or Restricting the Use of N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP) and Methylene Chloride for Use in Paint and Coating Removal
03/30/2015EPA Seeks Input for Potential Rule Banning or Restricting the Use of Trichloroethylene (TCE) as a Commercial Degreaser, Spotting Agent in Dry Cleaning, and in Certain Consumer Products
03/25/2015EPA Proposes Reporting and Record Keeping Requirements on Nanoscale Materials in the Marketplace/For the first time the agency will use TSCA authority to collect health and safety information on nanoscale chemicals already in use
03/23/2015EPA Releases Final Risk Assessment for Chemical used for Paint and Coating Removal
01/29/2015EPA Announces Voluntary Cancellation of Certain Methomyl Uses
01/15/2015EPA’s Actions to Restrict PFOA and Similar Chemicals Yield Significant Human Health and Environmental Benefits
01/08/2015EPA Proposes Rule to Protect Consumers from Harmful Chemicals Found in Homes and Schools
01/05/2015EPA Revised Chlorpyrifos Assessment Shows Risk to Workers
12/17/2014EPA Prevents Harmful Chemicals from Entering the Marketplace
12/10/2014EPA Takes Action to Protect Consumers from Harmful Chemicals that can Cause Reproductive and Developmental Harm
11/20/2014Collaboration with Federal and State Agencies, Rice Growers and Industry Further Protect Endangered Salmon and Steelhead Trout
11/05/2014EPA and USDA to Hold Public Listening Sessions on Pollinator Strategy/Sessions to be held November 12 and 17 in the D.C. metro area
10/23/2014EPA Proposes to Remove 72 Chemicals from Approved Pesticide Inert Ingredient List
10/21/2014EPA Launches a Voluntary Star-Rating Program to Reduce Pesticide Drift and Protect People,
Wildlife and the Environment /More stars equals greater potential for reducing spray drift
10/16/2014EPA Finds Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments of Little or No Benefit to U.S. Soybean Production
10/16/2014EPA Honors the Winners of the 19th Annual Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards/ Winning technologies tackle climate change and promote energy efficiency
10/15/2014EPA Announces Final Decision to Register Enlist Duo, Herbicide Containing 2, 4-D and Glyphosate/Risk assessment ensures protection of human health, including infants, children
10/07/2014EPA Increases Access to Chemical Information/Agency seeks input on improvements
09/12/2014EPA Registers New Nematicide Alternative to Restricted-Use Soil Fumigants, Including Methyl Bromide
09/08/2014EPA Seeks Feedback from the Public on Proposed Label Options for Safer Products
08/28/2014EPA Releases Three Final Chemical Risk Assessments / Agency identifies health concern from chemical used in paint strippers
07/17/2014EPA Introduces New Graphic to Help Consumers Make Informed Choices about Insect Repellents
06/25/2014EPA Releases Final Risk Assessment on Trichloroethylene (TCE)/ Agency begins process to address potential human health risks
06/12/2014EPA Identifies Safer Substitutes for Toxic Flame Retardants/Identified chemicals are persistent, accumulate in the environment and have reproductive, developmental, and neurological toxicity
05/30/2014EPA and Reckitt Benckiser Inc. Reach Agreement to Cancel Certain Rodenticide Products
05/14/2014EPA Extends Comment Period for Proposed New Safety Measures to Protect Farm Workers from Pesticide Exposure
05/09/2014EPA Seeking Public Comment on Enhancing Transparency for Chemicals and Mixtures Used in Hydraulic Fracturing
04/30/2014EPA Seeks Comment on Proposed Decision to Register Enlist Duo Herbicide Containing the Choline Salt of 2,4-D and Glyphosate
04/25/2014EPA Seeks Small Businesses’ Input on Lead Paint for Public and Commercial Buildings
03/18/2014EPA Calls for 2014 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award Nominations / New green chemistry technologies promote new products and markets
03/14/2014EPA, Sergeant’s Pet Care and Wellmark International Reach Agreement to Cancel Potentially Harmful Insecticide Products
03/12/2014EPA Awards More than $500,000 to Schools to Help Reduce Children’s Exposure to Pesticides / Integrated pest management practices are shown to reduce pesticide use
02/20/2014EPA Proposes New Safety Measures to Protect Farm Workers from Pesticide Exposure
01/08/2014EPA Awards Almost Half a Million in Funding to Three Universities for Projects to Reduce Pesticide Risk Including Risks to Bees/Louisiana State, Penn State and University of Vermont at the forefront of groundbreaking technology
12/11/2013EPA Holds Bi- Monthly IRIS Public Meeting
12/11/2013EPA Honors Winners of the 2013 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards
11/20/2013EPA Proposes New Guidelines for Greener Federal Purchases
11/06/2013EPA Seeks Public Input on Newly Designed Graphic for Bug Repellent Labels/New graphic will help consumers make informed choices to protect their health
10/22/2013U.S. National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week Goes Global
09/30/2013EPA Takes Steps to Allow Restriction of Imports of Harmful Category of Chemicals used in Carpets
09/24/2013EPA Evaluates Flame Retardants Including a Safer Substitute for HBCD
09/16/2013EPA Marks Pollution Prevention (P2) Week with Renewed Emphasis on Reducing Carbon Pollution
09/09/2013EPA Web Tool Expands Access to Scientific, Regulatory Information on Chemicals
08/26/2013EPA Launches Online Green Sports Resource Directory
08/15/2013New Pesticide Labels Will Better Protect Bees and Other Pollinators
07/24/2013EPA Expands List of Safer Chemical Ingredients
07/15/2013EPA Seeks Input for Potential Rule Revisions on Existing Uses of PCBs
05/29/2013EPA Proposes Rules to Protect Americans from Exposure to Formaldehyde
05/02/2013USDA and EPA Release New Report on Honey Bee Health
05/01/2013MEDIA ADVISORY: USDA, EPA and Stakeholders to Discuss New Report on Honey Bee Health
03/27/2013EPA Announces Chemicals for Risk Assessment in 2013, Focus on Widely Used Flame Retardants
03/18/2013Secure Pesticides and Chemicals during Poison Prevention Week/More than 145,000 reports made each year to poison centers involving pesticides and disinfectants
03/04/2013Media Advisory: EPA’s Pollinator Summit on March 5
02/21/2013EPA Calls for 2013 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award Nominations / New green chemistry technologies grow markets and save businesses money
02/11/2013EPA Makes Public Comprehensive Information on Use of Chemicals in the U.S. / The Chemical Data Reporting information will help EPA and others assess chemicals more quickly and encourage the use of safer chemicals
02/08/2013EPA Strengthens Protections for Participants in Third Party Human Studies Involving Pesticides
01/30/2013EPA Moves to Ban 12 D-Con Mouse and Rat Control Products / Action Will Prevent Thousands of Accidental Exposures Among Children Each Year
01/04/2013EPA Releases First Set of Draft Risk Assessments Under Existing Chemicals Work Plan Effort
08/13/2012EPA and Federal Environmental Executive Honor Federal Electronics Stewardship Efforts / Award winners have saved $7.8 million
07/30/2012EPA Identifies Substitutes for Toxic Flame Retardant Chemical
06/18/2012EPA Honors 2012 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award Winners
05/21/2012NASCAR and EPA Partner on Green Initiatives
05/09/2012EPA Promotes Safer Alternatives to Nonylphenol Ethoxylates
04/13/2012EPA Proposes Rule to Require Electronic Reporting for Chemical Information
03/20/2012Rules Proposed to Limit New Uses of Potentially Harmful Chemicals / EPA also calls for additional testing on health and environmental impacts of PBDEs
03/16/2012Poisoning is a Major Cause of Death from Injury in the U.S. / US Government raising awareness of accidental exposures during National Poison Prevention Week
02/10/2012Industry Progressing in Voluntary Effort to Reduce Toxic Chemicals / Companies have successfully developed over 150 alternatives to long-chain perfluorinated chemicals
11/28/2011EPA Releases Formerly Confidential Chemical Information
11/09/2011Nominations Sought for 2012 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards
10/20/2011EPA Works to Prevent Lead Poisoning in Children / National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is October 23-29
09/20/2011EPA Launches Green Products Web Portal for Pollution Prevention Week
08/11/2011EPA Issues Stop Sale Order to DuPont on Sale and Distribution of Imprelis Herbicide
08/02/2011EPA Publishes Rule to Improve Reporting of Chemical Information
07/26/2011EPA Considering New Toxicity Testing and Environmental Sampling for BPA
07/11/2011EPA Proposes to Review New Uses of 14 Chemicals Classified as Glymes / Action taken to better evaluate possible adverse health impacts
06/30/2011EPA Approves Two Insecticides for Control of Invasive Stink Bug
06/09/2011EPA Proposes Policy on Nanoscale Materials in Pesticide Products
06/08/2011EPA Removes Confidentiality Claims for More Than 150 Chemicals / Part of continuing effort to protect Americans’ health by increasing access to chemical information
06/07/2011EPA Takes Major Actions to Reduce Americans’ Risks from Mouse and Rat Poisons / Move will better protect children, pets and wildlife
05/31/2011EPA Establishes National Tribal Toxics Committee to Address Risks from Toxic Chemicals
04/21/20112,500 Products Now Approved under EPA Safer Product Labeling Program
04/13/2011EPA Announces Actions on Two Chemicals to Reduce Harm to People
04/06/2011EPA Awards Five Grants to Combat Bed Bugs
04/06/2011EPA Moves to Electronic Reporting of New Chemical Notices
03/21/2011EPA Warns Online Shoppers about Illegal, Harmful Pesticide Sales
03/16/2011EPA Warns, “Children Act Fast...So Do Poisons,” in Observance of Poison Prevention Week / National awareness campaign planned for March 20-26 to reduce poisonings in U.S.
02/10/2011EPA Removes Confidentiality Claims on Studies of Chemicals Submitted under TSCA /

Action part of ongoing commitment to transparency
01/31/2011Federal Agencies to Convene National Bed Bug Summit February 1-2

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