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03/29/2013Bio-diesel Fuel Company Owner Sentenced to 188 Months in Federal Prison for Crimes Connected to Illegal Fuels Scheme / Jeffrey Gunselman also fined $175,000 and ordered to pay nearly $55 million in restitution
03/25/2013Michigan Computer Company Owner Sentenced for International Environmental, Counterfeiting Crimes
03/22/2013Agreement Reached with the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas to Improve Sewer and Stormwater Systems / Settlement will ensure reductions in raw sewage overflows and stormwater flooding in the most impacted neighborhoods
02/28/2013CountryMark Refining and Logistics, LLC to Install $18 Million in Pollution Controls to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations at Indiana Refinery
02/22/2013Rodney Hailey Sentenced to More Than 12 Years in Prison for Selling $9 Million in Fraudulent Renewable Fuel Credits / Owner of “Clean Green Fuel” falsely claimed his company produced 23 million gallons of renewable fuel
02/14/2013Transocean Pleads Guilty, Is Sentenced to Pay $400 Million in Criminal Penalties for Criminal Conduct Leading to Deepwater Horizon Disaster / Second Corporate Guilty Plea Obtained by Deepwater Horizon Task Force, Second-largest Criminal Clean Water Act Fines and Penalties in U.S. History
02/07/2013EPA Releases State Enforcement Performance Information and Comparative Maps / Agency to host webinar demonstrating new data features
02/06/2013EPA Requires Nevada Gold Mining Companies to Correct Reporting Violations
01/24/2013EPA Announces Settlements with Company for Multiple Violations of Chemical Reporting and Pesticide Laws
01/07/2013Settlement with New Cingular Wireless to Resolve Violations at Hundreds of Legacy ATandT Wireless Sites
01/04/2013U.S. Announces Clean Air Act Settlement with Wisconsin Utility / Agreement will reduce emissions by 15,000 tons annually
01/03/2013Transocean Agrees to Plead Guilty to Environmental Crime and Enter Civil Settlement to Resolve U.S. Clean Water Act Penalty Claims from Deepwater Horizon Incident / Transocean to pay record $1 billion in civil penalties and $400 million in criminal fines
12/17/2012EPA Enforcement in 2012 Protects Communities From Harmful Pollution
12/06/2012EPA Announces Recipients of 2012 Environmental Justice Small Grants
12/03/2012Glass Container Manufacturer Agrees to Install Pollution Controls and Pay $1.45 Million to Settle Clean Air Act Violations / Settlement to reduce emissions at facilities in Georgia, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas
11/21/2012U.S. and Mississippi Announce Clean Water Act Agreement with The City Of Jackson
11/21/2012Louisiana Generating to Install Pollution Controls and Pay $14 Million In Penalties and Projects to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations / Marks 24th settlement under United States’ power plant enforcement initiative and largest clean air act settlement in Louisiana history
11/14/2012EPA Fines 16 Firms for Violations of the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule
11/14/2012Vehicle And Engine Importers To Pay Civil Penalty To Resolve Clean Air Act Violations / Senior company executives jointly liable for consent decree obligations
11/03/2012EPA Approves Additional Fuel Waivers for New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York
10/31/2012EPA Approves Emergency Fuel Waiver for New Jersey
10/31/2012EPA Approves Temporary Fuel Waivers to Assist States Impacted by Hurricane Sandy
10/15/2012EPA Announces Opportunity to Apply for 2013 Environmental Justice Small Grants
10/04/2012EPA Announces New Electronic Filing System for Environmental Reviews
10/01/2012New Jersey Glass Manufacturer to Install State-of-the-Art Emissions Controls to Resolve Violations of the Clean Air Act
09/27/2012BP Products North America to Improve Spill Response Preparedness at Oil Terminals Nationwide / Company also agrees to pay $210,000 penalty for oil spill response violations at Maryland facility
09/07/2012Scotts Miracle-Gro Will Pay $12.5 Million in Criminal Fines and Civil Penalties for Violations of Federal Pesticide Laws
09/06/2012Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer to Pay $885,000 Penalty to Resolve Violations of the Clean Air Act
09/05/2012In Support of Affected States, EPA Approves Temporary Fuel Waiver for 8 States Impacted by Hurricane Isaac
08/29/2012EPA Approves Emergency Fuel Waiver for Louisiana
08/22/2012Clean Water Act Settlement Ensures That Boston Racetrack Addresses Wastewater and Stormwater Discharges
08/22/2012EPA Stops the Importation of Short-Chain Chlorinated Paraffins as Part of Settlement with INEOS
08/20/2012Sinclair Oil to Pay $3.8 Million Penalty and Install Pollution Controls at Wyoming Refineries to Resolve Violations of 2008 Consent Decree
07/26/2012Illinois Man Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Clean Air Act Violations Involving Asbestos
07/23/2012EPA Fines Violators for Failure to Report Chemical Data
07/17/2012US and Tennessee Announce Clean Water Act Agreement With the City Of Chattanooga
06/29/2012US Announces Clean Air Act Settlement with Wisconsin Utility/Dairyland Power Cooperative to reduce emissions by more than 29,000 tons annually
06/26/2012EPA Releases Guidance on Fuel Availability Provisions for Ships Operating Off the Coast of North America
06/20/2012Homebuilder Toll Brothers Inc. to Pay $741,000 Clean Water Act Penalty and Implement Company-Wide Stormwater Controls / Settlement to prevent millions of pounds of sediment and polluted stormwater runoff from entering U.S. waterways each year
05/31/2012Plastics Producer SABIC Agrees to Reduce Harmful Air Pollution from Leaking Equipment to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations in Indiana and Alabama
05/23/2012BP Agrees to Add More Than $400 Million in Pollution Controls at Indiana Refinery and Pay $8 Million Clean Air Act Penalty
05/16/2012Colorado-based QEP Field Services Agrees to Pay $4 Million and Install Pollution Controls to Resolve Alleged Violations of the Clean Air Act
04/25/2012Hess Corporation to Install $45 Million In Pollution Controls and Pay $850,000 Penalty to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations at New Jersey Refinery
04/24/2012EPA Releases Innovative Mapping Tool to Improve Environmental Reviews and Planning / NEPAssist part of CEQ initiative to increase efficiency and effectiveness of environmental reviews
04/16/2012U.S. and Tennessee Announce Clean Water Act Agreement with the City of Memphis
04/05/2012EPA Fines Violators of the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule
04/05/2012U.S. Announces Innovative Clean Air Agreement For Industrial Flares With Marathon Petroleum Company
03/28/2012Shipbuilder and Ship Engine Manufacturer Agree to Pay Civil Penalty and Perform Environmental Project to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations / First enforcement action under marine diesel engine air rules
03/06/2012Kansas Refinery to Pay Nearly $1 Million Penalty for Environmental Violations Related to Air Emissions
02/17/2012MOEX Offshore Agrees to $90 Million Partial Settlement of Liability in Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill / $70 million penalty is largest under the Clean Water Act; MOEX also to perform Gulf conservation projects worth at least $20 million
02/10/2012Settlement with New Cingular Wireless to Resolve Violations of Community Right-to-Know Law
02/07/2012Dover Chemical Corporation in Ohio to Pay $1.4 Million for Unauthorized Production of Chemical Substances
01/25/2012EPA Releases New Tool with Information about Water Pollution Across the U.S. / EPA to host webinar on how to use tool to access information on pollutants released into local waterways
01/23/2012Southern Wood Piedmont Company Settles Financial Assurance Claims
01/11/2012Chinese Manufacturer to Pay $680,000 Penalty to Resolve Violations of the Clean Air Act / Settlement also requires a project to mitigate emissions from more than 7,000 non-compliant recreational vehicles
01/09/2012Franklin Foundry and Company President Pleaded Guilty to Illegally Storing Hazardous Waste
01/09/2012Triad Mining Agrees to Resolve Clean Water Act
12/29/2011Essroc Cement Company to Pay $1.7 Million
Penalty to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations/$33 million investment in pollution controls to reduce smog and asthma causing emissions by more than 7,000 tons per year
12/16/2011Texas Oil Company Sentenced to Pay $12 Million for Clean Air Act Violations and Obstruction Crimes in Louisiana / Sentence is the largest ever criminal fine in Louisiana for air pollution
12/15/2011California Building Materials Manufacturer Agrees to Pay $1.4 million to Settle Clean Air Act Violations
12/14/2011U.S. Clean Water Act Settlement in Chicago to Reduce Sewage Overflows / Settlement with Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago to reduce pollution from stormwater runoff and protect public health
12/12/2011Tennessee Construction Company and Georgia Department of Transportation Agree to Pay $1.5 Million Penalty to Resolve Clean Water Act Violations
12/08/2011EPA Awards More Than $1 Million in Environmental Justice Grants to Protect People’s Health / Also announces solicitation for 2012 grants
12/08/2011EPA Annual Enforcement Results Highlights Commitment to Address Largest Pollution Problems with Greatest Community Impact / Focused effort on high-impact cases leads to increases in pollution reduced and investments in pollution controls
11/29/2011Lafarge North America Inc. Agrees to Pay $740,000 Penalty to Resolve Clean Water Act Violations in Five States / Ready-mix concrete producer agrees to invest an estimated $8 million to improve environmental compliance at 189 facilities in the U.S.
11/29/2011BP to Pay $426,500 Penalty and Secure Funds to Properly Close Facilities and Clean Up Contaminated Sites
11/18/2011Columbus Steel Castings to Pay $825,000 and Install Monitoring Equipment as Sentence for Violating Clean Air Act
11/15/2011California Man Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Illegally Storing Toxic and Explosive Hazardous Waste in His Backyard
10/28/2011EPA Develops New Planning Approach to Improve Water Quality in U.S. Cities
10/12/2011Oil Company Pleads Guilty to Clean Air Act and Obstruction Crimes in Louisiana
10/07/2011Homebuilder Ryland Group Inc., To Pay $625,000 Penalty and Implement Company-Wide Stormwater Controls
09/30/2011Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation Join CBP Import Safety Center / Agreements with Customs and Border Protection will protect Americans’ Health
09/30/2011EPA Launches New Mapping Tool to Improve Public Access to Enforcement Information / Mapping feature supports the White House Regulatory Compliance Transparency Initiative and improves public access to information
09/29/2011United States Files Lawsuit Against MotorScience, Inc. for Alleged Violations of the Clean Air Act / Complaint claims that more than 24,000 uncertified vehicles were imported into the U.S.
09/28/2011Trident Seafoods Corp. to Pay $2.5 Million to Resolve Clean Water Act Violations and Spend More Than $30 Million to Upgrade Processing Plants / Settlement to reduce discharges of seafood processing waste by more than 100 million pounds annually
09/22/2011Rochester, NY Asbestos Abatement Contractor Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Environmental Crimes and Making False Statements
09/19/2011Twelve Defendants Arrested for Involvement in the Illegal Distribution and Sale of Pesticides in New York’s Chinatown/Coordinated multi-agency effort results in seizure of thousands of packages of illegal pesticides from dozens of locations
09/14/2011EPA Releases Strategy to Protect People’s Health and the Environment in Communities Overburdened by Pollution
09/13/2011Former EPA Fugitive Sentenced to More than Seven Years in Prison for Asbestos Training Scam
09/12/2011EPA Approves Emergency Fuel Waiver for Pennsylvania
08/22/2011EPA Announces Settlement with the Department of the Interior to Resolve Violations at DOI Schools in Indian Country/Comprehensive settlement to improve environmental conditions at 164 DOI schools in Indian Country, benefitting more than 40,000 students
08/17/2011Peter Martin Kuhn Added to EPA Fugitive List / Defendant failed to surrender after indictment in illegal mining waste dumping case
08/11/2011EPA Approves Emergency Fuel Waiver for Tennessee
08/11/2011EPA Issues Stop Sale Order to DuPont on Sale and Distribution of Imprelis Herbicide
07/29/2011Dow Chemical Agrees to Pay $2.5 Million to Resolve Air, Water and Waste Violations at its Midland, Michigan Complex
07/29/2011Miami Man Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Smuggling Refrigerant
07/28/2011Caterpillar Inc. to Pay $2.55 Million to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations
06/27/2011EPA, Coast Guard Announce Agreement to Enforce Air Pollution Requirements for Vessels Operating in U.S. Waters
06/24/2011Federal Agencies to Improve Coordination to Support Energy Development and Safeguard Air Quality
06/22/2011Iowa Man Sentenced to 41 Months in Prison for Conspiring to Violate the Clean Air Act
06/09/2011Owner and Operator of Wastewater Treatment Facilities Sentenced for Violating the Clean Water Act / Jeffrey Pruett to serve 21 months in prison
05/18/2011Texas Egg Producer to Pay $1.9 Million Penalty to Resolve Clean Water Act Violations
05/16/2011EPA Releases Searchable Website for Drinking Water Violations / Agency to host webinar to show how to use the public health data
05/11/2011Prem Kumar Added to EPA Fugitive List / Defendant failed to surrender after indictment in illegal vessel pollution case
05/04/2011Colorado Petroleum Distributors to Pay $2.5 Million to Settle Clean Air Act Allegations of Illegal Mixing and Distribution of Gasoline / Action ensures that gasoline meets fuel quality and performance standards, protects people’s health by reducing harmful VOC emissions
05/03/2011BP Alaska to Pay $25 Million Penalty for Alaskan North Slope Oil Spill
05/03/2011TODAY: Federal Officials to Announce Pipeline Oil Spill Settlement with BP Alaska
04/19/2011Terra Industries Inc. to Pay Clean Air Act Penalty and Spend $17 Million to Install Pollution Controls
04/14/2011EPA Landmark Clean Air Act Settlement with TVA to Modernize Coal-Fired Power Plants and Promote Clean Energy Investments / State-of-the-art pollution controls and clean energy technology to provide up to $27 billion in annual health benefits
04/14/2011TODAY: EPA Administrator to Host Conference Call to Discuss Landmark Clean Air Act Settlement with Tennessee Valley Authority

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