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06/15/2010EPA Notifies States of Areas That Would Not Meet Tighter Lead Air Standards
06/15/2010EPA Honors Three Universities for Significant Energy Savings
06/10/2010EPA and States Complete First Phase of Unprecedented School Air Monitoring Initiative/Air toxics samples from all 65 schools in 22 states available online
06/08/2010EPA announces $10 million for Communities to Combat Climate Change
06/08/2010EPA Offers Cooling Tips for Every Budget this Summer
06/07/2010EPA To Hold Three Public Hearings on Rules Cutting Toxic Emissions from Boilers, Solid Waste Incinerators

Agency also extends comment period
06/07/2010EPA Announces Data Centers Can Now Earn Energy Star Label
06/03/2010EPA Sets Stronger National Air Quality Standard for Sulfur Dioxide

First new SO2 standard in 40 years will improve air quality for millions
05/27/2010EPA Encourages Ways to Travel Green by Checking into an Energy Star Labeled Hotel
05/27/2010EPA Raises Awareness on Skin Cancer Prevention with “Don’t Fry Day” Campaign

Agency urges everyone to be smart in the sun
05/26/2010EPA Honors Clean Air Initiatives from Across the Country

Winners demonstrate excellence in innovation, commitment
05/13/2010EPA Sets Thresholds for Greenhouse Gas Permitting Requirements/Small businesses and farms will be shielded
05/10/2010EPA, Shanghai Launch AirNow International / Shared technology will provide real-time air quality information in China
05/07/2010EPA Proposes to Streamline Approval Process for Fuel Conversion Systems / Goal is to encourage innovative and environmentally-friendly conversions
05/06/2010North America Collaborates to Reduce and Replace Potent Greenhouse Gases /
Canada, Mexico work with U.S. to strengthen measures to fight climate change
05/06/2010EPA Challenges Manufacturing Industry to Improve Energy Efficiency: 10 percent savings within 5 years set as industry goal; several facilities show early results
05/05/2010Air Quality Awareness Week Focuses on Reducing Exposure to Ozone, Particle Pollution / Keep your eye on the AQI
05/05/2010EPA Helps States and Utilities Tap into Greater Energy Efficiency Savings
05/04/2010EPA and DOE Announce First Public Meeting of Interagency Task Force on Carbon Capture and Storage
05/04/2010EPA Promotes Asthma Awareness Month
Agency aims to help families recognize and prevent asthma triggers
05/03/2010EPA Administrator and Agriculture Secretary Team Up to Promote Farm Energy Generation
Agreement will help cut greenhouse gas emissions
05/03/2010EPA Strengthens Requirements for Energy Star Labeled TVs
04/30/2010EPA to Cut Mercury, Other Toxic Emissions from Boilers, Solid Waste Incinerators/Cost-effective proposals would reduce harmful air pollution in communities across the United States
04/27/2010EPA Issues Report on U.S. Climate Change Indicators
04/27/2010Buildings Compete to Work Off the Waste: EPA hosts first national building competition to improve energy efficiency
04/21/2010EPA Seeks Public Comment on Aircraft Lead Emissions Data/Agency will determine if lead in aviation gas poses threat to public health
04/19/2010EPA Announces New Guidelines for Energy Star Homes
04/19/201054 Universities Compete in EPA’s Green Power Challenge
04/16/2010EPA to Hold Public Hearings on Additions to Greenhouse Gas Reporting Requirements
04/16/2010EPA Moves to Slash Mercury from Gold Production /Harmful emissions would be cut by more than 70 percent
04/15/2010EPA Finalizes the 2008 National U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory
04/14/2010U.S. EPA, DOE Announce Changes to Bolster Energy Star Program
04/08/2010EPA Launches Blog on Acid Rain
04/01/2010DOT, EPA Set Aggressive National Standards for Fuel Economy and First Ever Greenhouse Gas Emission Levels For Passenger Cars and Light Trucks
03/31/2010TOMORROW: Administrator Jackson, Secretary LaHood to Hold Press Conference Call on Clean Cars Rule
03/30/2010EPA Proposes to Revoke New Source Review Final Rule
03/29/2010EPA Formally Announces Phase-in of Clean Air Act Permitting for Greenhouse Gases/Agency reiterates no stationary source requirements until 2011
03/23/2010EPA Issues Second Annual Ranking of U.S. Cities with the Most Energy Efficient Buildings: List shows continued growth in saving money and energy
03/23/2010EPA Proposes to Add Sources to Greenhouse Gas Reporting System/Requirements target potent and persistent greenhouse gases
03/19/2010EPA, DOE Announce New Steps to Strengthen Energy Star
03/11/2010Coming Soon: EPA’s 48-Hour Burn Wise Video Contest
Help protect your community from wood smoke pollution
03/10/2010U.S. Makes Progress Toward Cleaner Air: National trends show improvements in the nation’s air quality
03/09/2010EPA Seeks Public Comment on the 15th Annual U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory
03/03/201030 Countries Meet in India to Advance Clean Energy, Combat Climate Change

Largest International Forum Promoting Methane Capture and Use
02/25/2010EPA Awards $7.8 Million in Grants to Combat Greenhouse Gases/Twenty communities receive funds to combat climate change, save consumers money
02/18/2010Final Rule Reduces Air Toxics from Existing Stationary Diesel Engines/Emissions reductions will save lives and protect health
02/17/2010EPA Awards $17 Million to Support Research on the Impacts of Climate Change

Twenty-five universities to explore public health and environmental facets of climate change
02/03/2010Statement on Today’s Energy Press Conference Call
02/03/2010Obama Announces Steps to Boost Biofuels, Clean Coal
02/02/2010EPA’s Energy Star Leaders Quadruple Energy Savings In One Year
02/02/2010EPA and DOE Join States to Speed Energy Efficiency Progress in the United States
01/29/2010EPA to Hold Public Hearings on Air Quality Standards for Smog
01/25/2010Green Power Usage Edged Higher in 2009 among EPA Partners
01/25/2010Call for Nominations for U.S. EPA Montreal Protocol Awards
01/25/2010EPA Strengthens Air Quality Standard for Nitrogen Dioxide/First new NO2 standard in 35 years will improve air quality for millions
01/19/2010Food Processing Plants Increase Energy Efficiency, Earn EPA’s Energy Star
01/15/2010EPA Warns of Cancer Danger from Radon in Homes and Schools
01/14/2010EPA Symposium Aims for Clean Air in Nation’s Schools
01/13/2010Landfills Turn Trash into Power and Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Projects recognized for innovative use of landfill gas
01/08/2010EPA Requests Grant Applications to Fight Climate Change
01/07/2010EPA Strengthens Smog Standard/Proposed standards, strictest to date, will protect the health of all Americans, especially children
12/29/2009EPA to Hold Public Hearing on Air Quality Standards for Sulfur Dioxide
12/23/2009EPA Proposes to Expand the Lead Monitoring Network /Proposed changes would help determine if areas meet air quality standards for airborne lead
12/23/2009EPA Releases New Mobile Source Emissions Model
12/22/2009EPA Adopts Strong Standards for Large Ships to Curb Air Pollution
12/14/2009New Category of Geothermal Heat Pumps Can Now Earn the Energy Star
12/11/2009Power Plants Continue to Decrease SO2 Emissions under EPA Cap and Trade Program
12/11/2009EPA Signs Two Rules to Further Protect Ozone Layer
12/09/2009EPA’s Energy Star Buildings Mark a Decade of Savings: Oldest, tallest, largest buildings named
12/07/2009EPA to Host U.S. Center Events at the Copenhagen Climate Negotiations
12/07/2009EPA: Greenhouse Gases Threaten Public Health and the Environment / Science overwhelmingly shows greenhouse gas concentrations at unprecedented levels due to human activity
12/03/2009Global Methane Partnership Marks Five Years of Progress
12/02/2009EPA Commends Corporate Leaders for Major Greenhouse Gas Reductions
12/01/2009EPA Notifies Industry Group on Status of Ethanol Waiver Request
11/20/2009New Trends Report: Fuel Economy Increases as CO2 Decreases
11/20/2009New Interactive Tools Show Continuing SO2 Reductions at Coal-Fired Power Plants
11/17/2009EPA Announces New Energy Star Requirements for Audio/Video Equipment
11/17/2009EPA Proposes Stronger Air Quality Standards for Sulfur Dioxide /New standard to protect millions of the nation’s most vulnerable citizens
11/16/2009EPA to Hold Public Hearings on Proposed
Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule for Large Facilities
11/12/2009More Than $3 Million in EPA Funding Stimulates Clean Energy Production and Greenhouse Gas Reductions;
EPA international clean energy partnership program grants funding to 11 countries
11/10/2009EPA’s Energy Star Program Hits Major Milestone: 1 Million Energy Star Homes Built in the United States / Houston, Dallas and Las Vegas top the list for most Energy Star homes
11/06/2009EPA Teams Up with NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon in the Race to Clean Air
10/29/2009Massachusetts Grocery Store Sets New National Environmental Benchmark
10/26/2009EPA Names Top 20 Green Powered Schools.
10/22/2009Burn Wise for Safer, Healthier Winter. EPA’s Burn Wise campaign seeks to reduce wood smoke pollution
10/21/2009Methane to Markets Partnership Spurs Global GHG Reductions
10/19/2009EPA Joins Vice President Biden and Other Federal Partners to Unveil Recovery Through Retrofit Report: The report puts EPA’s Energy Star program in a central role to boost energy savings for middle class Americans
10/15/20092010 Annual Fuel Economy Guide Now Available/
Guide helps drivers save money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions
10/14/2009EPA Report: Clean Diesel Program Protects Health and the Environment, Saves Communities up to $1.4 Billion;
Health benefits, operating costs make clean diesel a cost-effective program to protect human health and the environment
10/14/2009Cap and Trade Program Lowers Smog Levels in Eastern United States/Market based program allows cost-effective reductions of harmful air pollution
10/08/2009EPA Lists Areas Violating Daily Air Pollution Requirements 31 locations not meeting 24-hour fine particle standards
10/07/2009EPA’s Energy Star Label Now Available for Four Types of Glass and Food Processing Plants
10/01/2009Four Cogeneration Facilities Earn Energy Star Award for Significant Energy Savings
09/30/2009New EPA Rule Will Require Use of Best Technologies to Reduce Greenhouse Gases from Large Facilities/Small businesses and farms exempt
09/22/2009EPA Finalizes the Nation’s First Greenhouse Gas Reporting System/Monitoring to begin in 2010
09/21/2009EPA Joins Global Call-to-Action on Radon Cancer Dangers
09/17/2009EPA Launches Fall Tour to Help Americans Fight Climate Change and Save Money
09/16/2009EPA Tightens Air Emissions for Hospital, Medical, and Infectious Waste Incinerators
09/16/2009EPA Announces it Will Reconsider National Smog Standards

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