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10/11/2011EPA Finalizes California’s List of Polluted Waters (CA)
10/04/2011Fresno County's J.D. Home Rentals to pay $75,000 for failure to inform tenants about potential lead hazards (CA)
10/03/2011U.S. EPA Approves South Coast, San Joaquin Valley Plans for Particle Pollution (CA)
09/30/2011McClellan Business Park completes first in the nation privatized cleanup, redevelopment at military Superfund site in Sacramento (CA)
09/29/2011EPA announces plan to clean up largest abandoned uranium mine on the Navajo Nation (AZ, NM)
09/29/2011U.S. EPA selects $70 million remedy for groundwater contamination removal at Omega Chemical Site (CA)
09/28/2011EPA Orders $60 Million Groundwater Cleanup at Toxic 'Mega' Superfund Site in Sacramento County (CA)
09/28/2011U.S. EPA Fines Logitech More than $250,000 for Making Unsubstantiated Health Claims (CA)
09/28/2011U.S. EPA Fines Central California Facility $30,000 for Hazardous Waste Violations (CA)
09/26/2011U.S. EPA Orders 13 Chino Dairies to Control Manure Runoff (CA)
09/21/2011U.S. EPA honors Local, Regional supermarkets for Environmental Achievements (CA)
09/19/2011U.S. EPA Regional Administrator to tour San Diego Border Area (CA)
09/15/2011U.S. EPA Proposes to Add LA County Industrial Facilities to List of Nation’s Worst Toxic Sites (CA)
09/15/2011U.S. EPA Adds Northern, Central California Abandoned Mines to List of Nation’s Worst Toxic Sites (CA)
09/14/2011EPA Head Lisa P. Jackson, SBA Administrator Mills to Tour San Francisco-based Method, Discuss Green Jobs (CA)
09/14/2011U.S. EPA orders $20 million Northrop cleanup at San Gabriel Valley Superfund site (CA)
09/13/2011EPA Chief Lisa P. Jackson to Tour San Francisco Recycling Plant (CA)
09/13/2011Air Force, EPA, and Arizona agree to clean up groundwater at Air Force Plant 44 (AZ)
09/08/2011EPA Paves Way for New Ozone Plans for Nation’s Worst Two Air Quality Zones (CA)
09/02/2011U.S. EPA proposes San Joaquin Valley, South Coast, Southeast Desert as failing to meet one hour ozone air standard (CA)
08/31/2011Guam’s Ordot Dump closed, new landfill at Layon to open September 1 (GU)
08/29/2011San Francisco Chronicle Environmental Reporter Kelly Zito Appointed to Lead EPA's Office of Public Affairs (CA)
08/25/2011U.S. EPA settlements to provide more than $4 million for drinking water at San Gabriel Valley Superfund cleanup (CA)
08/25/2011EPA Reaches Title VI Civil Rights Agreement with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CA)
08/24/2011$1 Million EPA Enforcement Action Against Kettleman City Hazardous Waste Landfill (CA)
08/23/2011More than 80 Tribal Schools in Arizona, Navajo Nation to improve environmental management (AZ)
08/16/2011Historic agreement on improving Lake Tahoe clarity signed by California and Nevada Governors (CA, NV)
08/10/2011New U.S. EPA, waste handlers agreement to reduce harmful odors in Mecca, Calif. (CA)
08/09/2011U.S. EPA fines Kama’aina Termite and Pest Control $17,000 for misuse of pesticide products (HI)
08/05/2011U.S. EPA, NASA Provide Summer Jobs, Challenge College Students to Solve Green Problems (HQ, CA, GA, MA, MI, NY, TX, WV)
08/01/2011Investigation begins to track suspected pollution from the Lahaina wastewater facility (HI)
08/01/2011EPA enters into agreement with Chevron to investigate soil contamination at uranium mine on the Navajo Reservation (AZ, NM)
07/27/2011San Diego’s USE Credit Union building among Top Contenders in EPA’s Energy Star National Building Competition (CA)
07/19/2011EPA Announces Green Jobs Training for South Tucson (AZ)
07/11/2011Obama Administration Launches Strong Cities, Strong Communities to Support Local Development (CA)
06/29/2011U.S. EPA Proposes to Approve California's Air Quality Plans for South Coast, San Joaquin Valley (CA)
06/29/2011U.S. EPA fines Van Nuys metal plater $100,000 for hazardous waste violations (CA)
06/09/2011U.S. EPA, City of San Jose announce $943,000 pilot program to reduce trash to San Francisco Bay (CA)
06/08/2011EPA praises Maricopa County's dust control guide (AZ)
06/07/2011U.S. EPA awards $200,000 to clean up future site of 52 affordable homes in San Diego's Diamond Neighborhoods (CA)
06/02/2011U.S. EPA Highlights 1st Ever National Wetlands Condition Assessment, Changing Federal Protections for California Wetlands (HQ, CA)
06/01/2011U.S. EPA orders Mecca, Calif. tire recycling facility to immediately reduce risk of fire (CA)
05/25/2011U.S. EPA Highlights National Fuel Efficiency Announcement at Tesla HQ in Palo Alto (CA)
05/25/2011U.S. EPA funds Californian high tech “green” businesses to develop environmental technologies (CA)
05/25/2011U.S. EPA funds Californian high tech “green” businesses to Develop Environmental Technologies (CA)
05/17/2011U.S. EPA honors Sprouts Farmers Market in Westlake Village as platinum–level GreenChill partner for environmental achievements (CA)
05/11/2011City Of San Francisco, U.S. EPA Break Ground On Innovative Project in San Francisco’s Bayview Neighborhood (CA)
05/09/2011U.S. EPA orders Western Environmental to stop noxious odors coming from its Mecca, Calif., facility (CA)
05/09/2011Bakersfield High School Students Win Presidential Environmental Award / Autistic Students Educate Local Schools on Solar Energy (CA)
04/28/2011Havasupai Tribe to develop and enforce water quality standards (AZ)
04/27/2011U.S. EPA Reaches Settlement With Company for nearly $1 Million at Anaconda Copper Mine Superfund Site (NV)
04/26/2011U.S. EPA Fines Wood Veneer Manufacturer $75,000 for Federal Air Monitoring Violations (CA)
04/22/2011U.S. EPA launches "Federal Green Challenge" in the Pacific Southwest (AZ, CA, HI, NV)
04/20/2011U.S. EPA and U.S. Navy reach agreement on infrastructure upgrades at the Apra Harbor wastewater treatment plant and sewer system (GU)
04/20/2011US EPA joins UC Riverside students in tree planting ceremony (CA)
04/14/2011EPA Awards $1.2 million to California Communities to Protect Human Health and Reduce GHG Emissions (CA)
04/14/2011First tribal community in the nation adopts international green building code (AZ)
04/04/2011U.S. EPA Reaches $1.2 Million Settlement with 49 Parties to Further Clean Santa Barbara County Toxic Dump Site/
Facility collected more than 5 billion pounds of waste (CA)
03/30/2011Federal, State, Local Partners Clean Up Toxic WWII Era Greenhouse to Create Affordable Housing, Jobs (CA)
03/22/2011U.S. EPA begins perchlorate contamination sampling at residence associated with former Mojave Pyrotechnics, Inc., site in Barstow (CA)
03/21/2011EPA fines Mariana Acquisition Corp. for air pollution violations in Saipan (MP)
03/16/2011EPA Proposes First National Standard for Mercury Pollution from Power Plants (CA)
03/15/2011EPA to Host Public Listening Session on Whether to Add Vapor Intrusion as a Criterion for Superfund Sites (CA)
03/15/2011Bay Area Municipalities Ordered to Protect San Francisco Bay from Sewage Discharges (CA)
03/09/2011U.S. EPA announces settlements with six companies at San Fernando Valley Superfund Site (CA)
03/09/2011Three Phoenix area firms fined for hazardous waste violations (AZ)
03/08/2011U.S. EPA Proposes to Add Northern, Central California Hazardous Waste Sites to Superfund’s National Priorities List (CA)
03/07/2011EPA approves California’s efforts to become nation’s first PERC-free dry cleaning state (CA)
02/28/2011U.S. EPA files complaint against Kama’aina Termite and Pest Control for misuse of pesticide products (HI)
02/23/2011Solar Panels Power Groundwater Cleanup at Davis, California Superfund site (CA)
02/18/2011Groundbreaking ceremony on the Tule River Reservation for $8.1 million stimulus project (CA)
02/15/2011Central Valley Biomass Power Plants Fined More Than $830,000 For Clean Air Act Violations (CA)
02/14/2011Large fine for Marukai Corporation for pesticide violations (HI)
02/11/2011EPA's New Proposal for Four Corners Power Plant Cuts More NOx Emissions, Protects Health, Saves Jobs (AZ, NM)
02/10/2011EPA Launches Investigation into Toxins and Stressors Impacting Fish in the Bay-Delta (CA)
02/09/2011EPA Acts to Strengthen Stormwater Pollution Controls in Guam (GU)
02/08/2011UC Davis Takes 1st Place in National Football Game Day Recycling Competition (CA)
02/03/2011Pre-Civil Rights Worker Experiences Six Decades of Change in American Workforce (HQ, CA)
02/02/2011EPA To Develop Regulation for Perchlorate and Toxic Chemicals in Drinking Water (HQ, AZ, AR, CA, NV)
02/01/2011U.S. EPA invites public to join Playa del Rey to Downtown LA bike tour (CA)
02/01/2011EPA Partners Continue Large Green Power Purchases, Santa Clara Based Intel nearly doubles its green power usage
01/28/2011U.S. EPA Presents Prestigious Energy Star Award to High-tech Bay Area Distribution Facility (CA)
01/28/2011EPA allows Waimanalo Gulch Landfill to reopen
Agency approval required as part of recent order (HI)
01/27/2011U.S. EPA applauds Maui and Kauai for decision to ban plastic shopping bags (HI)
01/25/2011U.S. EPA orders immediate cleanup and needed controls at Waimanalo Gulch Landfill (HI)
01/25/2011U.S. EPA Honors Bay Area School District for Efforts To Improve Indoor Air Quality, Increase Performance Among Local Students (CA)
01/19/2011EPA approves nation’s most comprehensive tribal air quality plan (AZ)
01/10/2011U.S. EPA Proposes $17 Million Settlement with 275 Parties to Clean up Former Los Angeles Area Hazardous Waste Landfill (CA)
01/04/2011EPA Approves Historic Salmon Restoration Plan for Klamath River (CA)
12/16/2010Contaminated Site in West Sacramento Revitalized through Stimulus Funds, Green Technology (CA)
12/16/2010EPA Issues Hawai'i Toxics Inventory Data (HI)
12/16/2010EPA Issues California Toxics Inventory Data (CA)
12/16/2010EPA Issues Nevada Toxics Inventory Data (NV)
12/16/2010EPA Issues Arizona Toxics Inventory Data (AZ)
12/15/2010San Diego-Based Lead Task Force Receives National Recognition, U.S. EPA Environmental Justice Award
(HQ, CA)
12/15/2010San Francisco's EcoCenter Receives National Recognition, U.S. EPA Environmental Justice Award (CA)
12/15/2010Hefty fine for So Cal Company's untested "nano" claims (CA)
12/02/2010Governor Schwarzenegger honored with EPA's Climate Change Champion Award (CA)
12/02/2010EPA Turns 40, Honors Environmental Heroes
12/01/2010EPA: San Francisco Among Nationally Recognized Sustainable Communities (HQ, CA)

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