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10/08/2015U.S. EPA recognizes 2015 WaterSense Partners of the Year in California and Nevada (CA, NV)
10/08/2015U.S. EPA holds trucking company accountable for failure to install emissions controls on its California fleet (CA)
10/08/2015Thursday: EPA, CARB to Hold Media Call to Announce First-Ever Federal Enforcement Action For Violations of the California Truck and Bus Regulation (HQ, CA)
10/08/2015Thursday: EPA, CARB to Hold Media Call to Announce First-Ever Federal Enforcement Action For Violations of the California Truck and Bus Regulation (HQ)
10/07/2015EPA awards $11.5 million to American Samoa for environmental protection (AS)
10/06/2015U.S. EPA cites two Guam bulk fuel companies for chemical safety violations (GU)
10/06/2015U.S. EPA Orders Kern County Public Water System to Reduce Arsenic in Drinking Water (CA)
10/01/2015EPA, State of Hawaii negotiate final settlement with U.S. Navy to upgrade Red Hill storage tanks (HI)
09/30/2015U.S. EPA settles with East Bay MUD over hazardous waste violations (CA)
09/30/2015EPA Reaches $55 Million Settlement for Soil Clean-up at South-Bay Superfund Site (CA)
09/29/2015U.S. EPA Requires Guardian Industries Corp. to Cut Harmful Air Pollution at Glass Manufacturing Plants in Seven States (CA)
09/28/2015U.S. EPA announces availability of $7 million to replace or retrofit old school buses (AZ, CA, HI, NV)
09/22/2015U.S. EPA requires Cupertino cement company to report toxic chemicals, commit to environmental projects (CA)
09/22/2015EPA requires major agricultural chemical dealer to safely manage pesticides (AZ, CA)
09/11/2015U.S. EPA reaches out to businesses for input on abandoned uranium mine cleanup work in and around Navajo Nation (AZ, NM)
09/09/2015 U.S. EPA settlement prompts firm to develop hazardous waste training program for metal finishing industry (CA)
09/02/2015U.S. EPA Awards almost $800,000 to UC Santa Barbara to Research Effects of Chemical Exposure on Ecosystems (CA)
09/01/2015U.S. EPA orders companies in Visalia, Calif., to protect Mill Creek from polluted wastewater (CA)
09/01/2015U.S. EPA Awards $100,000 to Emeryville, Calif., Small Business to Develop Sustainable Green Technologies (CA)
09/01/2015EPA Awards $200,000 to two Los Angeles Small Businesses to Develop Sustainable Green Technologies (CA)
08/27/2015MEDIA ADVISORY: Public comments and FAQ for proposed agreement on Red Hill Fuel Tanks posted to EPA and DOH websites (HI)
08/24/2015U. S. EPA settlement requires Salinas, Calif. Realty company to remove lead-based paint (CA)
08/17/2015MEDIA ADVISORY: EPA, NHTSA Hold Public Hearing on Proposed Phase 2 Greenhouse Gas Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Trucks (CA)
08/17/2015EPA and Tribal Workgroup Launch Toolkit to Support Tribal Green Building (AZ, CA, NV)
08/05/2015U.S EPA requires California companies to improve oil spill prevention plans (CA)
07/31/2015U.S. EPA settles with Caltrans and general contractor for polluting Shasta Lake (CA)
07/17/2015U.S. EPA Honors Atherton Teacher with Environmental Education Award at the White House (AZ, CA)
07/15/2015EPA awards over $1.9 million to Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands for environmental protection (MP)
07/13/2015U.S. EPA honors San Francisco Bay Area firm Hybrid Coating Technologies with Green Chemistry Award (CA)
07/07/2015EPA and Navajo Nation EPA Enter Historic Agreements with Navajo Tribal Utility Authority to Halt Water Pollution (AZ)
07/01/2015EPA to approve California’s newest list of impaired waterways (CA)
07/01/2015EPA orders City of North Las Vegas to safeguard Las Vegas Wash from potential water pollution (NV)
06/24/2015U.S. requires Arizona and New Mexico plant owners to reduce emissions at Four Corners Power Plant on Navajo Nation
(AZ, NM)
06/23/2015EPA Honors PRIDE Industries with Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award (CA)
06/23/2015EPA announces two Safer Choice Partners of the Year winners in Southern California (CA)
06/17/2015U.S. EPA, DTSC begin removal of more than 5,600 tons of contaminated soil in Huntington Park (CA)
06/11/2015EPA honors Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park as Federal Green Challenge winner (HI)
06/09/2015Drug Enforcement Administration Western Lab wins EPA Federal Green Challenge award for electronics recycling (CA)
06/01/2015EPA and State of Hawaii negotiate historic settlement with U.S. Navy to upgrade Red Hill storage tanks (HI)
05/28/2015EPA awards $400,000 brownfields cleanup grant for public park in San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood (CA)
05/28/2015EPA awards $400,000 brownfields grant to City of Lodi, Calif. (CA)
05/28/2015EPA awards $352,000 brownfields grants to Elk Valley Rancheria (CA)
05/28/2015EPA awards $1.2 million brownfields grants to three Arizona communities (AZ)
05/28/2015EPA awards $1 million in brownfields grants to Southern California communities (CA)
05/28/2015EPA awards $467,000 brownfields grant to Solano County Water Agency (CA)
05/28/2015EPA awards $500,000 brownfields grant to Clark County, Nevada, for the Maryland Parkway High Capacity Transit Corridor (NV)
05/28/2015EPA announces $1.6 billion in Clean Water Act funds to upgrade Sacramento’s regional wastewater treatment plant (CA)
05/27/2015United States issues cleanup order to owner of ruptured Refugio Beach oil pipeline (CA)
05/27/2015EPA awards nearly $200,000 to Fresno, Calif., for environmental job training (CA)
05/27/2015EPA awards nearly $200,000 for environmental job training in Richmond, Calif. (CA)
05/26/2015MEDIA ADVISORY: EchoWater Project Groundbreaking Event, May 28, in Elk Grove, Calif. (CA)
05/19/2015U.S. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to Award - Marine Corps Air Station Miramar for Energy Conservation, Tour state-of-the-art green facilities (CA)
05/18/2015EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, Mayor Kevin Faulconer Recognize Timken Museum for Reducing Energy Use by more than 50% (CA)
05/15/2015EPA announces availability of $1 million for tribes to upgrade diesel engines (AZ, CA, NV)
05/14/2015EPA requires Southern California metal finishers to stop illegal hazardous waste releases, wastewater discharges (CA)
05/14/2015EPA Administrator McCarthy announces LEED Platinum Certification of San Francisco City Hall (CA)
05/13/2015EPA Administrator and San Francisco Bay Area government agencies celebrate nation’s largest solar energy partnership (CA)
05/13/2015EPA Administrator McCarthy to announce San Francisco’s City Hall becoming the nation’s oldest building to receive LEED Platinum Green Building Certification (CA)
05/13/2015EPA Recognizes Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians for Achievements in Zero Waste and Food Recovery (CA)
05/12/2015Wed. May 13, Hayward, Calif. -- EPA Administrator McCarthy joins San Francisco Bay Area agencies to celebrate nation’s largest solar energy partnership (CA)
05/12/2015EPA requires Honolulu to prevent hazardous air emissions at Kapaa Landfill (HI)
05/08/2015EPA, Product Stewardship Institute, and University of California Launch Toolkit to Reduce Marine Debris (CA)
05/07/2015MEDIA ADVISORY: EPA Administrator joins San Francisco Bay government agencies to celebrate nation’s largest solar energy partnership (CA)
04/29/2015EPA, Justice Department and State of California require Lehigh Cement to cut toxic discharges to San Francisco Bay (CA)
04/28/2015MEDIA ADVISORY: EPA, Justice Department, and State of California to announce major San Francisco Bay Clean Water Act settlement on Apr. 29 (CA)
04/28/2015EPA Honors Disneyland Resort for Achievements in Food Recovery (CA)
04/22/2015Watsonville, Calif. students receive President’s environmental education award for fighting to protect sea turtles worldwide (CA)
04/21/2015EPA Awards $1.3 Million Clean Diesel Grant to the Port of Los Angeles (CA)
04/20/2015EPA honors Sonoma County for protecting air quality, fighting climate change with one of nation’s largest hybrid vehicle fleets (CA)
04/20/2015Southern Nevada’s Club Ride Commuter Service Wins EPA Honor (NV)
04/08/2015Nation’s first federal combined solar power purchase launched by EPA, Forest Service, Energy Department and GSA (CA, NV)
03/25/2015San Francisco, Sacramento and San Jose lead nation on EPA’s Energy Star Top Cities list (CA)
03/25/2015Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside Lead Nation on EPA’s Energy Star Top Cities List (CA)
03/25/2015Phoenix Ranks 11th on EPA’s Energy Star Top Cities List (AZ)
03/20/2015EPA awards $2.5 million to Arizona to improve surface water quality (AZ)
03/20/2015EPA Awards San Joaquin Valley $677,214 for 48 Trucks (CA)
03/20/2015EPA Awards $753,476 for Twenty-one Cleaner School Buses and Trucks in Los Angeles County (CA)
03/17/2015EPA awards $8.7 million in grants to restore San Francisco Bay’s tidal marsh and river habitats (CA)
03/16/2015Southern Nevada Water Authority Encourages Consumers to Chase Water Waste This Week (NV)
03/16/2015CA Utilities Encourage Consumers to Chase Water Waste This Week (CA)
03/16/2015California utilities encourage consumers to Chase Water Waste this week (CA)
03/16/2015AZ Utilities Encourage Consumers to Chase Water Waste This Week (AZ)
03/16/2015EPA, Hawaii water utilities encourages consumers to Chase Water Waste this week (HI)
03/13/2015EPA issues cleanup plan for former McClellan Air Force Base (CA)
03/12/2015Colorado River Sewer System Joint Venture to Upgrade Wastewater System (AZ)
03/10/2015U.S. EPA Awards $175,000 Brownfield grant to City of Fresno for revitalization of Elm Ave Corridor (CA)
03/06/2015EPA Honors MGM Resorts International for Achievements in Food Recovery Efforts (NV)
02/20/2015EPA requires Phoenix facility to safely handle hazardous waste (AZ)
02/19/2015U.S. EPA and Customs seize and export more than 730 illegal vehicles, engines at LA/Long Beach Port (CA)
02/18/2015EPA, CBP announce results from inspections at ports resulting in hundreds of vehicles seized and exported, significantly reducing air pollution (CA)
02/12/2015EPA News Advisory: ASIG Sand Island Hawaii Fuel Spill Response Update 2/12/15 (HI)
02/12/2015U.S. EPA requires safer handling of PCBs in Imperial and Riverside Counties (CA)
02/10/2015EPA Awards Five California School Districts $325,000 for Thirteen Cleaner School Buses (CA)
02/10/2015EPA Awards Washoe County School District $110,000 for Five Cleaner School Buses (NV)
02/09/2015EPA News Advisory: ASIG Sand Island Hawaii Fuel Spill Response Update 2/9/15 (HI)
02/06/2015EPA News Advisory: ASIG Sand Island Hawaii Fuel Spill Response Update 2/6/15 (HI)
02/03/2015U.S. EPA, Air District Unveil Air Monitor at Busiest US-Mexico Border Crossing (CA)
02/02/2015EPA News Advisory: ASIG Sand Island Hawaii Fuel Spill Response Update 2/2/15 (HI)
01/30/2015EPA leads effort to contain jet fuel spill on Sand Island (HI)
01/29/2015EPA, San Diego County Air District to Unveil Air Monitor in San Ysidro (CA)

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