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10/22/2014EPA Awards $168,000 to University of Hawaii, Manoa Graduate Students through Research Fellowships (HI)
10/22/2014U.S. EPA awards $252,000 to Arizona graduate students through research fellowships (AZ)
10/22/2014EPA awards $672,000 to Southern California graduate students through research fellowships (CA)
10/22/2014EPA awards $1 million to Northern California graduate students through research fellowships (CA)
10/22/2014EPA acts to protect children from lead-based paint hazards in eight Northern Calif. communities (CA)
10/17/2014EPA awards $30,000 to Arizona State University sustainable design teams (AZ)
10/16/2014EPA honors Calif. companies Amyris and Solazyme for using green chemistry to create renewable and sustainable plant-based fuels (CA)
10/15/2014EPA announces $5.4 M for environmental improvements on tribal lands in Northern California (CA)
10/15/2014Stanford and UC Davis student teams receive sustainable design funding from EPA (CA)
10/15/2014EPA Announces $7.8 Million for Environmental Improvements on Tribal Lands in Central California (CA)
10/15/2014EPA Announces $5.6 Million for Environmental Improvements on Tribal Lands in Southern Calif. (CA)
10/15/2014EPA Announces $19.5 Million for Environmental Improvements on Tribal Lands in Arizona (AZ)
10/15/2014EPA Announces $4.8 Million for Environmental Improvements on Tribal Lands in Nevada (NV)
10/15/2014EPA selects students at U.C. Riverside to receive sustainable design funding (CA)
10/14/2014MEDIA ALERT: EPA Regional Administrator Makes Major Funding Announcement at 22nd Annual Tribal Conference (CA)
10/10/2014City of Santa Maria receives technical assistance from the U.S. EPA for green infrastructure and water quality planning (CA)
10/09/20142014 EPA WaterSense Partners of the Year: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership, HydroPoint Data Systems, KB Home, and Energy Inspectors Corporation (CA)
EPA Announces $25 Million to Improve Water Quality, Infrastructure in Arizona (AZ)
10/08/2014EPA awards over $3.1 million to Guam for environmental protection (GU)
10/07/2014EPA announces funding to reduce water pollution, recycle e-waste, improve environmental health along U.S.– Mexico border (CA)
10/06/2014TUESDAY: EPA Chief Gina McCarthy Visits San Diego to Announce Funding for Wastewater, Recycling, and Environmental Health along U.S.– Mexico border (CA)
10/03/2014MONDAY: EPA Chief Gina McCarthy to Visit LA to Engage with Leaders in Clean Tech, Green Infrastructure and Water Quality (CA)
10/02/2014EPA Announces $183 Million to Improve Water Quality, Infrastructure in California (CA)
10/02/2014EPA awards over $2.1 million to American Samoa for environmental protection (AS)
10/01/2014EPA to Announce Millions to Improve Local Water Infrastructure, Water Quality in San Joaquin, Statewide (CA)
09/26/2014Innovative Wastewater Treatment Plant in Victorville, Calif. Aims to Go Off-the-Grid (CA)
09/26/2014EPA to Help Carson City Develop Green Infrastructure, Improve Climate Resiliency (NV)
EPA, DOJ reach agreement with CNMI and CUC Saipan to move forward with work on oil spill cleanup and prevention at CUC power plants (MP)
09/25/2014U.S. EPA proposes to eliminate mercury pollution from dentist offices nationwide (CA)
09/25/2014U.S. EPA, Victor Valley Unveil Innovative Carbon-Neutral Treatment Plant (CA)
09/25/2014EPA Requires Nevada Gold Mining Company to Correct Reporting Violations (NV)
09/24/2014U.S. EPA and San Francisco Department of the Environment honor five custodial cleaning companies recognized as Green Businesses today (CA)
09/22/2014EPA Awards $81,600 to Mesa Community College for Innovative Center for Urban Agriculture (AZ)
09/18/2014EPA moves to protect Hilo’s coastal waters from leaks at sewage facility (HI)
09/18/2014U.S. EPA requires cleanup, fines Sims Metal Management for polluting San Francisco Bay (CA)
09/15/2014California and UC Berkeley win $335,000 in U.S. EPA grants to help students and businesses use green technology to design safer consumer products (CA)
09/10/2014U.S. EPA, DOH require Hawaii Department of Transportation to protect Oahu’s coastal waters (HI)
09/09/2014EPA and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Partner to Protect Wildlife at Hawaii’s Tern Island (HI)
09/09/2014U.S. EPA lauds Kim Johnson, Kokua Hawaii Foundation for environmental education work (HI)
09/08/2014170 Second Grade Students Take Pledge to Conserve Water in Los Angeles on “Protect Your Groundwater Day” (CA)
09/03/2014United States settles with Costco to cut ozone-depleting and greenhouse gas refrigerant emissions nationwide (AZ, CA, HI, NV)
08/28/2014EPA awards over $4 million to Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands for environmental protection (MP)
08/28/2014EPA orders mine cleanup work at Smith Lake and Mariano Lake Areas (AZ)
08/27/2014EPA Award to Children’s Defense Fund Will Advance Environmental Stewardship on the Big Island (HI)
08/26/2014U.S. EPA to Excavate Four Underground Tanks, Up to 5,000 Gallons Each, at Former Gas Station in Fresno (CA)
08/20/2014U.S. EPA and SF Environment recognize Quesada Gardens Initiative for environmental work in San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood (CA)
08/14/2014U.S. EPA settles case over destruction of rare Central Valley wetlands
- - Agreement will preserve unique California habitat (CA)
08/12/2014San Diego, Calif. Students Receive Environmental Education Award For Reducing Food Waste Going to Landfills (CA)
08/12/2014Turlock, Calif. Teacher Receives Environmental Award For Promoting Environmental Education (CA)
08/12/2014Guam Teacher Receives Environmental Award For Promoting Environmental Education (GU)
08/12/2014U.S. EPA settles with Calif. shoe insert companies for unsubstantiated product claims (CA)
08/08/2014Asia-Pacific Clean Air Partnership Launched to Fight Global Air Pollution (CA)
07/30/2014U.S. EPA Requires AllenCo to Pay Penalty for Federal Violations (CA)
07/28/2014Historic Clean Water Act settlement will prevent millions of gallons of sewage discharges into San Francisco Bay (CA)
07/28/2014EPA cuts emissions at Navajo Generating Station, protecting public health, preserving tribal jobs and improving visibility at the Grand Canyon (AZ)
07/24/2014U.S. EPA requires Rancho LPG to comply with safety measures for community protection (CA)
07/24/2014U.S. EPA Honors 17 Environmental Job Training Program Graduates in Rialto, Calif. (CA)
07/17/2014U.S. EPA Awards $115,000 for Revitalization and Education Projects in the Los Angeles River Watershed (CA)
07/15/2014Biopico Systems, Irvine, CLEW, Pasadena, and AquaNano, Monrovia Win $300,000 in Green Technology Contracts from EPA (CA)
07/15/2014SimpleWater, Berkeley and Lucid Design Group, Oakland Win $200,000 in Green Technology Contracts from EPA (CA)
07/15/2014HJ3 Composite Technologies of Tucson Wins $100,000 Green Technology Contract from EPA (AZ)
06/26/2014U.S. EPA settles with two San Joaquin Valley companies to ensure safe handling of hazardous waste (CA)
06/20/2014EPA Selects the University of California, Los Angeles to Help Find New Uses for Toxics Data (CA)
06/17/2014U.S. EPA to hold information sessions for free environmental job training program in Rialto, Calif. (CA)
06/17/2014EPA honors Grand Canyon National Park for cutting carbon pollution, saving money (AZ)
06/12/2014FRIDAY: U.S. EPA Chief Gina McCarthy to Attend Solar Installation at Residential Home in Long Beach, Calif. (CA)
06/11/2014EPA requires Hawaii Gas to protect workers, local community from risk of chemical releases (HI)
06/04/2014EPA settlement with Destination Maui will fund blood lead testing for 350 children (HI)
05/28/2014Oroville awarded $750,000 in Brownfields Grants (CA)
05/28/2014Monterey County awarded $200,000 in Brownfields Grants (CA)
05/28/2014San Pablo awarded $600,000 in Brownfields grants (CA)
05/28/2014U.S. EPA awards U.C. Berkeley $1.5 million to evaluate air pollution in developing nations (CA)
05/28/2014EPA Selects the City of Visalia for a $400,000 Brownfield Grant (CA)
05/28/2014EPA Selects the City of Los Angeles for a $400,000 Brownfield Grant (CA)
05/28/2014EPA selects City and County of Honolulu for a $400,000 Brownfields grant (HI)
05/28/2014Three Arizona Cities awarded $1.2 million in Brownfields Grants (AZ)
05/28/2014Nevada Counties awarded $1.2 million in Brownfields Grants (NV)
05/27/2014EPA protects Kauai water quality by compelling Tahiti Nui to close cesspools (HI)
U.S. EPA finds Exide Technologies a source of harmful lead emissions (CA)
05/20/2014U.S. EPA settles with Irvine, Calif. company to ensure safe handling of pesticides (CA)
05/14/2014EPA Requires Global Titanium Manufacturer to Investigate and Clean Up PCB Contamination in Nevada (NV)
05/13/2014L.A. Conservation Corps receives EPA grant for unemployed workers to receive environmental job training (CA)
05/13/2014Two Bay Area organizations selected to receive EPA funding for unemployed workers to receive environmental job training (CA)
05/08/2014Sylvia Quast selected to head U.S. EPA’s Pacific Southwest legal office (CA)
05/06/2014U.S. EPA honors federal agencies for water conservation, waste reduction (CA)
05/01/2014EPA Awards the City of Santa Monica $60,000 to Reduce Water Pollution, Build Resilience to Climate Change (CA)
04/28/2014U.S. EPA: Andersen Air Force Base Signs Agreement to Improve Spill Prevention Plans, Safeguard Water Resources (GU)
04/25/2014U.S. EPA Honors San Francisco Bayview Hunters Point Graduates of Environmental Job Training Program (CA)
04/24/2014U.S. EPA Requires AllenCo to Comply with Federal Laws, Improve Safety Measures (CA)
04/23/2014U.S. EPA Honors Richmond Graduates of Environmental Job Training Program (CA)
04/22/2014U.S. EPA’s Pacific Southwest Region Solicits Environmental Award Nominations (CA)
04/22/2014EPA announces $5 million in grants to restore S.F. Bay Water Quality and Habitats (CA)
04/21/2014U.S. EPA Directs Rare Earth Mine in San Bernardino County to Correct Hazardous Waste Violations (CA)
04/11/2014U.S. Rep. Swalwell, EPA Regional Administrator Honor Fremont, Calif. Student with Presidential Award (CA)
04/10/2014U.S. EPA Honors Oakland Graduates of Environmental Job Training Program (CA)
04/10/2014UC Santa Barbara Awarded Nearly $5 million for Chemical Research (CA)
04/10/2014EPA reaches agreement with Honolulu to continue cleanup at Waipahu Ash Landfill (HI)
04/10/2014Arizona State University Awarded $5 million in Federal Funds (AZ)
04/10/2014Northern California Cities Lead Nationally with Most Energy Star Buildings (CA)

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