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06/20/2012Homebuilder Toll Brothers Inc. to Pay $741,000 Clean Water Act Penalty and Implement Company-Wide Stormwater Controls / Settlement to prevent millions of pounds of sediment and polluted stormwater runoff from entering U.S. waterways each year
06/07/2012EPA Launches First Waste to Biogas Mapping Tool
05/23/2012West Pinal County in nonattainment for 1987 dust standard, EPA says
04/18/2012EPA, Arizona State partner to engage students in green careers
04/11/2012Phoenix Tops the list of U.S. Cities with most Energy Star Buildings
02/03/2012EPA Provides $750,000 in Smart Growth Assistance to Communities
01/05/2012EPA Issues Arizona Toxics Inventory Data for 2010
12/15/2011EPA orders Douglas drinking water system to reduce arsenic
11/17/2011Federal Partners Unite to Help Rural Communities with Environmental and Economic Goals
11/15/2011Former Lupton, Ariz. truck stop owners to pay $80,000 penalty for violating hazardous waste laws
11/07/2011EPA, Navajo Nation convene fourth annual summit to address uranium contamination
10/26/2011EPA Awards more than $357,000 in Grants to Protect Children’s Health
10/21/2011EPA solicits Arizona design firms for makeover of Phoenix’s Lower Grand Avenue
10/13/2011U.S. EPA Fines Tucson Facility $30,000 for Hazardous Waste Violations
09/29/2011EPA announces plan to clean up largest abandoned uranium mine on the Navajo Nation
09/13/2011Air Force, EPA, and Arizona agree to clean up groundwater at Air Force Plant 44
08/23/2011More than 80 Tribal Schools in Arizona, Navajo Nation to improve environmental management
08/12/2011EPA Partnering with State Capitals on Green Design and Economic Revitalization
08/01/2011EPA enters into agreement with Chevron to investigate soil contamination at uranium mine on the Navajo Reservation
07/19/2011EPA Announces Green Jobs Training for South Tucson
06/08/2011EPA praises Maricopa County's dust control guide
06/07/201111th Annual Clean Air Excellence Awards Recognize Public And Private Sector Achievements / Winners’ efforts help environment, education, and economy
04/28/2011Havasupai Tribe to develop and enforce water quality standards
04/22/2011U.S. EPA launches "Federal Green Challenge" in the Pacific Southwest
04/14/2011First tribal community in the nation adopts international green building code
04/04/2011EPA Selects 32 Locations for Assistance with Sustainable Community Planning
03/24/2011EPA Releases U.S. - Mexico Border Environmental and Health Report / Agencies work to address risks to people’s health and the environment in border communities
03/14/2011EPA Announces U.S. Cities with the Most Energy Star Certified Buildings / Third annual list shows dramatic growth, savings of energy efficient buildings
03/09/2011Three Phoenix area firms fined for hazardous waste violations
02/22/2011EPA’s Energy Star Leaders Drive Greater Energy Efficiency
02/11/2011EPA's New Proposal for Four Corners Power Plant Cuts More NOx Emissions, Protects Health, Saves Jobs
02/02/2011EPA To Develop Regulation for Perchlorate and Toxic Chemicals in Drinking Water
02/02/2011EPA To Develop Regulation for Perchlorate and Toxic Chemicals in Drinking Water
01/19/2011EPA approves nation’s most comprehensive tribal air quality plan
12/16/2010EPA Issues Arizona Toxics Inventory Data
10/20/2010CalPortland Company to Pay $350,000 to Settle Clean Air Act Violations
10/20/2010Tribal conference brings environmental leaders to San Francisco
10/06/2010EPA proposes pollution controls for nation’s largest source of NOx: Four Corners Power Plant
09/15/2010EPA Judge Levies Nation’s Largest Pesticide Fine on "99-cent Only Stores"
09/13/2010U.S. EPA settlements require investigation of uranium
contamination on Southwestern tribal lands
09/03/2010EPA requires stronger air quality plan for Phoenix /
EPA proposes to disapprove inadequate plan
05/25/2010U.S. EPA determines Phoenix dust storms not solely responsible for poor air quality
05/12/2010EPA fines three Arizona charter school operators $27,480 for asbestos violations
04/21/2010Arizona Receives $800,000 to Clean Up and Revitalize Contaminated Properties
04/14/2010Arizona Public Service Partners with EPA to Save the Environment and Money
04/09/2010US EPA set to implement New Lead-Safe Rule
04/05/2010EPA Awards Arizona-based Company $70,000 to Develop Drinking Water Treatment System
03/24/2010Five EPA Region 9 Metro Area Cities Rank Among Top 25 in Nation for Most Energy Efficient Buildings
03/24/2010Five EPA Region 9 Metro Area Cities Rank Among Top 25 in Nation for Most Energy Efficient Buildings
02/16/2010EPA seeks public input on Black Mesa Mine wastewater permit
01/08/2010EPA Awards $200,000 to Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona for Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
01/06/2010EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, Phoenix Mayor Gordon to Host Green Jobs Roundtable
12/23/2009U.S. EPA Releases Annual Enforcement Results, Interactive Mapping Tool Shows Arizona Environmental Enforcement
12/17/2009Apache Nitrogen Products, Inc agrees to $5 million groundwater and soil cleanup
12/16/2009U.S. EPA Launches National Environmental Video Competition to Promote “Three R’s” of Consumer Waste
12/08/2009U.S. EPA Issues Arizona Toxic Release Data, Copper and Zinc Among Most Common
12/01/2009EPA Recognizes Tempe, Ariz. for Smart Growth Achievements
11/24/2009Easy and Effective Ways to Reduce Food Waste at Thanksgiving
11/19/2009U.S. EPA Calls for Green Innovators
11/10/2009EPA’s Energy Star Program Hits Major Milestone:
1 Million Energy Star Homes Built in the United States
11/05/2009EPA Announces Regional Administrator for Region 9
11/05/2009Poster Contest Illuminates Sun-Safe Behaviors -
Annual competition gives students chance to raise awareness, win prizes; deadline: April 7, 2010
11/03/2009U.S. EPA takes enforcement action against the Wilbur-Ellis Company for 21 violations of federal pesticide law
11/03/2009NEWS BRIEF: EPA, federal, state, Navajo Nation hold second summit to address uranium contamination on the Navajo Nation
10/29/2009Tempe developer Lennar pays $182,519 to settle Clean Air Act violations
10/22/2009EPA reaches agreement with Arizona mining company to study uranium-tainted groundwater on Tohono O’odham
10/21/200917th annual tribal conference brings environmental leaders to Tucson
10/19/2009Wipe Out Lead Poisoning
10/15/2009EPA settles with pet products company for illegally selling, distributing pesticides to Tempe retailer
10/13/2009EPA Honors Green Building Challenge Winners
10/13/2009EPA fines Firebird International Raceway $31,851 for hazardous waste violations
10/06/2009EPA orders four Cottonwood water systems to decrease arsenic in drinking water
09/28/2009Phoenix Superfund Site Enters Next Phase of Clean Up
09/22/2009EPA acts to protect public from Granite Marketing, Inc.’s unregistered pesticides
09/08/2009EPA fines two Arizona charter school operators for asbestos violations
09/03/2009Arizona's Green Projects During the First 200 Days of the Recovery Act
08/31/2009EPA orders Chinle, Ariz. gas station to continue cleaning up fuel spill
08/26/2009Sprouts Farmers Market, Fresh and Easy, Raley's Family of Fine Stores, Whole Foods, Supervalu, and Hill Phoenix Chill for the Environment
08/20/2009EPA seeks comment on options to reduce air pollution coming from Four Corners power plants
08/12/2009EPA cites Sun City nursery for pesticide misuse, worker safety issues
08/10/2009Tucson fiberglass firm agrees to pay U.S. EPA $4,340 to resolve reporting violations
07/30/2009EPA fines New Mexico pesticide company maximum allowable penalty for illegal pesticide application
07/28/2009EPA takes action against Connecticut-based corporation for toxic chemical reporting violations at Phoenix facility
07/17/2009U.S. EPA Awards More Than $800,000 in Recovery Funding to City of Phoenix to Reduce Diesel Emissions, Create Jobs
07/09/2009EPA Awards $3.2 Million in Recovery Act Funds to Clean Up Underground Petroleum Leaks in Arizona
07/08/2009Tribes in Arizona Benefit from Recovery Act Funds to Improve Water Services
07/08/2009Navajo Nation Benefits from Recovery Act Funds to Improve Water Services
06/24/2009U.S. EPA celebrates opening of Nogales International Wastewater Treatment Plant
06/16/2009U.S. EPA recognizes Navajo Nation for outstanding environmental protection, leadership
05/28/2009EPA fines Phoenix company $18,200 for failing to protect emergency responders, public
05/08/2009$926,900 in Grants for Contaminated Land Cleanup, Economic Development in Arizona
05/04/2009EPA ensures students, faculty protected from asbestos at five Arizona charter schools
04/30/2009EPA Announces $82 million in Recovery Act Funds for Water Projects in Arizona to Boost Economy, Create Jobs and Protect Public Health
04/27/2009EPA files motion for voluntary remand of air permit for Desert Rock Energy Facility / Agency to reconsider sections of permit under appeal to the Environmental Appeals Board
04/22/2009EPA Invites the Public to “Pick 5 for the Environment”
04/21/2009University of Arizona Wins U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s People, Prosperity and the Planet competition/
EPA’s P3 Award Winners Celebrate a Green Future
04/15/2009Phoenix, Mesa and Valley Metro Rail Receive EPA assistance to Promote Transit-oriented Development
04/09/2009Arizona Receives Economic Recovery Funding from U.S. EPA to Reduce Diesel Emissions, Create Jobs
04/06/2009U.S. EPA launches National Cell Phone Recycling Week: April 6-12 / ATandT, Samsung, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless helping recycle
03/31/2009U.S. EPA recognizes Energy Star Partners in California, Arizona, and Nevada / Energy efficient choices help fight climate change