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10/02/2009EPA Announces Settlement with Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture for Pesticide Misuse and Worker Protection Standard Violations
09/23/2009Papelera Puertorriquena Site Added to EPA Superfund List
09/02/2009Shell Cited Again by EPA for Clean Water Act Violations in Puerto Rico
08/25/2009EPA Requires New Pipe at PREPA South Coast; Grants Water Discharge Permit
08/11/2009EPA Awards $1 Million in Recovery Act Funds to Clean Up Underground Petroleum Leaks in Puerto Rico
08/07/2009EPA Reaches Settlement with USDA for Underground Storage Tank Violations in Puerto Rico
07/28/2009EPA Fines Companies for Improper Stormwater Management at Construction Site in Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico
07/22/2009EPA Fines Six Municipalities Across Puerto Rico for Improper Stormwater Management
07/14/2009EPA Awards Puerto Rico Nearly $72 Million in Recovery Act Funds for Water Infrastructure Projects; Money will boost economy, create jobs and protect human health and the environment
07/09/2009U.S. EPA’s Region 2 Awards $17 Million in Recovery Funding to Reduce Diesel Emissions and Create Jobs
05/28/2009Federal Entities Agree to Pay Fine, Reduce Pollution to Settle Underground Storage Tank Violations at Puerto Rico Facility
05/08/2009EPA Announces $400,000 for Brownfields Projects in Puerto Rico
04/28/2009EPA Fines Construction Companies in Culebra, Puerto Rico for Ignoring Federal Water Quality Laws
04/24/2009EPA Applauds Environmental Champions from Puerto Rico
04/08/2009EPA Proposes to Add Puerto Rico Site to the Superfund List
03/19/2009Toxics Release Inventory Shows Progress in Puerto Rico
02/25/2009An Agreement between EPA and the Municipality of San Juan Prompts Effort to Improve Waste Handling Island-Wide
02/11/2009EPA to Study Puerto Rico Waters and Marine Habitat
02/03/2009EPA Investigations Lead to Prison Sentences for Two in Puerto Rico
01/13/2009Top EPA Official Presents University of Puerto Rico With Education Grant
01/12/2009Shell to Pay $1 Million Penalty, Enhance Pollution Controls for Clean Water Act Violations in Puerto Rico
01/08/2009Toa Baja and Landfill Operator Agree To Close Landfill; EPA Issues Order to PR Land Authority
11/10/2008EPA Education Grant Focuses on Puerto Rico's Shoreline
11/03/2008Bacardi Agrees to Purchase and Protect Sensitive Land and Pay Fine to Settle EPA Water Pollution Case
10/15/2008EPA Permit Requires PREPA to Build New Pipe at South Coast Plant
10/08/2008EPA Cites Pesticides Practices of Puerto Rico Agency
09/08/2008Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc., and Syngenta Seeds, Inc. agree to pay more than $280,000 for violating federal pesticide rules
08/19/2008EPA Finds Underground Storage Tank Violations At Federally-Run Facilities in Puerto Rico
08/18/2008EPA Seeks Worker Protection at Four Farms in Puerto Rico
08/05/2008EPA, Puerto Rico Land Authority Announce Settlement to Improve Wetlands
07/24/2008Toa Baja Agrees to Close Landfill; EPA Applauds Puerto Rico Solid Waste Plan
07/23/2008Five Puerto Rico Municipalities Get a Brownfields Boost
07/08/2008Bristol-Myers Squibb Agrees to Spend $3.65 million in Clean Air Act Upgrades; Settlement with U.S. EPA Affects Facilities in 6 States and Puerto Rico
05/13/2008EPA and Partners Kick Off Green Building Design Challenge; Contest to reward reuse designs that save resources, costs
04/25/2008EPA Applauds Environmental Champions in Puerto Rico
04/09/2008EPA Welcomes a Coca-Cola Subsidiary and Cutler Hammer Electrical Company into Program for Environmental Leaders
04/07/2008EPA Dollars Will Revitalize Puerto Rico Communities
03/27/2008EPA Funds Help School Children in Puerto Rico Breathe Easier
03/25/2008Major Agreement for Vieques Cleanup Finalized
03/19/2008San German Ground Water Contamination Site Added to the List
03/17/2008EPA Announces $5.4 million for New Clean Diesel Projects in the Northeast
03/12/2008EPA Strengthens Smog Standards to Better Protect Human Health and the Environment
03/10/2008EPA Fines Authority for the Port of the Americas for Contractor Dredging Violations
02/22/2008EPA Performance Track Program Passes 500-Member Mark
02/21/2008EPA Annual Toxics Report Shows Decrease in Chemicals Released From Facilities in Puerto Rico
11/15/2007EPA Plunges into San Juan Bay for Scientific Study
11/15/2007EPA Enforcement Actions in Puerto Rico Lead to Environmental Improvements
11/06/2007EPA Takes Steps to Better Protect Farm Workers in Puerto Rico
10/03/2007Santa Isabel Agrees to Close Its Municipal Landfill
09/27/2007Blueprint for Future Vieques Cleanup Proposed
09/19/2007San German Ground Water Contamination Site Added to the List
08/29/2007Aguadilla Agrees to Close its Municipal Landfill
08/15/2007Public Comment Begins for Vieques Community Involvement Plan
08/02/2007EPA to Meet with the Public on the Future of Santa Isabel Municipal Landfill
06/26/2007Municipalities Agree to Close Vega Baja and Florida Landfills; EPA Orders Land Authority and One Operator to Cooperate
06/08/2007$1.7 Million available for Clean Diesel Projects in Northeast; EPA solicits applications for Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program and Clean School Bus USA
06/08/2007$1.7 Million Available for New Clean Diesel Projects in Northeast; EPA seeking proposals until July 31
05/24/2007Pfizer’s Caguas Facility Honored for Environmental Performance
05/14/2007EPA Gives Money to Revitalize Puerto Rico Communities
05/11/2007EPA Announces Collaborative to Help Puerto Rico School Buses Reduce Emissions
04/26/2007EPA Commends Environmental Achievers in Puerto Rico
04/26/2007Wal-Mart's Violation of the Clean Water Act Results in Land Purchase and Fine
04/17/2007EPA to Meet with the Public on the Future of Aguadilla Municipal Landfill
03/12/2007700 Acres of Puerto Rico Wetlands Will Be Preserved Forever, Thanks to EPA
03/07/2007EPA To Meet with the Public on the Future of Municipal Landfills in Vega Baja and Florida
02/26/2007EPA Offers Financial Assistance for Communities with Drinking Water Systems Not Serviced by the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority
01/30/2007EPA's Soderberg Wins Gold Award for Contributions to Clean Water in the Caribbean Region
01/26/2007EPA and Navy Reach Landmark Agreement on the Cleanup of Former Naval Station Roosevelt Roads Base
12/21/2006EPA Inspection Results in CEMEX Correcting Violations and Paying Fine
12/11/2006$65,000 in EPA Funding to Universities in Puerto Rico
11/16/2006EPA's Clean Water Act Enforcement in High Gear
10/05/2006Puerto Rico University at Mayaguez to Settle Environmental Violations with System to Prevent Future Problems
10/04/2006EPA Grants Waiver for Ponce Wastewater Treatment Plant
09/26/2006Two Sites in Puerto Rico are Added to EPA’s Superfund National Priorities List
09/21/2006EPA Seeks Public Comment on Cleanup of Former Naval Station Roosevelt Roads Base
08/30/2006EPA Slams Developer for Flouting Clean Water Act
08/15/2006EPA Says More Landfills in Puerto Rico Must Be Addressed
06/22/2006Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority Indicted For Environmental Crimes; Will Pay $10 Million in Criminal and Civil Fines and Spend $1.7 Billion Improving Wastewater Treatment
06/13/2006As Hurricane Season Begins, EPA Reminds Local Facilities to Be Prepared
06/01/2006EPA Takes Off to Kick Off Beach Season
05/18/2006EPA Commends Environmental Achievers in Puerto Rico
05/12/2006$1.5 million Available for Clean Diesel Projects in Caribbean and Northeast; EPA solicits applications for Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program and Clean School Bus USA
05/09/2006EPA Proposes Steep Fines for Companies that Failed to Curb Polluted Storm Water
04/18/2006Public Water Supply Wells in Maunabo Proposed for Superfund Cleanup
04/12/2006Chemical Releases To Air and Water in Puerto Rico 50% Less in 2004 Than 1998 Totals
03/15/2006EPA Proposes to Grant Waiver for Ponce Wastewater Treatment Plant
03/08/2006Puerto Rico Administration of Corrections to Construct $1 Million Water Supply System
11/16/2005EPA Enforcement Going Strong Nationally And Locally
10/05/2005EPA Cites Puerto Rico University at MayagŁez For Multiple Violations of Environmental Safety Rules
09/15/2005EPA Orders Bacardi to Comply With Clean Water Act
09/13/2005U.S. EPA Selects Pfizer Cruce Davila for Membership in National Environmental Performance Track
08/10/2005EPA Takes Action to Correct Wetlands Violations In San Isidro
08/02/2005EPA Cracks Down on Illegal Development of Wetlands in Western Puerto Rico
07/05/2005EPA Proposes to Fine Wal-Mart for Clean Water Act Violations
05/25/2005EPA Funding Protects Beach-Goers in Puerto Rico
05/04/2005EPA Commends Environmental Achievers in Puerto Rico
04/19/2005EPA and Catholic University to Provide Hazardous Waste Training at Schools
University Will Pay Penalty and Spend $141,000 Implementing School Programs
04/15/2005Navy Issues Draft Final Work Plan for Background Investigation of the Soils in East Vieques
02/07/2005EPA Places the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Area on Vieques on the Superfund National Priorities List
02/03/2005EPA Cites Martex for Failure to Protect Its Workers' Safety at Two Farms in Puerto Rico