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04/10/2012EPA Unveils New Permit for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations to Protect Water Quality in Idaho
03/22/2012Idaho hazardous waste disposal site failed to disclose chemical releases
02/28/2012North Idaho’s Yellowdog Creek Nursed Back to Health by Local, State and Federal Partnership
02/27/2012Ten school districts in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska recognized as Energy Star Leaders
02/16/2012EPA Issues Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Sites/New permit includes more protections for waterways, shaped by important public and stakeholder feedback
02/09/2012Three Pacific Northwest communities will get EPA Smart Growth assistance
02/02/2012EPA announces summary of Pacific Northwest and Alaska enforcement actions for Fall 2011
12/21/2011SUPERVALU food recovery efforts garner National Waste Wise Award
12/20/2011Idaho, Oregon, and Washington manufacturers failed to notify authorities about chemical releases
11/10/2011Clearing the Northwest’s air with clean diesel technology
10/18/2011Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington groups awarded over $219,000 for Environmental Education
09/28/2011Trident Seafoods Corp. to Pay $2.5 Million to Resolve Clean Water Act Violations and Spend More Than $30 Million to Upgrade Processing Plants
09/27/2011EPA proposes changes to FMC Superfund site cleanup plan, seeks comments from the public
09/19/2011Idaho oil distributor pays $15,000 penalty for inadequate spill prevention measures
06/13/2011Hecla Mining Company to Pay $263 Million in Settlement to Resolve Idaho Superfund Site Litigation and Foster Cooperation
06/01/2011Air toxics near Lapwai High School below levels of concern
05/23/2011EPA Region 10 Asks Idaho Residents to Fight #1 Cancer in U.S. with “Don’t Fry Day” (Friday, May 27)
04/20/2011Idaho mining company agrees to pay $1.4 million penalty to settle alleged clean water act violations
04/15/2011EPA Solicits Public Comment on Permit to Reduce Stormwater Discharges from Construction Sites
04/14/2011Four Northwest communities awarded EPA funds to protect health, reduce GHG emissions
04/04/2011EPA STATEMENT: Update on Ongoing Monitoring
04/02/2011EPA STATEMENT: Update on Ongoing Monitoring
03/28/2011EPA Monitoring Continues to Confirm That No Radiation Levels of Concern Have Reached the United States
02/22/2011EPA’s Energy Star Leaders Drive Greater Energy Efficiency
12/16/2010EPA issues latest information on toxic chemical releases - Highlights for Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington
10/14/2010Goodman Oil agrees to pay over $171,000 for storage tank violations at gas stations across Idaho
09/27/2010Idaho fish farm could face penalties up to $177,500 for federal Clean Water Act violations
09/27/2010Idaho oil distributor pays $15,000 penalty for inadequate spill prevention measures
08/18/2010Cheese Manufacturer Sorrento Lactalis to Pay U.S. $315,000 for Exceeding Discharge Levels Into Idaho’s Mason Creek
08/03/2010Idaho Fish Hatchery fined $98,000 for Clean Water Act violations
08/03/2010Nampa Dairy Operator fined nearly $15,000 for storm water violations
08/02/2010Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington awarded $190,000 for Environmental Education
07/14/2010EPA responders answer state and county calls for help to investigate thousands of leaky containers near Rexburg, Idaho
06/24/2010Tyler Amon Named “Top Cop” for EPA’s Criminal Enforcement Program in the Northwest and Alaska
06/15/2010Wood Creek Livestock Company feedlot receives EPA Compliance Order to stop polluting Snake River tributary
06/14/2010EPA: FMC Must Expand Phosphine Gas Extraction, Treatment and Monitoring at Former SE Idaho Plant Site
06/11/2010EPA Orders Simplot Cattle Feeding Company to change stock watering practice at Grand View, ID, feedlot to protect the Snake River
04/01/2010DeLamar Mine in Southwest Idaho fined $35,000 for alleged stormwater violations
03/23/2010Automotive and Industrial Distributors of Pocatello agrees to spend over $38,000 to settle EPA spill prevention violations
02/19/2010Idaho’s Small Scale Placer Miners will need a General Discharge Permit under EPA’s Proposal to Protect Idaho’s Rivers and Streams
02/19/2010Recovery Act’s One Year Anniversary: Workers in Pacific Northwest Benefit from Investment in Environmental Protection
12/24/2009EPA Releases National, Regional Enforcement Statistics for 2009
12/01/2009P4 Production, LLC, Begins Comprehensive Mine Cleanup Planning in Southeast Idaho
10/26/2009Developers face potential $125,000 fine for storm water violations at Smiths Ferry, Idaho construction site
10/15/2009EPA Adds Lower Boise River and Hem Creek to Idaho’s List of Impaired Waters
10/15/2009EPA issues $65,000 Complaint to Idaho Transportation Department and its Contractor for federal storm water violations in Sandpoint, ID
10/08/2009EPA designates “nonattainment” areas for fine particle air pollution
10/02/2009EPA Awards $430,000 in Recovery Act Funds To Clean Up Underground Storage Tank Petroleum Leaks on Nez Perce land in Idaho.
10/01/2009Idaho Asbestos Contractor Agrees to pay $36,000 to resolve Clean Air Act Violations
09/28/2009Idaho Department of Fish and Game fined $14,000 for Chemical Spill at Grace Fish Hatchery
09/08/2009Nonpareil Corporation Pays Over $95,000 for Failure to Properly Report Hazardous Chemicals
09/03/2009EPA Awards $1.3 Million in Recovery Act Funds to Clean Up Underground Storage Tank Leaks in Idaho
08/05/2009Sage Community Resources Awarded $1.5 million Recovery Act Grant for Contaminated Land Clean Up and Local Job Creation in Idaho
07/29/2009U.S. EPA’s Region 10 Awards Over $900,000 in Recovery Funding to Cascade Sierra Solutions to Reduce Diesel Emissions and Create Jobs
07/23/2009Idaho Landowner Ordered to Restore Wetlands and Streams on Lamb Creek
07/21/2009Nearly $188,000 is awarded to Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington for Environmental Education
06/17/2009Idaho developer pays nearly $13,000 for failing to control runoff and violating the federal Clean Water Act
05/28/2009Hecla Fined $177,500 for Clean Water Act Violations at Lucky Friday Mine in N. Idaho
05/19/2009Idaho Receives $194,300 in Economic Recovery Funds to Improve Water Quality, Create Jobs
05/19/2009EPA Announces $19.2 million in Recovery Act Funds for Wastewater Infrastructure Projects in Idaho to Boost Economy, Create Jobs and Protect the Environment
05/19/2009EPA reminds Americans: “Friday is Don’t Fry Day”
05/13/2009Northwest orgs. receive national recognition for creative clean air projects
05/12/2009Lewiston Developer Fined Over $5,000 for Storm Water Violations
05/08/2009EPA: $850,000 in Grants for Contaminated Land Cleanup, Economic Development in Idaho
05/07/2009Idaho Scrap Yard Operator Fined Nearly $33,000 for Improper Oil Disposal on Nez Perce Reservation
04/28/2009Asplundh Tree Company Fined Over $4,000 for Over-Applying Herbicide at Operations
04/21/2009Developers pay $86,000 for storm water violations at construction site in Garden Valley, Idaho
04/15/2009Recovery Act Funding to Accelerate Cleanup, Boost Economy, Create Jobs and Protect Human Health at Bunker Hill Hazardous Waste Site
04/09/2009Idaho Receives Economic Recovery Funding from U.S. EPA to Reduce Diesel Emissions, Create Jobs
04/09/2009EPA Announces $19.5 million in Stimulus Funds for Water Infrastructure Projects in Idaho to Boost Economy, Create Jobs and Protect Public Health
03/19/2009EPA Issues Latest Information on Toxic Chemical Releases
03/17/2009Craigmont Air Services, Inc. agrees to pay over $8,000 for failure to monitor underground storage tank
03/12/2009EPA Directs Over $297 Million of Recovery Act Funding to Northwest States, Alaska and Tribes to Protect Water Quality, Create Jobs
03/12/2009Mark Measer to Head EPA’s Criminal Investigation Program in Pacific Northwest
03/09/2009Idaho Dairy Farmer pays nearly $6,000 for Alleged Violations Related to Animal Waste
03/03/2009Idaho Developers Fined over $64,000 for Clean Water Act Violations
03/02/2009Jerome oil distributor agrees to spend over $123,000 to settle EPA Clean Water Act violations
02/24/2009Michael Rodriguez and Christian Brothers Construction Company Ordered to Restore Damaged Wetland and Stream
02/11/2009City of Council, Idaho pays $11,000 for wastewater violations
02/05/2009EPA Fines Crouch, Idaho developer $47,700 for construction site violations near Dry Creek, Middle Fork Payette River tributary
01/15/2009Report: Columbia River Basin faces continued threat from mercury, pesticides, other toxics
12/30/2008EPA Orders Hagerman, ID, Property Owner to Repair Damage to the Snake River
12/23/2008EPA designates seven new fine particle pollution “nonattainment” areas in Pacific Northwest and Alaska
12/17/2008$3 Million to be awarded to Support Communities and Reduce Pollution
12/16/2008EPA awarding $2.8 Million to help protect Western estuaries and Watersheds
12/04/2008EPA 2008 enforcement efforts drive big pollution reductions in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska
12/04/2008Hecla Mining Company agrees to pay $85,000 for federal Clean Water Act and hazardous waste violations
10/20/2008Idaho Falls Construction Sites Penalized for Failing to Meet Federal Storm Water Requirements
09/30/2008Eighteen agencies gather in Seattle to accept EPA’s "Federal Green Challenge"
09/02/2008Boise Construction Sites Fail to Meet Federal Storm Water Requirements
08/19/2008EPA identifies areas that do not meet Particulate Standards
07/31/2008EPA Announces Federal Rule Change for Idaho’s Air Quality Protection Plan
07/23/2008Hayden, Idaho Utilities and Contractors Fined for Storm Water Violations
07/16/2008Idaho Developers Fined for Storm Water Violations
07/08/2008Idaho Transportation Department to pay $325,000 in additional penalties for federal storm water violations
07/07/2008EPA: “Over 3,000 properties later, cleanup of residential areas in the Silver Valley “Box” is finished.”
06/24/2008EPA awards Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington nearly $189,000 for Environmental Education
05/27/2008EPA’S Ocean Survey Vessel (OSV) “BOLD” Visits Pacific Northwest
05/27/2008Makah Tribal Member is New EPA Senior Tribal Policy Advisor
04/29/2008EPA Proposes Federal Rule Change for Idaho’s Air Quality Protection Plan