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02/03/2016Nominations are Open for EPA Region 4 Rain Catcher Award-Deadline is March 18, 2016
01/25/2016Walterboro, SC receives Technical Assistance to Boost Local Foods, Neighborhood Revitalization
01/25/2016Obama Administration to Partner with 27 Communities to Boost Neighborhood Revitalization through Local Food Enterprises - Local Foods, Local Places Empowers Creative Economic Development in Rural and Urban Communities in 22 states
01/21/2016EPA Announces 2014 Toxics Release Inventory Report
01/15/2016Test Your Home for Radon, You May Prevent Lung Cancer
Radon kills 21,000 Americans each year; readily available tests can warn of high levels in homes
12/16/2015EPA Reports: Automakers Beat Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards for Third Straight Year
Fuel economy steady at highest level ever recorded
12/11/2015Newberry County School District Awarded $100,000 in EPA Rebates to Fund Cleaner School Buses
12/11/2015Spartanburg 5 County School District Awarded $40,000 in EPA Rebates to Fund Cleaner School Buses
12/11/2015Williamsburg County School District Awarded $20,000 in EPA Rebates to Fund Cleaner School Buses
12/11/2015Laurens 55 County School District Awarded $100,000 in EPA Rebates to Fund Cleaner School Buses
12/01/2015EPA Finalizes Increases in Renewable Fuel Levels
11/18/2015The Gills Creek Watershed Association of Columbia, SC awarded $30,000 Environmental Justice Small Grant
11/16/2015EPA Recognizes Charleston County School District for Reducing Food Waste
11/16/2015MONDAY: EPA, State, and Industry Leaders Hold Press Conference to Discuss Economic Benefits of Recycling for America Recycles Day
11/16/2015EPA to Hold Public Hearings in Atlanta on Proposed Clean Power Plan Actions
11/16/2015TODAY: For America Recycles Day, EPA and Partners Celebrates Economic Benefits of Recycling
11/10/2015EPA to Hold Public Hearings in Atlanta on Proposed Clean Power Plan Actions
11/10/2015EPA to Hold Public Hearings in Atlanta on Proposed Clean Power Plan Actions
11/05/2015Clemson University Awarded $1 Million Grant from EPA for Research to Respond to Water Scarcity, Drought and Extreme Events
11/05/2015EPA Awards $4 Million in Grants to Research the Impact of Drought on Water Quality
09/28/2015EPA Announces $7 Million in Funding to Reduce Diesel Emissions from School Buses
09/23/2015EPA Announces $300,000 in Supplemental Funds to Clean up Contaminated Brownfields Sites in South Carolina
06/30/2015EPA Administrator Participates in Spartanburg ReGenesis Project Celebration
06/30/2015EPA to Recognize Pelzer Heritage Commission in South Carolina for Receiving $400,000 to Clean up the former Pelzer Mill Complex
06/29/2015TOMORROW: EPA Administrator to Tour ReGenesis Project in Spartanburg, SC
06/19/2015EPA and DOT Propose Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Heavy-Duty Trucks
06/10/2015EPA Takes First Steps to Address Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aircraft
05/29/2015EPA Proposes Increases in Renewable Fuel Levels
05/28/2015EPA Awards $1 Million in Brownfields Grants to Cleanup and Revitalize Communities in South Carolina
05/27/2015Action Memo signed, Response Actions begin to address the Bennett Landfill Fire Site in Chester County, SC
05/22/2015EPA Advises Facility Operators to Minimize Releases during Hazardous Weather Events
05/18/2015EPA Announces $1 Million for Tribal Applicants to Upgrade Diesel Engines

EPA seeks to reduce emissions from older engines impacting tribal communities
05/07/2015EPA Announces Availability of Clean Diesel Grants for Communities Across the Country

Local governments, tribal agencies and nonprofits can win grants up to $2.14 million
05/05/2015EPA's Energy Star Battle of the Buildings Competition Saves $50 Million, Prevents 250,000 Metric Tons of GHG Emissions/ The agency recognizes competitors in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico
03/20/2015EPA Awards Clean Diesel Grant to the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest for Work in Florida and South Carolina
03/20/2015EPA Awards Clean Diesel Grants in 21 States, Puerto Rico
03/09/2015One Facility in South Carolina among 70 Top Performing Energy Star Certified Manufacturing Plants in 29 States
03/09/2015Nominations Open for EPA Region 4 Rain Catcher Award - Deadline is April 17, 2015
03/09/2015EPA Announces 70 Top Performing Energy Star Certified Manufacturing Plants in 29 States/ Across the country, Energy Star manufacturing plants are leading their industries by saving energy and money, combating climate change
02/27/2015Atlanta Conference Highlights How College Students are Helping Underserved Communities Address Environmental Problems
02/10/2015Allendale County Schools Awarded EPA Rebates to Replace Aging School Buses
02/10/2015EPA Awards Rebates to 30 States to Replace 210 School Buses
02/04/2015EPA Applauds SCDHEC, Farmers and Landowners for Improving Water Quality in the Enoree River Watershed
01/22/2015Anderson, S.C., Woman Gets Prison for Extensive Bank Fraud Scam and Environmental Crime
Nancy Stein operated American Screw and Rivet Corporation which was also sentenced
01/21/2015EPA Selected as ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation 2015 Awards Top 30 Finalist
12/02/2014Deadline Extended to Apply for EPA’s 2015 Environmental Justice Small Grants Program
11/24/2014EPA Solicits Applicants for the 2015 Environmental Justice Small Grants Program
11/20/2014EPA Post-Construction Storm Water Runoff Workshop to be Held in Hilton Head, SC
11/10/2014EPA Awards South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium a $78,564 Environmental Education Model Grant
10/31/2014EPA Releases Climate Plans on Fifth Anniversary of President Obama’s Sustainability Initiative
10/16/2014EPA to host Public Meeting Regarding the Henry’s Knob Former Mine Site