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02/10/2009Georgia Tech, Emory Receive EPA Grant for Air Quality Research
02/09/2009EPA Grants Bring Green Education to New York Teachers and Students
02/05/2009Small Business in Gainesville, Fl., Wins Aircraft Cabin Air Purification Research Contract
02/05/2009Constellation Technology Corporation in Largo, FL wins EPA research contract
02/05/2009Innova Tech, Inc. in Morrisville, NC wins EPA research contract
01/26/2009EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to Speak with EPA Employees
01/23/2009Statement by Administrator-designate Lisa Jackson
01/16/2009Monmouth University Strives to Reduce Carbon Footprint Through Agreement with EPA
01/08/2009EPA awards $500,000 to biomedical institute for air quality research
01/07/2009Year of Science 2009: EPA Joins Grassroots Effort to Celebrate Science
12/17/2008Deadline for National CARE Grant Applications is March 16
12/16/2008How Healthy Are America’s Coasts?
EPA’s Environmental Assessment Provides Wellness Check-Up
12/08/2008Georgia Institute of Technology Aims to Clear the Air By Improving Air Quality Modeling
12/04/2008North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C. Awarded Nearly $900,000 for Research
11/20/2008Student Brain Power Wins EPA Grant for MIT Design of Alternative Energy Systems
11/18/2008Report Lists Environmental Progress
11/13/2008Texas student researchers receive EPA grants
11/13/2008University of Arkansas at Fayetteville teams receive EPA grants
11/13/2008Missouri University of Science and Technology Student Teams Receive $20,000 in Design Grants from P3 Awards Program
11/13/2008University of Arizona Helps Pave the Way to Intriguing International Sustainability Solutions / EPA awards nearly $1M in grant funding
11/13/2008Starting a New Day Around the Globe with Sustainable Energy Solutions
11/10/2008EPA Education Grant Focuses on Puerto Rico's Shoreline
10/29/2008EPA Teams up with the National Geographic Society and World Resources Institute to Map Ecosystem Services, Develop Enhanced Decision-Making Tools
10/21/2008Autumn Alchemy: Converting Red and Gold into Green
10/17/2008The Green Hunt: An Early Halloween Treat for DC Science Buffs
10/09/2008Annual Report Captures Efforts to Protect Children
10/08/2008Univ. of Southern Maine Student Awarded EPA Research Grant
10/08/2008UNH Student Awarded EPA Research Grant
10/08/2008Yale Graduate Student Awarded EPA Research Grant
10/08/2008UMASS/Amherst Student Awarded EPA Research Grant
10/08/2008Harvard Student Awarded EPA Research Grant
10/08/2008Roger Williams College Student Awarded EPA Research Grant
10/02/2008Hawaii student receives EPA science fellowship;
Awarded to University of Hawaii at Hilo graduate student
10/02/2008Four California graduate students receive EPA science fellowship
Awarded to UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz and Scripps Institution of Oceanography students
09/30/2008Waco student receives EPA science fellowship
09/30/2008Lubbock student receives EPA science fellowship
09/30/2008Conway student receives EPA science fellowship
09/29/2008Growing a Garden of Future Environmental Leaders -
54 Students Receive EPA Research Fellowships
09/25/2008EPA: Great Lakes Legacy Act Buffalo River Sediment Evaluation Expanded
09/24/2008Green Building Award Winners Make New York City More Sustainable
09/24/2008U.S. EPA Report Targets Local, National Environmental Trends
Highlights from 2008 Report on the Environment released today
09/24/20082008 Report on the Environment: Highlights of National Trends
09/18/2008Nanotechnology: A Brave New World Requires Bold New Research Approaches
09/18/2008Nanotechnology: A Brave New World Requires Bold New Research Approaches

UCLA awarded $24 million for innovative nanomaterial research
09/17/2008EPA Appoints New Head of Panel Providing Independent Scientific Advice on Regulations
09/17/2008Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Selected for $500K EPA Research Grant
09/12/2008EPA Tests Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle under Real World Conditions
09/11/2008EPA Administrator to Unveil Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle in Agency's Fleet
09/09/2008It's YOUR Environment and now is YOUR Web Site
09/04/2008Georgia Institute of Technology Receives EPA Safe Drinking Water Research Grant
09/04/2008EPA Awards $600,000 to University of Missouri-Columbia
09/04/2008To Your Health: EPA Announces Safe Drinking Water Research
08/21/2008Where Did the Grass Go?
EPA’s Duluth Facility Plants Sustainable Landscape
08/20/2008New $2 Million Grant Awarded to the University of Kentucky for Research on Nanoparticles and Human Health
08/11/2008Blog Question of the Week: Have You Tried Hypermiling and What’s Been Your Experience?
08/04/2008Blog Question of the Week: Have You Tried Hypermiling and What’s Been Your Experience?
07/31/2008EPA’S Ocean Survey Vessel “Bold” Studies Puget Sound
07/31/2008EPA Funds Ground-Breaking Lyme Disease Research
07/31/2008EPA Funds West Nile Virus Research at Rutgers
07/28/2008Blog Question of the Week: What have you learned, been surprised by, or been inspired to do because of our blogs?
07/23/2008Could Preserving Biodiversity Reduce Disease? EPA Funds $2.25 Million to Research Connections
07/23/2008EPA Blog will Feature "Science Wednesday"
07/21/2008Blog Question of the Week: What do you use: paper, plastic, or reusable bags?
07/17/2008EPA Releases Report on Climate Change and Health
07/17/2008Vote for the Winner of the Rachel Carson Sense of Wonder Contest
07/14/2008EPA Releases Science Assessment on Health
Effects of Nitrogen Oxides
07/14/2008Blog Question of the Week: Do you pay attention to where your food comes from?
07/08/2008U.S. EPA, University of Vermont’s Gund Institute Team Up to Develop New Ways to Understand Ecosystem Services
07/07/2008Blog Question of the Week: Why do you drink bottled water or tap water?
07/01/2008Importing or Exporting? New EPA Web Portal Provides Environmental Requirements
06/30/2008Blog Question of the Week: What would convince you to change your driving habits?
06/26/2008New Meadows River and Quahohg Bay Studies to Begin June 30
06/23/2008Blog Question of the Week: How would you use blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other Web 2.0 tools to protect the environment?
06/20/2008Southeast Diesel Collaborative Conference to be Held in Atlanta
06/20/2008EPA to Conduct Disaster Debris Reduction Pilot Project
06/20/2008New Report Available on Ecosystems and Climate Change
06/19/2008N.H. and Mass. Estuaries Selected for EPA Climate Case Study
06/17/2008EPA Recognizes Two Ethanol Facilities in Iowa and Kansas that Demonstrate Exceptional Energy Savings
06/16/2008Blog Question of the Week: What do you drive, and why?
06/13/2008Mississippi State University Receives $200,000 for Biodiesel Research
06/12/2008Mississippi State University to Receive $200,000 for Biodiesel Research
06/10/2008Green Buildings On the Rise
06/09/2008Blog Question of the Week: Why do you keep your home as cool (or not) as you do?
06/09/2008EPA Scientists Recognized with Prestigious Honor
06/02/2008Blog Question of the Week: How far do you live from where you work or play? Why?
05/27/2008Blog Question of the Week: Why are you or aren't you buying green power?
05/20/2008EPA report on environment highlights national and regional trends
05/20/2008EPA’s 2008 Report on the Environment
A Key Resource for the American People on the Environment
05/19/2008Blog Question of the Week: Why Do You Seek Shade or Sun?
05/16/2008EPA Engages Chinese Students on Improving Health and Environment in Their Homeland
05/16/20082008 Report on the Environment Press Conference
05/15/2008EPA 2008 Science Forum Presents Innovative Environmental Technologies
05/14/2008New EPA Report Shows Environmental Achievements of Performance Track
05/14/2008Blog Question of the Week: Why Are You or Aren't You Biking to Work?
05/13/2008EPA and Partners Kick Off Green Building Design Challenge; Contest to reward reuse designs that save resources, costs
05/08/2008Arkansas small business gets $224,000 from EPA to develop ‘green’ lighting
05/08/2008EPA Advisory Committee Releases Environmental Technology Commercialization Report
05/07/2008Drexel University wins EPA future technologies award
05/05/2008Small Businesses Tackle Big Environmental Issues

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