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02/09/2016EPA's FY 2017 Budget Request Increases Support for Communities to Deliver Core Environmental and Health Protection
02/09/2016TODAY: EPA Media Call on President Obama’s Proposed EPA Budget for FY17
02/04/2016EPA’s Early Sampling Results Confirm Lead-Removal Filters are Working as Expected
02/01/2016EPA Reminds Flint Residents to Take Steps to Reduce Potential Lead Contamination

Hotline Established for Residents
01/30/2016EPA Updates Flint Response Website with Interactive Map, Chlorine Sampling Results
01/29/2016EPA Flint Drinking Water Response Activities - Update 1/29/16
01/28/2016EPA Flint Drinking Water Response Activities - Update 1/28/16
01/27/2016EPA Flint Drinking Water Response Activities - Update 1/27/16
01/26/2016EPA Flint Drinking Water Response Activities - Update 1/26/16
01/22/2016EPA Urges Caution with Flood Renovation Activities Involving Lead Paint
01/06/2016Nominations Open for EPA’s Annual Environmental Merit Awards in New England - Due by Feb. 12
11/18/2015EPA Continues Work in Minden, La.
10/28/2015Valley and Butte Fire Response Update 10/28/15
U.S. EPA responds to Indianapolis Barn Fire
10/01/2015Unified Grocers settles EPA claims for delayed reporting of ammonia release, risk management, and emergency planning violations
10/01/2015A-1 Petroleum in Washington settles with EPA to resolve spill prevention planning violations, protect local waters
10/01/2015EPA, Delaware City Refining Company Settle Environmental Violations
09/30/2015Nineteen Emergency Planning and Emergency Response Agencies Honored For Their Work in Reducing Chemical Risk
09/29/2015EPA Settlement Ensures that Ludlow, Mass. Water is Better Protected from Oil Spills
09/17/2015EPA Seeks Input on Draft Monitoring Plan Following Gold King Mine Release
09/16/2015ADVISORY: EPA Administrator McCarthy Testifying Today Before Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
09/15/2015EPA Updates Gold King Mine Response Website with Sampling Results, Documents
08/31/2015EPA Update on Gold King Mine Response: Additional Data Results and Public Records
08/28/2015EPA Update on Gold King Mine Response: Navajo Nation, Additional Data, Public Records
08/27/2015EPA Releases Additional Data and Public Records on Gold King Mine Response
08/26/2015EPA Releases Internal Report on Gold King Mine Response
08/26/2015EPA Update on Gold King Mine
08/19/2015EPA Data Shows Water Quality in San Juan River in the Navajo Nation Back to Pre-Event Levels
08/16/2015EPA Update on Gold King Mine Response Efforts for August 16, 2015
08/15/2015U.S. EPA Update on Gold King Mine Response Efforts for August 15, 2015
08/15/2015U.S. EPA Statement on San Juan River Data from Gold King Mine Release
08/15/2015EPA Update on Gold King Mine Response Efforts for August 15, 2015
08/14/20153 PM MTN: EPA Daily Media Call on Gold King Mine Response
08/13/2015EPA Statement on Data from New Mexico to Navajo Nation from Gold King Mine Release
08/13/201511:20 AM MDT TODAY: EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Holding Media Availability in Farmington, NM
08/12/2015Statement, Photos and Audio from EPA Administrator in Durango, CO
08/12/2015EPA Statement on Colorado data from Gold King Mine Release
08/12/2015Statement from EPA Administrator to Regional Administrators RE: ongoing field work at mines
08/10/2015Gold King Mine Release Update-August 10
08/08/2015Gold King Mine Release – New Mexico Response Activities
07/30/2015Under EPA Settlement, Chicopee, Mass. Cold Storage Warehouse Company Improves Public Protections
06/02/2015U.S. Finalizes Settlement with Georgia-Based Millard Refrigerated Services over Ammonia Release that Sickened Workers Responding to BP Oil Spill
05/27/2015United States issues cleanup order to owner of ruptured Refugio Beach oil pipeline
05/22/2015EPA Agreement with Citgo Will Improve Safety and Emergency Response in Corpus Christi, TX
05/11/2015EPA Launches New Portal to Help Communities Improve Environmental Quality and Public Health
04/20/2015Mercury incident at Banks, Oregon home requires EPA emergency cleanup
04/06/2015Mercury incident at Yakima home requires EPA emergency cleanup
03/26/2015NEWS ADVISORY: EPA Issues Pesticides Warning in Caribbean; Methyl Bromide Suspected of Making Four People Ill on St. John, U.S. VI
03/17/2015EPA and Dominion Cove Point Settle Violations at Natural Gas Distribution Facility in Maryland
03/10/2015TOMORROW: Dialogue Committee to Discuss Camp Minden Alternatives
03/06/2015U.S. Responds to Galena Train Derailment
03/06/2015CSX Agrees to EPA Order for Clean-up of Areas Impacted by West Virginia Train Derailment
02/27/2015EPA Orders CSX to Clean up Areas Impacted
by West Virginia Train Derailment
02/12/2015EPA News Advisory: ASIG Sand Island Hawaii Fuel Spill Response Update 2/12/15
02/11/2015TOMORROW: Dialogue Committee to Discuss Camp Minden Alternatives
02/09/2015EPA News Advisory: ASIG Sand Island Hawaii Fuel Spill Response Update 2/9/15
02/06/2015EPA News Advisory: ASIG Sand Island Hawaii Fuel Spill Response Update 2/6/15
02/02/2015EPA News Advisory: ASIG Sand Island Hawaii Fuel Spill Response Update 2/2/15
01/30/2015EPA leads effort to contain jet fuel spill on Sand Island
01/13/2015EPA Proposal Strengthens Nation’s Preparedness Level and Response to Oil Spills
01/08/2015EPA settles with Gly-Tek, Inc. (Idaho) for delayed sulfuric acid spill reporting
01/06/2015Inhance Technologies LLC to Spend $239,000 to Settle Clean Air, Emergency Planning Violations in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri
12/08/2014North Slope fuel distributor violated oil spill prevention and response safety rules
12/04/2014EPA Settlement Requires Biddeford, Maine Company to Buy Emergency Response Equipment for Local Fire Department
10/30/2014Under Settlement, City of Derby, Conn. Will Pay $675,000 for Cleanup Costs at O’Sullivan’s Island Site
10/01/2014EPA Provides $340 Million to New York to Make Sewage Treatment Plants and Drinking Water Systems Damaged by Sandy More Resilient
10/01/2014EPA Provides $229 Million to New Jersey to Make Sewage Treatment Plants and Drinking Water Systems Damaged by Sandy More Resilient
09/16/2014EPA Adds Pierson’s Creek Site in Newark, NJ to the Federal Superfund List Due to High Levels of Mercury
08/19/2014U.S. EPA Serving as On-Scene Coordinator in Emergency Response to Ohio River Oil Spill
07/30/2014Settlement Nets $5.7 Million for Cleanup Costs at A.C. Lawrence Superfund Site in S. Paris, Maine
07/24/2014EPA Seeks Comments on Potential Revisions to its Risk Management Program
07/10/2014U. S., Mexico Conduct Joint Emergency Response Exercise
06/24/2014Lakeville, Mass. Refrigerated Warehouses Improve Public Safety Practices under EPA Settlement
06/11/2014EPA requires Hawaii Gas to protect workers, local community from risk of chemical releases
06/06/2014EPA to Temporarily Relocate 3 Families Affected by Elevated TCE Levels near Former CTS Site
06/06/2014A Shared Commitment: Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security
05/27/2014EPA Moves to Improve Emergency Planning at Facilities in NJ and NY; Inspections Focus on Information on Chemical Hazards Needed by First Responders during Emergency Responses
05/12/2014EPA, Spectra Energy to conduct oil spill drill in Casper, Wyoming on May 14
05/01/2014EPA Put Out Smoldering Tire Fire at Penuelas, Puerto Rico Site; EPA Spends $400,000 to Eliminate This Air Pollution Threat
04/30/2014EPA Region 7 to Conduct Removal Action and Radiological Assessment at Beta Chem Lab Facility in Lenexa, Kan.
04/30/2014EPA Encourages the Public to Comment on Plan for the Cinnaminson Ground Water Contamination Superfund Site in Cinnaminson and Delran, New Jersey
04/17/2014EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Establish Interagency Agreement for Work on West Lake Landfill’s Isolation Barrier
04/16/2014EPA Stops New Jersey Company from Selling Illegal Pesticides; Protects Public from Health Risks
04/08/2014EPA Reaches Agreement with Two Companies Requiring the Cleanup of Asbestos at a School and Head Start Facility in Penuelas, Puerto Rico
03/31/2014Three Companies to Repay EPA for Costs of Cleaning Up Contaminated Site in Clifton, New Jersey; Successful Cleanup of Leaking Drums Protecting Health and Safety of Community
03/25/2014Five Washington companies comply with chemical emergency planning laws
03/21/2014EPA Regional Administrator Brooks Responds to Missouri Attorney General Koster on West Lake Landfill Site
03/18/2014EPA Requires Five New England Companies to Better Manage Hazardous Chemicals to Protect Community
02/18/2014EPA Region 7 Provides Additional $2.5M to Joplin, Mo., to Continue Post-Tornado Residential Yard Remediation Work
02/12/2014U.S. EPA and its Federal Partners Advance Decontamination Techniques/Researchers clean up buildings to practice real world techniques of large-scale decontamination
02/03/2014Nominations for EPA New England’s Annual Environmental Merit Awards - Deadline is Feb. 21, 2014
01/16/2014Camano Island (WA) Chlorine Release Safely Resolved
12/16/2013EPA and FEMA Partner to Strengthen Vermont Communities’ Flood Response and Preparation
12/11/2013EPA Announces Dec. 17 Public Availability Session in York, Neb., to Discuss Groundwater Contamination Issues
12/11/2013EPA Proposes Pair of Groundwater Contamination Sites in York, Neb., for Addition to Superfund’s National Priorities List
12/11/2013EPA Proposes to Add the Unimatic Manufacturing Corporation site in Fairfield, NJ to the Superfund List; Soil, Water and Building Contaminated with PCBs
12/11/2013EPA Proposes to Add Radioactive Site in Ridgewood, Queens to the Federal Superfund List; Defunct Company Dumped Radioactive Waste into Sewer System and on the Land
11/25/2013Supplier for Embalming Chemicals Takes Action to Improve Safety at Facilities under Settlement
11/08/2013New England Leaders Convene to Help Communities Prepare for Climate Change Challenges

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