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10/09/2015Companies Pay Penalty for Failure to Follow Hazardous Waste Protective Measures
10/08/2015EPA Inspection Reveals Violations of Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule for Envirotech, Inc. in St. Louis, Mo.
10/08/2015U.S. EPA holds trucking company accountable for failure to install emissions controls on its California fleet
10/08/2015Hanover, N.H. Army Lab Fined and Takes Steps to Improve Safety under EPA Settlement
10/08/2015EPA Settlement with New York Electronics Recycler Protects Public from Potential Lead Exposure; ECO International of Vestal Agrees to Properly Dispose of More Than 26 Million Pounds of Hazardous Waste
10/08/2015Thursday: EPA, CARB to Hold Media Call to Announce First-Ever Federal Enforcement Action For Violations of the California Truck and Bus Regulation
10/08/2015Thursday: EPA, CARB to Hold Media Call to Announce First-Ever Federal Enforcement Action For Violations of the California Truck and Bus Regulation
10/07/2015EPA, CARB to Hold Media Call to Announce First-Ever Federal Enforcement Action For Violations of the California Truck and Bus Regulation
10/07/2015EPA Reaches Settlement with Wayne County, Mo., Landowners for Clean Water Act Violations
10/07/2015Lynden, Washington Landowner to Restore Wetlands to Settle Clean Water Act Violation
10/06/2015EPA Inspections Reveal Hazardous Waste Violations at University of Missouri-Kansas City Campus
10/06/2015U.S. EPA cites two Guam bulk fuel companies for chemical safety violations
10/02/2015EPA Enforcement Settlement with Home Renovation Company to Benefit Kansas City, Mo., Youth Education Center
10/01/2015EPA and DuPont Reach Major Settlement After Fatal Chemical Explosion in Tonawanda, N.Y.
10/01/2015Unified Grocers settles EPA claims for delayed reporting of ammonia release, risk management, and emergency planning violations
10/01/2015A-1 Petroleum in Washington settles with EPA to resolve spill prevention planning violations, protect local waters
10/01/2015EPA, Delaware City Refining Company Settle Environmental Violations
10/01/2015Major Fertilizer Producer Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC to Ensure Proper Handling, Storage and Disposal of 60 Billion Pounds of Hazardous Waste / Manufacturer committing close to $2 billion in funding to address environmental impacts from fertilizer production
09/30/2015U.S. EPA settles with East Bay MUD over hazardous waste violations
09/30/2015Tractor Supply Company Agrees to Implement Company-Wide Compliance Program to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations
09/29/2015U.S. EPA Requires Guardian Industries Corp. to Cut Harmful Air Pollution at Glass Manufacturing Plants in Seven States
09/29/2015EPA Settlement Ensures that Ludlow, Mass. Water is Better Protected from Oil Spills
09/29/2015Guardian Industries Corp. to Cut Harmful Air Pollution at Flat Glass Manufacturing Plants in Seven States
09/25/201510:00 AM EDT TODAY: EPA To Provide Update Following Recent Volkswagen Announcement
09/24/2015EPA Finalizes Rule to Modernize Clean Water Act Reporting
09/24/2015EPA Cites FMC Corp. For Violating Federal Pesticide Law
09/24/2015Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority Signs Legal Agreement with EPA and U.S. Department of Justice to Reduce Air Pollution at Two Power Plants
09/23/2015EPA Settlement with Beltsville, Md. Company Improves Oil Spill Prevention and Protects Anacostia River
09/22/2015U.S. EPA requires Cupertino cement company to report toxic chemicals, commit to environmental projects
09/22/2015EPA requires major agricultural chemical dealer to safely manage pesticides
09/21/2015Bayer Cropscience to Enhance Safeguards at Chemical Facilities in Four States to Settle Violations at W.V. Plant
09/21/2015Bayer CropScience to Enhance Safeguards at Chemical Facilities in Four States to Settle Violations at W. Va. Plant
09/18/2015Compliance with environmental laws protects air, land, and water in communities across Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
09/18/2015Federal Penalty for Swampscott Water Pollution
09/18/2015EPA, California Notify Volkswagen of Clean Air Act Violations / Carmaker allegedly used software that circumvents emissions testing for certain air pollutants
09/18/201512:00 PM EST: EPA To Make Announcement Today Regarding Major Automaker
09/15/2015Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority to
Upgrade Sewage Infrastructure; Sewage Pollution in Martín Peña Canal, San Juan Bay, Condado Lagoon, and Atlantic Ocean will be Reduced
09/14/2015Settlement with Current and Former Owners of Chemical Facility in Pleasant Hill, Iowa, to Address Groundwater Contamination
09/14/2015Dunbar Asphalt to Clean up 29-Acre Portion of Sharon Steel Superfund Site, Hermitage, Pa.
09/10/2015Duke Energy Corp. to Reduce Emissions from Power Plants in North Carolina, Fund Environmental Projects
09/09/2015Cargill, Inc., Agrees to Settle Clean Air Act Violations at Vitamin E Manufacturing Facility in Eddyville, Iowa
09/09/2015 U.S. EPA settlement prompts firm to develop hazardous waste training program for metal finishing industry
09/03/2015Repsol Exploration and Production USA Inc. settles with EPA for Clean Water Act violations at North Slope Alaska Spill
09/01/2015U.S. EPA orders companies in Visalia, Calif., to protect Mill Creek from polluted wastewater
08/27/2015MEDIA ADVISORY: Public comments and FAQ for proposed agreement on Red Hill Fuel Tanks posted to EPA and DOH websites
08/27/2015City of Jerome, Idaho Settles Wastewater Permit Violations with EPA
08/27/2015Two Northwest companies settle with the EPA for hazardous chemical release reporting violations
08/26/2015Under Settlement Bangor, Maine Takes Additional Action to Address Wastewater and Stormwater Discharges
08/25/2015Zippo Manufacturing settles hazardous waste violations at Bradford, Pa. plant
08/24/2015U. S. EPA settlement requires Salinas, Calif. Realty company to remove lead-based paint
08/20/2015Demolition to Begin Aug. 24 at Carter Carburetor Superfund Site
08/19/2015EPA Reaches Settlement with the Iowa Fertilizer Company and Orascom E and C USA for Clean Water Act Violations
08/19/2015Settlement Requires Milford, Mass. Glass Manufacturer to Improve Stormwater Treatment
08/19/2015Agreement Ensures Groundwater Study at No. Smithfield, R.I. Superfund Site
08/18/2015EPA Reaches Settlement with Coastal Energy of Willow Springs, Mo., for Clean Water Act, Emergency Planning Violations
08/17/2015Delaware County Regional Water Utility to Reduce Sewage Discharges to Delaware River and Local Creeks
08/17/2015Pennsylvania Water Utility to Reduce Sewage Discharges to Delaware River and Local Creeks
08/13/2015Teck agrees to clean up 15 lead-contaminated properties in Northport, Washington
08/07/2015EPA Inspectors to Focus on Lead Paint Safety in St. Louis
08/06/2015Arch Coal Subsidiaries to Make System-Wide Upgrades to Reduce Pollution Entering U.S. Waters
08/05/2015U.S EPA requires California companies to improve oil spill prevention plans
08/05/2015Connecticut Company Settles with EPA for Chemical Reporting Lapses at Manchester N.H. Facility
07/31/2015U.S. EPA settles with Caltrans and general contractor for polluting Shasta Lake
07/30/2015North Slope Borough Settles With EPA for Hazardous Waste Violations
07/30/2015Under EPA Settlement, Chicopee, Mass. Cold Storage Warehouse Company Improves Public Protections
07/29/2015Idaho Transportation Department fails to perform advance asbestos inspection, report contaminated building demolition, in Priest River, ID
07/22/2015TRI Reporting Failures from No. Canaan, Conn. Companies Nets Emergency Response Equipment for Local Fire Departments under EPA Settlement
07/21/2015Railway Company Settles Clean Water Act Violations in Maine and Mass.
07/21/2015Hartford, Conn. Property Management Companies Settle with EPA for Lead Paint Disclosure Lapses
07/18/2015New Grading System for Mystic River Watershed Gives Public Better Localized Information
07/16/2015EPA Inspections Reveal Clean Air Act Violations at Wilbur-Ellis Company Facilities in White Cloud, Troy and Silver Lake, Kan.
07/15/2015Cottonwood Creek, Inc. to pay $170,000 for Clean Water Act violations at oil pumping facility in Big Horn County, Wyoming
07/15/2015Settlement Ensures Compliance from Beverly, Mass. Pesticide Company
07/15/2015Settlement with Interstate Power and Light to Reduce Emissions from Iowa Power Plants, Fund Projects to Benefit Environment and Communities
07/13/2015Four Washington companies resolve violations of federal chemical storage laws
07/01/2015EPA orders City of North Las Vegas to safeguard Las Vegas Wash from potential water pollution
06/25/2015Modifications to Settlement with Alabama Power Company Will Reduce Harmful Air Pollution
06/24/2015U.S. requires Arizona and New Mexico plant owners to reduce emissions at Four Corners Power Plant on Navajo Nation
06/24/2015FRIDAY: EPA Administrator on Bill Maher Show to Discuss Climate Action Plan
06/24/2015U.S. Requires Arizona and New Mexico Plant Owners to Reduce Emissions at Navajo Nation Four Corners Power Plant
06/16/2015Biodiesel Fuel Company Owner Pleads Guilty to Fraud and Clean Air Act Crimes Connected to Renewable Fuels Scheme /
Philip J. Rivkin faces more than 10 years imprisonment and $51 million in restitution
06/16/2015EPA Investigation Finds Union Pacific Railroad Facility Violated Permit Discharge Limits to Joachim Creek
06/11/2015EPA Inspection Reveals Violations of Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule for Kansas City, Kan., Company
06/11/2015Owner, operator of Boonsboro, Md. industrial shop settle with EPA to resolve hazardous waste violations
06/10/2015EPA, Department of Justice and Clearwater Paper Corporation settle Clean Air Act violations in Lewiston, Idaho, protecting local air quality
06/10/2015EPA Releases EJSCREEN, An Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool
06/02/2015U.S. Finalizes Settlement with Georgia-Based Millard Refrigerated Services over Ammonia Release that Sickened Workers Responding to BP Oil Spill
06/01/2015EPA, Department of Justice, and Hecla Limited settle Clean Water Act violations, reduce pollution bound for South Fork Coeur d’Alene River
06/01/2015EPA and State of Hawaii negotiate historic settlement with U.S. Navy to upgrade Red Hill storage tanks
05/29/2015New Jersey Developer to Pay Civil Penalty for Stormwater Violations and Preserve Wetlands; Garden Homes Will Pay $225,000 Penalty and Preserve 108 Acres of Land in New Jersey’s Highlands Preservation Area
05/29/2015On 20th Anniversary of Effort, EPA Gives Charles River a B+ and Publishes Live Water Quality Data
05/28/2015Universal Pressure Pumping Inc. Ordered to Comply with Environmental Laws and Protect Public Health
05/27/2015Compliance with environmental laws protects air, land, and water in communities across Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
05/27/2015United States issues cleanup order to owner of ruptured Refugio Beach oil pipeline
05/27/2015Puerto Rico Developer to Pay $500,000 Penalty to Address Clean Water Act Violations
05/26/2015EPA and DOE K Basin settlement spurs Hanford Cleanup
05/26/2015Company Provides Emergency Response Equipment for Fall River, Mass. following EPA Enforcement
05/22/2015EPA Agreement with Citgo Will Improve Safety and Emergency Response in Corpus Christi, TX
05/21/2015City of Granby, Mo., Agrees to Three-Year Deadline to Settle Clean Water Act Violations at Wastewater Treatment Facility
05/20/2015Claremont, N.H. Auto Dealer Settles with EPA for Oil Spill

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