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02/28/2012EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, Testimony Before the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittees on Energy and Power, Environment and the Economy
02/13/2012EPA’s FY 2013 Budget Proposal Focuses on Core Environmental and Human Health Protections / EPA budget supports President Obama’s vision of an America that is built to last
01/23/2012EPA Environmental Justice Grant to Help Farm Workers Reduce Pesticide Risks
01/20/2012EPA Regions 7 and 8 Meet State Agriculture Directors in Kansas City, Kan.
01/17/2012Administrator Jackson, Secretary Vilsack Sign Historic Agreement With State of Minnesota to Help Farmers Protect Rivers, Streams and Lakes
11/21/2011Douglas Products and Packaging of Liberty, Mo., to Pay $6,237 Civil Penalty for Failure to File Notice of Imported Pesticide
11/17/2011November 2011 SPCC Compliance Deadline Extended to May 2013 for Agricultural Facilities; EPA Providing Compliance Assistance to Farms for SPCC Rule
11/16/2011Ag Processing Inc to Pay $96,588 Penalty for Failure to Develop Facility Response Plan for Operations in Mason City, Iowa
11/16/2011We Can’t Wait: Obama Administration Proposes Historic Fuel Economy Standards to Reduce Dependence on Oil, Save Consumers Money at the Pump/ Next phase in national program for light-duty vehicles will save consumers thousands of dollars at the pump while saving billions of barrels of oil, curbing pollution, enabling long-term planning for automakers
11/16/2011USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan and EPA Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe to Visit North Carolina, Discuss Obama Administration’s Efforts to Strengthen the Rural Economy
11/09/2011Oregon pesticide vendors violated laws aimed at protecting consumers from mishandling products
11/07/2011EPA Region 7 to Participate at National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk Event, Nov. 10 in Kansas City, Mo.
11/03/2011EPA’s WaterSense Program to Label Innovative Watering Technology/Weather-based irrigation controllers can help save 110 billion gallons of water and $410 million per year on utility bills
10/17/2011Tillamook Dairy Owner to Preserve Hoquarten Slough Wetlands
10/12/2011America’s Great Outdoors Progress Report Shows Conservation, Recreation Gains and Economic Benefits
08/22/2011NEDAK Ethanol to Pay $3,600 Penalty, Purchase Radios, Install Leak Sensors, for Failure to Develop Risk Management Plan
08/22/2011EPA Issues Compliance Orders to Six Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska
08/09/2011Grant of $30,000 to Help Anhydrous Ammonia Facilities in Iowa Comply with Regulations
08/09/2011Grant of $30,000 to Help Chemical Facilities in Missouri Comply with Regulations
08/08/2011EPA and USDA Create a Partnership to Improve Drinking Water Systems and Develop Workforce in Rural Communities
08/03/2011EPA Administrator Jackson Travels to Lititz, Pa., Visits with Farmers and Local Leaders/Administrator Jackson highlights conservation efforts
06/09/2011Obama Administration Establishes White House Rural Council to Strengthen Rural Communities
05/26/2011EPA’s Limited Sampling Indicates Bacteria in Floodwaters at Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway in Southeast Missouri
05/26/2011Beef Feedlot in Underwood, Iowa, to Pay $20,000 Civil Penalty to Settle Discharge Violations Affecting Mosquito Creek
05/24/2011EPA to Conduct Limited Floodwater Sampling at the Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway
05/16/2011EPA Issues Compliance Orders to Seven Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska
05/09/2011EPA proposes pesticide applicator certification plan for Indian Country in Region 8
04/21/2011EPA Marks Earth Day with Events Across the Country
04/19/2011EPA Administrator Jackson and Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Meet with Farmers, Ranchers, and Renewable Energy Leaders in Iowa
04/19/2011Terra Industries, Inc., to Pay $625,000 Civil Penalty for Air Violations at Acid Plants in Iowa, Mississippi and Oklahoma
04/18/2011EPA Administrator and Agriculture Secretary Vilsack to Travel to Iowa April 19 for Meetings with Farmers and Renewable Energy Leaders
04/12/2011EPA Updates SPCC Regulation to Exclude Milk and Milk Products / Updated rule in keeping with president’s executive order on regulatory reform
04/12/2011APRIL 16-17: Join EPA for Earth Day on the National Mall
03/21/2011TOMORROW: EPA Administrator to Travel to California for Meetings with Agriculture, Business Leaders
03/09/2011TOMORROW: EPA Administrator to Testify Before House Committee on Agriculture
03/09/2011City of Farmington, Mo., to Pay $61,566 Civil Penalty for Issues Related to Sewage Sludge Applications, Ammonia Discharges
03/01/2011Albaugh, Inc., to Pay $64,804 Civil Penalty for Hazardous Waste, Risk Management Program Violations at St. Joseph, Mo.
02/22/2011Southeast Missouri Farm Supply Retailer to Pay $54,922 Civil Penalty for Chemical Risk Management Program Violations
02/14/2011EPA’s FY 2012 Budget Proposal Reflects Tough Choices Needed for the Nation’s Fiscal Health
01/21/2011EPA Region 7 and 8 Host Meeting with State Agriculture Directors in Denver
01/13/2011Josh Svaty Selected as Senior Adviser to EPA’s Region 7 Administrator Karl Brooks
01/13/2011Emissions Data from Animal Feeding Operations Study Now Available / EPA also solicits additional information to further understand emissions
12/30/2010Beef Feedlot in Sioux County, Iowa, to Pay $30,000 Civil Penalty for Unpermitted Wastewater Discharges into Otter Creek
12/02/2010EPA Marks 40th Anniversary
11/16/2010Owner of Livestock Feedlot in Plymouth County, Iowa, to Pay $5,850 Penalty for Violating Terms of Discharge Permit
11/09/2010EPA Region 7 to Participate at National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk Event, Nov. 11 in Kansas City, Mo.
10/13/2010TODAY: EPA to Hold Press Conference Call on Ethanol
10/04/2010North Carolina Producer and Wisconsin Distributor to Pay Civil Penalties for Selling Misbranded Lawn Herbicide-Fertilizer
10/04/2010EPA Observes Children’s Health Month/President proclaims Oct. 4 as Children Health Day
09/30/2010EPA Administrator Addresses Farm, Ranch, and Rural Communities Federal Advisory Committee / Agency announces new committee members
09/02/2010Kahoka, Mo., Landowners and Two Businesses Ordered to Halt Hazardous Waste Pollution at Chemical Processing Site
08/30/2010Wayne County, Neb., Landowner and Excavation Contractor to Pay $30,000 Civil Penalty for Building Unauthorized Dam
08/23/2010Western Sugar Cooperative to Pay $56,736 Penalty and Upgrade Plant to Settle Clean Water Act Issues at Scottsbluff, Neb.
08/12/2010EPA Region 7 Administrator Karl Brooks Available to Conduct Interviews at Iowa State Fair
08/12/2010Eight Beef Feedlots in Northwest Iowa Face Enforcement Actions as EPA Emphasizes Compliance with Clean Water Act
08/11/2010Owner of Fertilizer and Feed Supplement Maker in Fairbury, Neb., to Pay $30,000 Penalty for Violations of Clean Water Act
08/03/2010Nampa Dairy Operator fined nearly $15,000 for storm water violations
07/30/2010Order Issued to HPI Products, Inc., of St. Joseph, Mo., to Stop Sale and Distribution of Tainted Warthog 2 EC Herbicide
07/27/2010Grant of $70,000 to Help Anhydrous Ammonia Facilities in Iowa Comply with Regulations
07/26/2010EPA Releases Rulemaking Guidance on Environmental Justice
07/13/2010Mississippi Company to Pay $4,082 Civil Penalty for Aerial Pesticide Application Drift to Public Trail in Decorah, Iowa
07/08/2010EPA Fines Monsanto for Distributing Misbranded Genetically Engineered Pesticide
06/18/2010EPA Seeks Public Comment on Strategic Plan to Move Forward on Agency Priorities: Draft plan will help advance Administrator Jackson’s seven priorities
06/15/2010Wood Creek Livestock Company feedlot receives EPA Compliance Order to stop polluting Snake River tributary
06/09/2010Three Beef Feedlots in Iowa Face Civil Enforcement Actions as EPA Continues Emphasis on Compliance with Clean Water Act
06/04/2010Kansas City Pesticide Manufacturer to Pay $6,000 Civil Penalty for Importing Misbranded Pesticide from Argentina
06/03/2010EPA Announces New Members of Agricultural Advisory Committee
06/02/2010EPA Proposes New Permit Requirements for Pesticide Discharges: Action would reduce amount of pesticides discharged and protect America’s waters
05/24/2010Civil Enforcement Actions Taken against Beef Feedlots in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska for Violations of Clean Water Act
05/05/2010Iowa Agrichemical Company to Pay $27,360 Civil Penalty for Alleged Importation of Misbranded Pesticide from Argentina
05/03/2010EPA Administrator and Agriculture Secretary Team Up to Promote Farm Energy Generation
Agreement will help cut greenhouse gas emissions
04/30/2010Administrator Jackson Tours Areas Potentially Impacted by BP Spill
04/30/2010EPA Establishes Web site on BP Oil Spill / EPA launches site to inform the public about health, environmental impacts of spill
04/26/2010EPA completes second round of groundwater sampling in Lower Yakima Valley
04/22/2010April 24 and 25: EPA Celebrates 40th Earth Day with Events on the National Mall
03/29/2010U.S. EPA Recognizes Pesticide Reduction Grant Recipients
03/22/2010Northwest Iowa Dairy Operation to Pay $26,288 Civil Penalty for Discharge of Animal Waste Without Proper Permit
02/01/2010EPA’s Budget Proposal Seeks Efficiencies, Increased Environmental Protection: Budget proposal aligned with Administrator Jackson’s key priorities
02/01/2010TODAY: Press Conference Call with Administrator Jackson to Discuss EPA’s FY 2011 Budget
11/23/2009EPA to Renew Charter of Agriculture Advisory Committee
11/18/2009EPA To Hold Public Meeting Regarding Perflourochemical Contamination Near Decatur, Ala.
11/17/2009Feedlot in Sioux County, Iowa, Agrees to Pay $25,000 Penalty for Alleged Waste Discharges into West Branch of Floyd River
11/06/2009EPA Region 7 to Participate at National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk Event
11/05/2009Grant of $75,000 to Help Anhydrous Ammonia Facilities in Missouri Comply with Regulations
10/08/2009University of Nebraska-Lincoln Receives Grant to Develop Urban Food Cooperative
09/16/2009EPA Awards Over $82,000 to Oklahoma State University
07/01/2009Federal and State Agencies to Continue Investigation of Tannery Sludge Distribution to Northwest Missouri Farms
06/30/2009Federal and State Agencies to Discuss Investigation of Tannery Sludge Distribution to Northwest Missouri Farms
06/01/2009Reissue: EPA To Hold Public Information Meeting Regarding Perfluorochemical Contamination Near Decatur, Ala.
05/28/2009EPA To Hold Public Information Meeting Regarding Perflourochemical Contamination Near Decatur, Ala.
05/27/2009Growers Reminded to Apply Pesticides Properly
05/07/2009EPA Budget Aims to Create Jobs, Protect Human Health and the Environment
05/06/2009Media Advisory: Conference Call with Administrator Jackson to Discuss EPA’s First Budget under New Administration
04/22/2009EPA Invites the Public to “Pick 5 for the Environment”
04/21/2009Wednesday, April 22: EPA to Hold Earth Day Festival and Open House at Headquarters
04/06/2009EPA Recognizes Facility in Missouri that Demonstrates Exceptional Energy Savings and Emission Reductions
04/01/2009Large California Grower Illegally Expands Orchard Seven Acres Into Fresno River/Patrick Ricchiuti could face U.S. EPA fines of $37,500 per day for federal violations
03/31/2009Iowa State University Gets $600K in Grants to Improve Gulf of Mexico
03/26/2009Illegal Construction Activities in Dutchess County Net EPA Fines for Two Companies
03/25/2009EPA Seeks Comment on CAFO Permit

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