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2007 News Releases


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11/15/2007U.S. EPA announces California
environmental enforcement accomplishments for 2007: Air and water quality, waste cleanup, land revitalization highlight year
11/15/2007EPA announces Hawaii environmental enforcement accomplishments for 2007
Water pollution related cases highlight year
11/15/2007EPA announces Pacific environmental enforcement accomplishments for 2007
Hazardous waste related cases highlight year
11/15/2007Environmental Policing Nets Gains for West Virginia Worth $3.7 Million
11/15/2007Environmental Policing Nets Gains for Pennsylvania Worth $25 Million
11/15/2007Environmental Policing Nets Gains for Maryland Worth $86 Million
11/15/2007Environmental Policing Nets Gains for Virginia
11/15/2007Environmental Policing Nets Gains for District of Columbia
11/15/2007Environmental Policing Nets Gains for Delaware
11/15/2007EPA Continues Success at Hazardous Waste Sites
11/15/2007EPA Enforcement Actions in New York Lead to Environmental Improvements
11/15/2007EPA enforcement drives Pacific Northwest pollution reductions in 2007
11/15/2007EPA Enforcement Actions in Puerto Rico Lead to Environmental Improvements
11/15/2007Polluters Agree to Spend Record $10.6 Billion on Environmental Controls and Cleanup
11/15/2007EPA Enforcement Actions in VI Lead to Environmental Improvements
11/15/2007EPA Enforcement Actions in New Jersey Lead to Environmental Improvements
11/15/2007Record $2 Billion to be Spent on Environmental Controls and Cleanup in the Southeast
11/15/2007Inspections and Environmental Enforcement Cuts Pollution in New England by nearly 13.7 Million Pounds
11/15/2007EPA Seeks Nominations to New Agricultural Advisory Committee
11/15/2007EPA reports end-of-year enforcement results for New Mexico
11/15/2007Seattle's International District to Benefit From Nearly $300,000 Aimed at Reducing Toxic Risks
11/15/2007Enforcement actions improve environment
11/15/2007EPA Region 7 Announces Rollout of Environmental Manual for Ethanol Facilities
11/15/2007Collaboration Will Further Speed U.S. EPA Program’s Efforts to Prioritize Chemicals
11/14/2007Yakima Valley to Benefit from $78,000 CARE Grant Aimed at Reducing Toxic Risks
11/14/2007EPA Awards Environmental Grant in Crete, Nebraska
11/14/2007What Did You Recycle Today?
11/14/2007Note to correspondents: More information on new dioxin hot spot in the Saginaw River
11/14/2007Environmentally Sensitive Developments Achieve EPA Recognition in Vermont and Mass.
11/14/2007EPA Partners Improve the Environment and Their Balance Sheets
11/14/2007EPA Awards Over $100,000 to the Comanche Nation to Develop Environmental Protection Program
11/14/2007EPA Awards Over $100,000 to the Apache Tribe to Develop Environmental Protection Program
11/14/2007Environmental Education Grants are now Available
11/14/2007States and Cities Get Smarter About Smart Growth -
Manhattan, Seattle, Plus Oregon, Vermont, Massachusetts Communities Praised for Environmentally Sensitive Development
11/14/2007EPA Order: Begin Cleanup on Remaining Stretch of Fox River
11/14/2007EPA awards $40,000 grant to Detroit Health Department for asthma program
11/13/2007Philly Area Gas Stations Settle Clean Air Cases with EPA
11/13/2007Highest dioxin level found in Saginaw River: EPA, MDEQ and Dow at work on emergency cleanup
11/13/2007C.A.R.E. grant to help Spokane County residents reduce toxic risks in their neighborhoods
11/13/2007EPA Awards Over $100,000 to the Pueblo of Santa Clara to Develop Environmental Protection Program
11/13/2007EPA Awards $75,000 to the City of Brownsville for the U.S./Mexico Used Tire Mitigation Program
11/13/2007Utility Energy Efficiency Vision Can Save Billions of Dollars While Fighting Climate Change
11/13/2007Administrative Law Judge Rules that York County Landlord Violated Lead Disclosure Rule
11/13/2007EPA Administrator to Speak on Recycling
11/09/2007Public Meetings Scheduled On Long Island Sound Dredged Material Management Plan
11/09/2007EPA notifies Dow of clean-air and hazardous waste violations
11/09/2007Heidelberg College students receive 'green' design grant from EPA
11/09/2007EPA reaches agreement with Celanese on clean-air violations
11/09/2007EPA Awards Over $100,000 to the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes to Develop Environmental Protection Programs
11/09/2007EPA Awards Over $400,000 to the Central Regional Air Planning Association
11/08/2007EPA Pacific Southwest Region awards over $400,000 in pollution prevention grants to state agencies in California, Arizona and Nevada
11/08/2007EPA hearing on draft U.S. Steel Permit set for Dec. 11 in Gary
11/08/2007 US EPA resolves Clean Air Act violations with 26 central California hazardous chemical handlers
11/08/2007EPA Booth Planned for NAFB Trade Talk Event
11/08/2007EPA to hold informational session on ASARCO cleanup
11/08/2007EPA Awards $75,000 to UT Austin to Evaluate Used Oil Management
11/08/2007EPA and the Marine Corps provide sampling results of ABC One Hour Cleaners/Tarawa Terrace in Jacksonville, Onslow County, N.C.
11/08/2007Building a Sustainable America – One Community at a Time
11/08/2007EPA terminates agreement to design cleanup of Waukegan Harbor
11/07/2007McAninch Corp. Partners with Blue Skyways Collaborative to Clear Kansas City's Air
11/07/2007Nine Facilities in the Southeast Commit to Environmental Improvements Beyond Regulatory Requirements
11/07/2007Dr. Patrick M. Burchfield of Brownsville, Texas Receives GULF GUARDIAN AWARD
11/07/2007 U.S. EPA settles with county of San Bernardino for $11 million for Newmark Superfund site cleanup
11/07/2007CORRECTED - EPA awards grant to American Lung Association of Indiana for community environmental health initiative
11/07/2007The BUG (Beneficial Uses Group) Receives GULF GUARDIAN AWARD
11/07/2007Gaye S. Farris of Lafayette, Louisiana Receives GULF GUARDIAN AWARD
11/07/2007East Bay Wetland and Water Quality Protection Project Receives GULF GUARDIAN AWARD
11/07/2007The Louisiana Beach Monitoring Program Receives GULF GUARDIAN AWARD
11/07/2007Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Receives GULF GUARDIAN AWARD
11/07/2007Valley Proud Environmental Council Receives GULF GUARDIAN AWARD
11/07/2007Four Parties Ordered to Comply with Asbestos Removal Requirements at the John W. McCormack Building in Boston
11/07/2007The Bahia Grande Restoration Project Partners Receive GULF GUARDIAN AWARD
11/07/2007EPA awards grant to American Lung Association of Indiana for community environmental health initiative
11/07/2007EPA Issues Compliance Order to PSC Industrial Outsourcing, Inc. of Houston
11/07/2007EPA grant supports environmental education at Virginia camp
11/06/2007EPA issues complaint to Concorde Garment Manufacturing, Inc., for hazardous waste management violations
11/06/2007EPA and TCEQ sign ‘first in nation’ agreement with Corpus Christi
11/06/2007EPA issues an information request to River Shannon Recycling
11/06/2007Clean up Begins at “Factory H” Site in Meriden, Conn.
11/06/2007Statement from EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson:
11/06/2007New England Businesses and Organizations Step Up Clean Environment Commitments
11/06/2007Next Generation of Energy Star Computers Offers Over $1 Billion in Energy Savings
11/06/2007EPA Takes Steps to Better Protect Farm Workers in Puerto Rico
11/05/2007EPA Grants Bring Environmental Stewardship To New York Educators and Students
11/05/2007EPA update meeting on Dayton vapor investigation Nov. 15, 6 p.m.
11/05/2007New Hampshire Construction Company Faces Fines for Storm Water Violations
11/05/2007U.S. EPA, ADEQ, celebrate Tucson Airport $5.5 million soil and groundwater treatment plant
11/05/2007U.S. EPA opens public comment period for Big West of California refinery project
11/05/2007EPA grant supports W. Va. environmental education
11/05/2007EPA grant supports indoor air education for Philadelphia area daycare facilities
11/05/2007EPA to Hold Hearing on Amendments to Petroleum Refinery Rule,
Give Public Additional Time to Comment
11/05/2007EPA reaches agreement with Magellan Pipeline on clean-air violations
11/05/2007EPA reaches agreement with Azimow and Culbertson on clean-air violations
11/05/2007EPA Announces Completion of Atlas Tack Corporation Superfund Site Cleanup
11/05/2007EPA'S upcoming Small Business and jobs conference aimed at helping veterans
11/02/2007Settlement Reached in Virginia Wetlands Case
11/02/2007EPA Awards Over $800,000 to New Mexico Environment Department for Environmental Projects
11/02/2007EPA Awards $50,000 to the City of McAllen to Update Sister-City Plan
11/01/2007Virginia Companies Commit to Reduce Waste and Chemical Use
11/01/2007Fluor-Hanford and Twin City Metals agree to pay nearly $85,000 to resolve federal PCB violations

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