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Tribal Consultation Opportunities - Scope

The Tribal Consultation Opportunities Tracking System (TCOTS) publicizes upcoming and current EPA consultation opportunities for tribal governments. TCOTS allows users to view and sort information, and to submit comments on a tribal consultation. TCOTS is a key feature of EPA's new Consultation and Coordination Policy with Indian Tribes (PDF) (10 pp, 213K) that was released by Administrator Jackson on May 4, 2011. The goal of TCOTS is to provide early notification and transparency on EPA consultations with tribal governments.

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TopicSorted ascending, can be sorted descendingLead Office Can be sorted ascending or descendingContact Can be sorted ascending or descendingStart Can be sorted ascending or descendingNotificationDocumentationComments

Development of 2013-2017 Plan for Abandoned Uranium Mine Clean-ups on the Navajo Nation
Region 9Nicole Moutoux
http://tcots.epa.gov/oita/tconsultation.nsf/ByUNID/89151B5F1015FF8585257CA9007314C7/$File/navajo+5+year+report+letter+to+President+Shelly.pdf?OpenElementNotification Letter (PDF)
( pp, 137.3 K)
Navajo Uranium 5-year PlanSummary Report/Consultation (1 pp, 137.3 K)
Class Deviation from 40 CFR 35.504, Eligibility of an Intertribal Consortium Under EPA's Indian Environmental General Assistance Program (GAP)OITALuke Jones
Rodges Ankrah
Tribal Consultation Ltr for Proposed Class Deviation from 40 CFR Sec 35_504Notification Letter (PDF)
(2 pp, 529 K)
GAP Consortia Class DeviationConsortia Class Deviation (2 pp, 102 K)http://www.epa.gov/tribal/consultation/comments-classdeviation.htm
FY 2016-2017 National Program Manager (NPM) GuidanceOCFOJessica Snyder
Benita Mahanta
FY 2016-2017 NPM Guidance Tribal Consultation Notification LetterNotification Letter (PDF)
(1 pp, 306 K)
FY 2016-17 NPM Guidance Consultation and Coordination Plan for TribesConsultation and Coordination Plan (1 pp, 82 K)
Overview of NPM Guidance Process and How it Relates to TribesNPM Guidance Process/Relation to Tribes (2 pp, 304 K)
Areas to Consider for Providing Early InputAreas to Consider for Early Input (3 pp, 185 K)
Attachment 1 - Focus of OECA's Request for Early Engagement and Background InformationEarly Engagement Request/Background Info (3 pp, 18 K)
National Primary Drinking Water Regulation: PerchlorateOW

Notification of Consultation and Coordination on a National Primary Drinking Water Regulation (NPDWR) for PerchlorateNotification Letter
(4 pp, )
http://water.epa.gov/drink/contaminants/unregulated/perchlorate.cfmhttp://water.epa.gov/drink/contaminants/unregulated/perchlorate.cfm ( pp, )
Northern Arapaho Implementation of Treatment as a StateRegion 8Alfreda Mitre
Implementation of Treatment as a StateNotification Letter (PDF)
(1 pp, 29 K)
Implementation of Treatment as a StateEPA Response Letter (1 pp, 26.7 K)
Ozone NAAQS Review SAN: #5306OARSusan Stone
Ozone NAAQS Tribal Consultation LetterNotification Letter (PDF)
(2 pp, 234 K)
Overview of Proposal to Update Stnds for Ground Level OzoneFact Sheet (7 pp, 461 K)
Ute Indian Tribe- Consultation on Tribal NSR - Minor Source RuleRegion 8Matthew Langenfeld
Consultation on Tribal NSR - Minor Source RuleNotification Letter (PDF)
(2 pp, 80.8 K)
General Rule for Tribal Minor NSR on the U&O ReservationGeneral Permit Request (2 pp, 61.6 K)
EPA Letter to Chairman HowellEPA letter to Chairman Howell (1 pp, 26 K)
Ute Indian NSR ConsultationTalking Points (2 pp, 48 K)

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