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Agencies(by Agency Name)

Agencies may be displayed in either name or abbreviation order by clicking on the appropriate column header

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Advisory Council on Hist. PreservationACHP
Agency for International DevelopmentUSAID
Agriculture Research ServiceARS
Animal & Plant Health Insp. ServiceAPHIS
Bonneville Power AdministrationBPA
Bureau of Indian AffairsBIA
Bureau of Land ManagementBLM
Bureau of MinesUSBM
Bureau of PrisonsBOP
Bureau of ReclamationBR
Central Intelligence AgencyCIA
Community Dev. Block GrantCDBG
Defense Base Closure & Realign..ComBRAC
Defense Logistics AgencyDLA
Defense Nuclear AgencyDNA
Defense Nuclear Fac. Safety BoardDNFSB
Defense Supply AgencyDSA
Department of AgricultureUSDA
Department of CommerceDOC
Department of DefenseDOD
Department of EnergyDOE
Department of Homeland SecurityDHS
Department of JusticeDOJ
Department of LaborDOL
Department of StateDOS
Department of the InteriorDOI
Department of TransportationDOT
Department of TreasuryTREAS
Department of Veteran AffairsVA
Dept. of Health & Human ServicesHHS
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