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Learning in Action - A Success Story

Burger and Fries, Please Hold the Smoke

Imagine not being able to breathe comfortably at home or go bowling with your friends—all because of the tobacco smoke (or secondhand smoke) in the air from people around you smoking cigarettes, pipes, or cigars.

This is what Mike* faced. He has asthma, and because of tobacco smoke, he couldn’t eat at restaurants or enjoy his favorite hobbies in public places, or even breathe comfortably at home. At each of these places, people smoked and that irritated Mike’s lungs so much, it made it difficult for him to breathe.

Mike then decided to learn more about the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

Using the internet, he discovered the dangers caused by secondhand smoke.

Mike decided to take action. He started a campaign in his community to end secondhand smoke where kids breathe it most.

He began by designing a brochure that kids could bring home to their parents and caregivers telling them about the dangers of secondhand smoke. The brochure included a section where the adult would take a pledge to keep a smoke-free home and/or car.

Mike then made a presentation to his school principal, teachers, and church leaders with the hopes of gaining their support. After hearing Mike’s plan, they were more than willing to pitch in and help spread the word. Working closely with these community leaders, Mike educated his fellow students on the harmful effects of secondhand smoke, and met with others in the community and even the local newspaper.

Now Mike and his friends are breathing easier. But this is just one story of how someone tried to change the world around him. Now read on and think about how you can help, too!

* This is a fictional character…but you can make it real!

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