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Children's Health Protection

Summary of Awards Made Under the Competitive Solicitation known as "Children's Environmental Health Protection State Level Collaboration to Address Childhood Asthma Initiative, Fiscal Year 2003"

State Agency Lead Grant Applicant Award Proposal Synopsis
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality $50,000 Increase the ability of childcare facility administrators and staff to recognize and reduce the environmental triggers for asthma to which children in those care settings are exposed. Develop an effective education, training, and outreach model transferable to all childcare facilities in AZ. Strengthen AZ institutional capacity to integrate CEH principles into child care facility administration and raise public awareness while training staff to alleviate environmental risk exposures.
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare/ Bureau of Community and Environmental Health $48,991 Increase the understanding of the relationship between field burning and asthma and other health effects. Develop and test an integrated health and environmental database that can be used for surveillance, research, and to inform policy decisions, and to conduct a descriptive study to determine the pattern and prevalence of asthma and other respiratory conditions and cardiac events during the agricultural burning season.
Minnesota Department of Health $48,795 See if addressing environmental factors in the home through inexpensive, simple interventions can improve the quality of children’s lives through fewer hospitalizations, fewer ER visits and fewer missed school days. Seek to demonstrate to health plans that cost-saving value of reimbursement for these in-home interventions. Provide families of need the appropriate environmental interventions based on documented allergies and assessment of the home by a Certified Asthma Educator.
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection $50,000 Through education and community outreach the combined resources of state agencies and local institutions can build a sustainable, community based program for maintaining healthy environment for children. The project will incorporate EPA asthma training materials into a Rutgers literacy program for residents of an impoverished neighborhood. Through this program, 2-5 Environmental Health Educators will be trained from the community to teach families how to make their homes more allergen free through workshops, demonstrations, and home assessments.
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services $50,000 Ensure that staff from state and local health, environment, and education agencies provide consistent and coordinated training and technical assistance to address asthma as it relates to indoor environmental factors. Training on proper use of TFS Kit and Home Environmental Checklist. Train the Trainer workshops for local teams who will perform environmental assessments on at least 200 homes, 100 schools, and 200 childcare settings.
Oklahoma Department of Health $50,000 Enhance collaboration of health and environmental agencies by coordination and joint action to reduce environmental asthma factors in homes of children in 73109 zip code area of OK City. Train promotores to increase knowledge and skill on environmental factors and asthma; Conduct home assessments in target area, from assessment data determine high risk homes for intervention; conduct intervention including Smoke-free Home Pledge; Evaluate change in knowledge and skill of promotores and families.
Pennsylvania Department of Health $41,958 Each of the partner organizations will bring the issue of tobacco smoke pollution and indoor and outdoor air quality issues and their effect on children with asthma to its unique constituency using existing educational curricula and newly developed materials. Groups will target daycare facilities, Headstart, and SafeKids Safety Car Seat Checks.
Total $339,744

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