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Children's Health Protection

The Role of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Creating Healthy Learning Environments

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Event Description:
In today's challenging financial climate, the ability to identify and take simple, affordable steps to protect the health of students and staff in our schools has never been more important. This webinar series will outline sensible, low- or no-cost steps that school communities can take to create healthier environments in their buildings. Each webinar will feature school district personnel from across the country presenting their real-life examples and solutions. Join this interactive webinar to 1) discover why IAQ is an essential component of green and healthy schools and healthy learning environments; 2) learn how robust IAQ management plans promote academic achievement; 3) gain in-depth knowledge on how the IAQ Tools for Schools guidance provides simple, low-and no-cost resources, such as the IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit, to create healthy learning environments; and 4) hear examples of how school districts have successfully implemented and institutionalized comprehensive IAQ management programs in their districts.

From 06/18/2013 To 06/18/2013

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