EPA Procurement Forecast Database

Welcome to EPA's Acquisition Forecast Database

As part of EPA's initiative to encourage competition, this database was developed to allow companies to spend more time bidding and less time searching for procurement opportunities. áThe information in the database is based on the best information available at the time of posting and is intended for planning purposes only and does not constitute a commitment by EPA to buy the described supplies and services.

Please note that some records contain the statement of work (SOW) from the current contract. áThis information should not be relied upon for proposal preparation. áContractors are cautioned to prepare their proposal in accordance with the SOW in the solicitation when it is released.

There is a point of contact identified next to each requirement that is familiar with that requirement and can answer any specific questions you may have. For general comments or questions regarding EPA’s Acquisition Forecast Database, please contact: Susan Moroni (moroni.susan@epa.gov).