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Green Fleets Outreach and Awareness Program
Metro Denver

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The proposed Green Fleets Outreach and Awareness Program is an outgrowth of efforts such as the creation of the Diesel Stakeholders Work Group to address on- and off-road emissions. It will encourage voluntary initiatives by fleet operations of both on- and off-road equipment to reduce diesel emissions. The program will launch a collaborative outreach and awareness effort with private and public fleets in the Denver region and recognize fleet operators that undertake voluntary programs to reduce emissions from their fleet of diesel vehicles. Fleet programs will include exemplary maintenance efforts, accelerated vehicle retirement, vehicle retrofits, use of alternative fuels, and restrictions on vehicle idling, all of which will help to reduce diesel emissions in the metro Denver region. Outreach to fleet operators of on- and off-road equipment will be accomplished through development and distribution of written information, workshops and training seminars, one-on-one visits with fleet owners, and an awards banquet.

Regional Air Quality Council website: http://www.raqc.org/who.htm

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