Completed Assessments

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Air Screening Assessment (ASA) for Cook County, IL and Lake County, IN (former names: Chicago Cumulative Risk Initiative (CCRI); Cumulative Risk Initiative (CRI) Cumulative Hazard Assessment for Ambient Air Toxics in Cook County, IL and Lake County, IN)IllinoisCompletedNot Listed
Air Toxic Monitoring (Ponca City) Supplemental ProjectOKCompletedNot Listed
Air Toxics Assessment Refinement in RAPCA'S JurisdictionOhioCompletedNot Listed
Air Toxics Pilot Project-Puerto RicoPuerto RicoCompletedNot Listed
Analysis of Air Toxics Emissions, Exposures, Cancer Risks and Controllability in Five Urban AreasCompletedNot Listed
Arizona Hazardous Air Pollution Research ProgramArizonaCompletedNot Listed
Baltimore Community Environmental Partnership Air Committee Technical Report. Community Risk-Based Air Screening: A Case Study in Baltimore, MDMarylandCompletedNot Listed
Baltimore Traffic StudyMarylandCompletedNot Listed
Calcasieu Parish, LA Air Toxics Monitoring StudyLouisianaCompletedNot Listed
California Regional Air Toxics AssessmentCaliforniaCompletedNot Listed
Chattanooga Air Toxics StudyTennesseeCompletedNot Listed
Children's Environmental Health Protection Monitoring. Community Health Program: Fresno, CACaliforniaCompletedNot Listed
Children's Environmental Health Protection Monitoring. Community Health Program: Fruitvale (Oakland), CACaliforniaCompletedNot Listed
Contra Costa County Air Toxics Exposure StudyCACompletedNot Listed
Corrales Environmental Health Evaluation Community ProcessNew MexicoCompletedNot Listed
Denver's Air Toxics Program: Working on the Local FrontColoradoCompleted10/01/2002
Detroit Air Toxics InitiativeMICompleted10/01/2003
Downtown Bellingham Air Toxics Screening ReportWACompletedNot Listed
Emission Reduction: partnership with Corning and Syracuse China to reduce lead releasesNYCompletedNot Listed
Estimation and Evaluation of Cancer Risks Attributed to Air Pollution in Southeast ChicagoIllinoisCompletedNot Listed
Estimation and Evaluation of Cancer Risks Attributed to Air Pollution in Southwest ChicagoILCompletedNot Listed
Estimation and Evaluation of Cancer Risks from Air Pollution in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan AreaMNCompletedNot Listed
Exposure to Hazardous Air Pollutants in Los AngelesCACompletedNot Listed
Exposure to Hazardous Air Pollutants in the San Franciso Bay AreaCACompletedNot Listed
Gateway Council of Governments Air Toxics/Environmental Justice ProjectCACompletedNot Listed
Green Fleets Outreach and Awareness Program
Metro Denver
COCompletedNot Listed
In the Air - Tools for Learning About Airborne Toxics Across the CurriculumCompletedNot Listed
Indianapolis Public School #21 - Local Air Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction ProjectINCompletedNot Listed
Kanawha Valley Toxics Screening StudyWVCompletedNot Listed
Lawrence Risk-Based Air ScreeningMACompletedNot Listed
Los Angeles International Airport Exposures Studies. Study 1: Air Monitoring Study at Los Angeles International Airport, Study 2: Air Monitoring Study in the Area of Los Angeles International Airport, Study 3: Inglewood Particulate Fallout Study Under and Near the Flight Path to Los Angeles International Airport, Study 4: Los Angeles Superior Court-Airport Courthouse StudyCACompletedNot Listed
Los Angeles School Bus Exposure AssessmentCACompletedNot Listed
Manchester, NH Reconnaissance Project BART 2001New HampshireCompletedNot Listed
Measurement and Source Apportionment of Human Exposures to Toxic Air Pollutants in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan AreaMNCompletedNot Listed
Model City HAP Analysis MemorandumIllinoisCompletedNot Listed
Motor Vehicle-Related Air Toxics StudyCompletedNot Listed
Multiple Air Toxics Exposure Study ICACompletedNot Listed
Multiple Air Toxics Exposure Study IICACompletedNot Listed
New Haven Air Toxics Study and Community Clean Air Initiative, Phase IICTCompletedNot Listed
Newark [Toxic Air] Pollution Prevention Improvement PlanNJCompletedNot Listed
Northwest Portland Door-to-Door SurveyORCompletedNot Listed
Pearl City, Hawaii Air Toxics/Environmental Justice ProjectHawaiiCompletedNot Listed
Ponca City, OK Local Air Toxics AssessmentOKCompletedNot Listed
Port Angeles Health Study - Phases 1 & 2WACompletedNot Listed
Portland, Oregon Air Toxics Assessment (PATA)ORCompletedNot Listed
Protecting Communities from Air Toxics (also known as the Camden Waterfront South Air Toxics Pilot Project)New JerseyCompleted09/01/2002
Puget Sound Air Toxics EvaluationWACompletedNot Listed
Santa Monica Municipal Airport: A Report on the Generation and Downwind Extent of Emissions Generated from Aircraft and Ground Support OperationsCACompletedNot Listed
Staten Island/New Jersey Urban Air Toxics Assessment ProjectNJCompletedNot Listed
Summary of Urban Air Toxics Risk Assessment Screening Studies to Support the Urban Area Source ProgramCaliforniaCompletedNot Listed
Transboundary Air Toxics StudyCanadaCompletedNot Listed
Tri-State Geographic InitiativeKentuckyCompletedNot Listed
Voluntary Air Toxic Reductions at Gas Stations in the Philadelphia AreaDelawareCompletedNot Listed
West Louisville Air Toxics Study (WLATS)KYCompletedNot Listed