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Welcome to the APTI Virtual Classroom

The APTI Virtual Classroom gives you the opportunity to take, on-line, EPA’s Air Pollution Training Institute self-instructional courses at your leisure. EPA established its Air Pollution Training Institute (APTI) over 30 years ago to provide technical air pollution training to environmental professionals in State, tribal, and local governments. Now this premiere technical air pollution training material is available to all with web access.

To better serve you, EPA developed this free training, to benefit those who are new to the profession, for those wanting a refresher and for those that just want to know more about air pollution control.

Below is a list of the courses available in PDF file format. Click on the course you wish to take or the lesson in each course you wish to review. Each course file includes content material, as well as, an on-line test and certificate of mastery. We encourage you to print out the course material and use it to guide your study of each topic. At the end of each course section, we have included review questions to help you gauge your learning. After you have completed the course we encourage you to save the materials as a reference. Also, you need to have the materials accessible to you when you take the on-line test. You may need to reference tables, figures, equations and appendices that are needed to complete the test.

To take the test, you must answer each test question from the pull down menu of choices, and then click on the submit test icon. Test results are given immediately. A 90% mastery is required to receive a certificate; however, you may take the test an unlimited number of times until you are successful. The test questions will vary each time.

SI 100 - Mathematics Review for Air Pollution Control
SI 300 - Introduction to Air Pollution Toxicology
SI 400 - Introduction to Risk Assessment / Risk Management for Hazardous Air Pollutants
SI 409 - Basic Air Pollution Meteorology
SI 410 - Introduction to Dispersion Modeling
SI 412A - Fabric Filter Operation Review
SI 412B - Electrostatic Precipitator Plan Review
SI 412C - Wet Scrubber Plan Review
SI 417 - Controlling VOC Emissions from Leaking Process Equipment
SI 428A - Introduction to Boiler Operation
SI 431 - Air Pollution Control Systems for Selected Industries (1983)
SI 433 - Network Design and Site Selection for Monitoring PM 2.5 and PM 10 in Ambient Air
SI 434 - Introduction to Ambient Air Monitoring
SI 436 - Site Selection for the Monitoring of SO2 and PM10in Ambient Air
SI 445 - Intro to Baseline Source Inspection Techniques
SI 446 - Air Pollution Source Inspection Safety
SI 460 - Introduction to Permitting
SI 471 - General Quality Assurance Considerations for Ambient Air Monitoring
SI 473A - Beginning Environmental Statistical Techniques
SI 476B - Operation & Maintenance of Gas Monitors

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