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SI 476B Course Description
Lesson 01 Types of Emission Monitoring Systems
Lesson 02: Principles of Detecion in Monitoring Systems
Lesson 03: Specific Analytical Methods Used by Analyzers
Lesson 04: Operation of Two Spectroscopic Absorption Analyzers
Lesson 05: Operation of Chemiluminescence Analyzer
Lesson 06: Operation of Electrocatalytic Analyzer
Lesson 07: Operation of General Purpose Analyzers
Lesson 08: Extractive Systems Design
Lesson 09: In-situ Systems Design
Lesson 10: Applications of Systems
Lesson 11: Regulatory Requirements for Gas Emission Monitoring Systems
Lesson 12: Performance Specification Test Procedures
Lesson 13: Requirements of Appendix F
Lesson 14: Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Audit Programs
Lesson 15: Maintenance Procedures - Problems & Troubleshooting
SI 476B - Lesson 03: Specific Analytical Methods Used by Analyzers

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