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SI 409 - Course Description

SI:409 Basic Air Pollution Meteorology
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20 hours
2 CEU credits

Course Description
This course uses video presentations, text materials, and reading assignments to present basic meteorology, meteorological effects on air pollution, meteorological instrumentation, air quality modeling, and regulatory programs requiring a knowledge of meteorology. A review of this course was completed in April, 2005. Only minor revisions were necessary with that review.

Major topics

    • Solar and terrestrial radiation
    • Cyclones and anticyclones
    • Wind speed and direction
    • Atmospheric circulation
    • Cold, warm, and occluded fronts
    • Atmospheric stability
    • Turbulence
    • Meteorological instrumentation
    • Plume rise/effective stack height
    • Topography
    • Types of air quality models
    • Regulatory air quality programs
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