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SI 400 - SI 400 Course Description

SI:400 Introduction to Risk Assessment/Risk Management
The lessons for this course are accessed from the left sidebar.

20 hours
2 CEU credits

Course Description
This risk assessment course pertains to hazardous air pollutants. It discusses the four components of risk assessment as well as management issues. The course will equip the student with the necessary knowledge to perform their job as it relates to risk assessment and HAPs.

Major topics

    • General principles of risk assessment
    • Hazard identification
    • Dose-response assessment
    • Exposure assessment
    • Risk characterization
    • Risk management
    • Ecosystem risk assessment
    • Trends in risk assessment
If you want to receive CEU credits for the course, you must be a Registered APTI user and will be required to provide a PIN upon passing the test. If you do not remember your PIN, contact Eric Crump. If you are a new user, it is recommended that you complete the Training Application Form at the beginning of the course, as it may take several days to process the application. If the PIN you select has already been used, we will notify you.

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