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SI 476B Course Description
Lesson 01 Types of Emission Monitoring Systems
Lesson 02: Principles of Detecion in Monitoring Systems
Lesson 03: Specific Analytical Methods Used by Analyzers
Lesson 04: Operation of Two Spectroscopic Absorption Analyzers
Lesson 05: Operation of Chemiluminescence Analyzer
Lesson 06: Operation of Electrocatalytic Analyzer
Lesson 07: Operation of General Purpose Analyzers
Lesson 08: Extractive Systems Design
Lesson 09: In-situ Systems Design
Lesson 10: Applications of Systems
Lesson 11: Regulatory Requirements for Gas Emission Monitoring Systems
Lesson 12: Performance Specification Test Procedures
Lesson 13: Requirements of Appendix F
Lesson 14: Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Audit Programs
Lesson 15: Maintenance Procedures - Problems & Troubleshooting
SI 476B - SI 476B Course Description

SI:476B Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems - Operation and Maintenance of Gas Monitors

CLN 900

30 hours
3 CEU credits

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Course Description
This advanced course is a study program designed to develop a working knowledge of continuous gas emission monitoring systems. The course reviews operating characteristics and common maintenance techniques used to provide continuous operation of both extractive and in-situ monitors. Discussions focus on regulatory specifications in terms of instrument design, installation, and performance testing. Both existing regulatory programs and the implications of pending specifications are considered.

Major Topics

    • Operational principles of gas monitoring systems
    • Maintenance and quality assurance procedures
    • Specification testing (design and performance testing)
    • Calculation methods
    • Installation guidelines


If you want to receive CEU credits for the course, you must be a Registered APTI user and will be required to provide a PIN upon passing the test. If you do not remember your PIN, contact Eric Crump. If you are a new user, it is recommended that you complete the Training Application Form at the beginning of the course, as it may take several days to process the application. If the PIN you select has already been used, we will notify you.

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