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SI 471 - Course description

SI:471 General Quality Assurance Considerations for Ambient Air Monitoring

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CLN 896

30 hours
3 CEUs

Course Description
Upon completion of this course, students should be able to describe the following: general principles of quality assurance; general quality assurance considerations for the acquisition, installation, and operation of air quality monitoring systems; quality control programs and data quality assessment for SLAMS and PSD air monitoring; and audit criteria and procedures for air quality monitoring networks. This course is a prerequisite for Course 470 "Quality Assurance for Air Pollution Measurement Systems."

Major Topics

    • Quality assurance for air quality monitoring systems
    • Quality assurance for SLAMS and PSD air monitoring networks
    • Performance auditing of air quality monitoring systems
    • Quality assurance policy and principles
    • System auditing of SLAMS networks

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