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SI 436 - Course Description

SI:436 Site Selection for Monitoring of SO2 and PM-10 in Ambient Air

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CLN 1209

35 hours
3.5 CEUs

Course Description
This course is intended primarily for chemists and engineers employed by federal, state and local air pollution control agencies; and private organizations involved in PSD ambient monitoring. Students should have prior experience with air quality monitoring, but this is not required to take the course. The course describes general considerations for siting ambient air quality monitors, to select the optimum general siting area and probe location for SO2 and particles with an aerodynamic diameter less than or equal to a nominal 10 micrometers (PM-10), and to describe the logic of the SO2 and PM-10 siting criteria.

Major topics

    • Use of monitoring data and related monitor siting objectives
    • Special considerations associated with SO2 and PM-10 monitoring
    • Procedures and criteria for site selection for SO2 and PM-10 monitoring
    • Rationale for SO2 and PM-10 siting criteria
    • Network design and probe siting criteria for SO2 and PM-10 SLAMS, NAMS,and PSD monitoring stations
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