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Dockets by Statute CAA

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04/15/2014ActiveCAA-07-2014-0014 Hiland Dairy-Wichita
04/15/2014ActiveCAA-04-2014-1500(b) Nestle Prepared Foods Company
04/15/2014ActiveCAA-07-2014-0004 Madison's Great Western
04/15/2014ActiveCAA-07-2014-0005 Fredericksburg Farmers Coop
04/15/2014ActiveCAA-07-2014-0007 Kanza Coop, Zenith Branch
04/15/2014ActiveCAA-07-2014-0010 Primera Foods
04/12/2014ActiveCAA-02-2014-1202 Divine Touch Cleaners
04/12/2014ActiveCAA-02-2014-1201 Galaxy Star of NY Corp.
04/09/2014ActiveCAA-03-2014-0037 Dassault Falcon Jet-Wilmington Corporation, SCAFO, CAA
04/08/2014ActiveCAA-05-2014-0018 Bayer CropScience LP (Muskegon, Michigan)
04/07/2014ActiveCAA-05-2014-0016 Andres & Wilton Farmers Grain & Supply Co. - SEP- (Peotone, Illinois)
04/07/2014ActiveCAA-05-2014-0017 Nestle USA, Inc. (Anderson, Indiana)
04/03/2014ActiveCAA-10-2014-0072 US Dept. of Energy and CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Co.
04/03/2014ActiveCAA-10-2014-0073 US Dept. of Energy and Washington Closure Hanford LLC
04/03/2014ActiveCAA-07-2014-0002 Show Me Ethanol, LLC
04/02/2014ClosedCAA-07-2014-0006 Cornhusker Energy Lexington
03/31/2014ActiveCAA-03-2014-0092 Whitehall Township, 896 3rd St., Whitehall, PA, Complaint
03/29/2014ActiveCAA-02-2014-1220 Cliffstar LLC
03/26/2014ActiveCAA-07-2014-0013 Red Star Yeast Co
03/26/2014ActiveCAA-04-2014-1503(b) Flowers Bakery of Montgomery, LLC
03/26/2014ClosedCAA-04-2014-1506(b) PMC Organometallix, Inc.
03/26/2014ClosedCAA-04-2014-1507(b) Rembrandt Enterprises, Inc.
03/26/2014ActiveCAA-04-2014-1509(b) Mr. Ellie Terrell Morris, Jr.
03/26/2014ActiveCAA-04-2014-8002(b) Agrium U.S. Inc.
03/25/2014ClosedCAA-03-2014-0055 DuPont Teijin Films U.S. Limited Partnership, CAA, SCAFO
03/21/2014ActiveCAA-05-2014-0015 Jupiter Aluminum Corporation - Coilcoating Division (Fairland, Indiana) -INSTALLMENTS-
03/18/2014ActiveCAA-07-2014-0003 Heiman Agri-Service, Inc.
03/15/2014ClosedCAA-10-2014-0069 William Rosenau
03/14/2014ActiveCAA-07-2014-0011 Nebraska Energy, LLC
03/14/2014ActiveCAA-07-2014-0012 ADM Milling Company
03/13/2014ActiveCAA-05-2014-0014 Stepan Company - SEP - (Elwood, Illinois)
03/12/2014ActiveCAA-02-2014-1217 High Falls Operating Company
03/12/2014ActiveCAA-02-2014-1209 Alcoa - Massena Operations
03/12/2014ActiveCAA-02-2014-1212 Bonduelle USA, Inc.
03/12/2014ActiveCAA-01-2014-0001 Copar Quarries of Westerly, LLC
03/06/2014ActiveCAA 06-2014-3305 INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY
03/05/2014ClosedCAA-05-2014-0013 Perlick Corporation, Inc. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
03/04/2014ClosedCAA-04-2014-8000(b) Winn-Dixie Logistics, Inc.
02/28/2014ClosedCAA-05-2014-0012 Republic Steel (Canton, Ohio)
02/27/2014ActiveCAA-10-2014-0049 D. T. Warehouse, LLC
02/24/2014ClosedCAA-07-2013-0020 W.C. Gretter & Sons, Inc
02/21/2014ActiveCAA-02-2014-1214 Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., Culinary Innovation Facility
02/21/2014ActiveCAA-02-2014-1215 Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., Fresh Foods Facility
02/21/2014ActiveCAA-02-2014-1216 Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., Frozen Food Facility
02/14/2014ActiveCAA-02-2014-1208 K&L Cleaners
02/14/2014ActiveCAA-02-2014-1207 Broadway Cleaners
02/14/2014ActiveCAA-02-2014-1206 Wholesale Cleaners
02/14/2014ActiveCAA-02-2014-1205 Top Cleaners
02/12/2014ActiveCAA-07-2014-0009 JBS Marshalltown Pork Facility
02/12/2014ActiveCAA-07-2014-0008 Dillons Distribution Center
02/12/2014ActiveCAA-02-2014-1213 Bonduelle USA, Inc.
02/12/2014ClosedCAA-05-2014-0011 Motor Castings Company (West Allis, Wisconsin)
02/06/2014ActiveCAA-05-2014-0010 Mark Paule Metal Recycling (St. Clair County, Illinois)
02/04/2014ClosedCAA-04-2014-1504(b) Spalding County, Georgia
02/03/2014ActiveCWA 06-2014-4803 LOUISIANA DELTA OIL COL., LLC
01/30/2014ActiveCAA-03-2014-0031 Baker Petrolite Corporation, CAA, SCAFO
01/29/2014ClosedCAA-05-2014-0009 Supervalu, Inc. (Urbana, Illinois)
01/28/2014ActiveCAA-01-2013-0047 and CERCLA-01-2013-0048 JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc.
01/27/2014ActiveCAA-03-2014-0043 James Austin Company, CAA,SCAFO
01/25/2014ActiveCAA-02-2014-1211 Sysco Long Island, LLC
01/15/2014ClosedCAA-04-2013-1516(b) The Winter Construction Company
01/15/2014ClosedCAA-04-2013-8008(b) Decatur Utilities
01/15/2014ClosedCAA-04-2014-1501(b) Tyson Foods, Inc.
01/15/2014ClosedCAA-04-2014-1502(b) U.S. Foods, Inc.
01/14/2014ClosedCAA-07-2013-0025 Schafer Fertilizer, Inc.
01/14/2014ClosedCAA 06-2014-3302 WAGNER OIL COMPANY
01/10/2014ClosedCAA-10-2014-0014 Intermountain Farmers Association
01/02/2014ClosedCAA-03-2014-0040 SuperValu-Mechanicsville Facility, CAA, Expedited Penalty Action, SCAFO
12/31/2013ClosedCAA-03-2014-0051 Bayer CropScience LP, SCAFO, CAA
12/30/2013ClosedCAA-03-2014-0022 Kemira Water Solutions, Inc., CAA, SCAFO
12/30/2013ClosedCAA-05-2014-0008 Illinois River Energy (Rochelle, Illinois)
12/27/2013ClosedCAA-05-2014-0006 PPG Industries, Inc. (Delaware, Oho)
12/27/2013ClosedCAA-05-2014-0007 One Earth Energy, LLC (Gibson City, Illinois)
12/20/2013Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2014-0005 Schoep's Ice Cream Company, Inc. -SEP - (Madison, Wisconsin)
12/12/2013ClosedCAA-07-2013-0027 Rod's Fertilizer & Sales, Inc - East Plant
12/12/2013ClosedCAA-07-2013-0028 Rod's Fertilizer & sales, Inc - West Plant
12/11/2013ActiveCAA-02-2013-1220 City of North Tonawanda
12/10/2013ActiveCAA 06-2013-3340 COS MAR COMPANY
12/02/2013ActiveCAA 06-2014-3303 UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION
11/27/2013ClosedCAA-05-2014-0004 The Dow Chemical Company (Midland, Michigan)
11/21/2013ClosedCAA-07-2013-0019 Mid Missouri Energy, LLC
11/21/2013ClosedCAA-07-2013-0022 Farmway Co-Op Inc - Clay Center
11/21/2013ClosedCAA-07-2013-0023 Villisca Elevator Inc - East
11/21/2013ClosedCAA-07-2013-0026 Aspinwall Cooperative Company - Manning NH3
11/01/2013ActiveCWA-08-2014-0004 NELCON, INC.
11/01/2013ActiveCWA-08-2014-0005 FIELD #4, LLC. and CONSTRUCTORS WEST, INC.
10/30/2013ActiveCAA-01-2013-0073 Metal Finishing Technologies, LLC
10/29/2013ClosedCAA-05-2014-0002 Specialty Steel Treating (Fraser, Michigan)
10/29/2013ClosedCAA-05-2014-0003 JBS Packerland (Plainwell, Michigan)
10/18/2013ClosedCAA-02-2013-1219 Slack Chemical Company, Inc.
10/17/2013ClosedCAA-05-2014-0001 Wayne Disposal, Inc. (Belleville, Michigan)
10/01/2013ClosedCAA-02-2013-1215 Niagara County Water District
10/01/2013ActiveCAA-01-2013-0049 Duclos Corporation
10/01/2013ActiveCAA-01-2013-0051 North Reading Transportation
09/30/2013ActiveCAA-01-2013-0044 PCA Systems, Inc.
09/30/2013ActiveCAA-01-2013-0045 Holland Company, Inc.
09/30/2013ActiveCAA-01-2013-0061 and EPCRA-01-2013-0062 Cold Storage Solutions, Inc.
09/30/2013ActiveCAA-01-2013-0063 Cold Storage Solutions I, Inc.
09/30/2013ActiveCAA-01-2013-0065 and EPCRA-01-2013-0066 Cold Storage Solutions II, Inc.

(2002 entries in this collection)
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