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07/13/2010ClosedEPCRA-04-2010-2057(b) Vuteq Corporation
07/13/2010ClosedEPCRA-04-2010-2060(b) Specialty Fabrics & Converting, Inc.
07/13/2010ClosedEPCRA-04-2010-2067(b) Total Logistic Control
07/13/2010ClosedFIFRA-07-2010-0032 Brenntag Mid-South
07/13/2010ClosedTSCA-04-2010-2703(b) BC-Bainbridge Bay Pointe, LLC and BC-Bainbridge Timuquana, LLC
07/13/2010ClosedTSCA-04-2010-2724(b) Carswell Realty Property Management
07/12/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0043 Kraft Foods Global, Inc. (Naperville, Illinois)
07/12/2010ClosedCAA 06-2010-3308 Citgo Refining and Chemical Company, L.P.
07/12/2010ClosedRCRA-03-2010-0326 General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Inc., RCRA (SCAFO)
07/12/2010ClosedRCRA-05-2010-0019 John Sconiers (Maywood, Illinois)
07/01/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0034 The Newark Group, Inc. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
07/01/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0035 The City of Battle Creek Verona Pumping Station (Battle Creek, Michigan)
07/01/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0036 Blue Island Phenol LLC (Blue Island, Illinois)
07/01/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0037 City of Waukegan Water Treatment Plant (Waukegan, Illinois)

07/01/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0038 The Dow Chemical Company (Charleston, Illinois)
07/01/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0039 Danvers Farmers Elevator Company (Danvers, Illinois)
07/01/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0040 Prairie Farms Dairy - Granity City (Granite City,Illinois)
07/01/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0041 Filtrona Porous Technologies (St. Charles, Michigan)
07/01/2010ClosedCERCLA-04-2010-2022(b) Farmers Investment Company, Incorporated
07/01/2010ActiveCWA-03-2010-0327 International Petroleum Corp. of Del. d/b/a FCC Environmental, CWA (complaint)
07/01/2010ClosedCWA-04-2010-5016 Walter Coke, Inc.
07/01/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-1730 BLUELINE CONSTRUCTION, INC.
07/01/2010ClosedCWA-08-2010-0016 MILLERCOORS LLC.
07/01/2010ClosedCWA-08-2010-0018 MAGNA ENERGY, LLC.
07/01/2010ActiveEPCRA-06-2010-0508 Exide Technologies Frisco Recycling Center
07/01/2010ClosedFIFRA-07-2010-0030 Thomas County Noxious Weed Dept
07/01/2010ClosedRCRA-07-2010-0027 Cemen Tech, Inc
07/01/2010ClosedTSCA-04-2010-2723(b) Okatibbee Ridge Apartments
06/09/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8014(b) Recycle Aerosol, LLC
06/09/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8016(b) Lawrenceburg Utility Systems
06/09/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8017(b) Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
06/09/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8019(b) VersaCold Logistics Services
06/09/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0020 Solvay Fluorides, LLC (Alorton, Illinois)
06/09/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0021 Stampede Meat, Inc. (Bridgeview, Illinois)
06/09/2010ClosedCERCLA-04-2010-2035(b) Arkema, Inc.
06/09/2010ClosedCERCLA-04-2010-2038(b) Tronox Pigments (Savannah) Inc.
06/09/2010ClosedCWA-04-2010-4507(b) City of Lenoir
06/09/2010ClosedEPCRA-04-2010-2010(b) Maymead Materials, Inc.
06/09/2010ClosedEPCRA-04-2010-2033(b) Peddie Chemical Company, Inc.
06/09/2010ClosedEPCRA-04-2010-2042(b) Sasco Chemical Group, Inc.
06/09/2010ClosedFIFRA-04-2010-3039(b) Danise & Associates, Inc.
06/09/2010ClosedRCRA-05-2010-0016 Koch Pipeline Company LP (Hartford, Illinois)
06/09/2010ClosedRCRA-05-2010-0017 Sukhjinder S. Virk, Owner -Virks Gas and Grocery (Michigan City, Indiana)
06/09/2010ActiveTSCA-03-2010-0250 Southern Lehigh School District, TSCA-03-2010-0250, TSCA (SCAFO)
06/09/2010ClosedTSCA-04-2010-2716(b) Ashton Place Apartments
06/09/2010ClosedTSCA-05-2010-0013 Hanson's Window and Construction, Inc. (Madison Heights, Michigan)
06/08/2010ClosedFIFRA-05-2010-0017 Sunburst Chemicals, Inc. (Bloomington, Minnesota)
06/08/2010ActiveRCRA-03-2010-0259 Eastern Plating Company, Inc., RCRA (SCAFO)
06/08/2010ActiveRCRA-03-2010-0318FC U.S. Postal Service Vehicle Maintenance Facility, SCAFO (RCRA)
06/08/2010ClosedSDWA-08-2010-0050 TOWN OF DIXON, WYOMING
06/08/2010ClosedTSCA-05-2010-0012 Wilfredo and Rosemary Fuentes (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
06/07/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0019 Badger State Ethanol LLC (Monroe, Wisconsin)
06/07/2010ClosedCWA-06-2010-4346 ERG Resources, LLC
06/07/2010ClosedCWA-06-2010-4347 ERG Resources, LLC
06/07/2010ClosedCWA-06-2010-4351 ZK Petroleum
06/07/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4352 Z K Petroleum
06/07/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4353 Farmer, J. R. Ethal C.
06/07/2010ActiveCWA-07-2010-0112 Brian Gradert, Dave Winterfield d/b/a Gradert/CLA-DON/Winterfield Feedlot
06/07/2010ActiveCWA-07-2010-0114 Simon and Loren Groeneweg d/b/a Groeneweg Farm
06/07/2010ClosedFIFRA-07-2010-0029 Douglas Products and Packaging
06/07/2010ClosedRCRA-04-2010-4008(b) Polychemie, Inc.
06/04/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0026 Gordon Food Service 7770 Kensington Court (Brighton, Michigan)
06/04/2010ClosedCWA-05-2010-0012 Jack's Septic Service, LLC (Pomeroy, Ohio)
06/04/2010ClosedFIFRA-07-2010-0010 PBI Gordon, Corp
06/04/2010ClosedTSCA-04-2010-2906 Eureka Foundry
06/30/2010ClosedCAA-03-2010-0074 Wilkes-Barre Township and Stillwater Environmenal Services, inc. (Former Belt and Buckle Factory)
06/30/2010ClosedCWA-03-2010-0265 Derry Township, Municipal Authority, CWA (SCAFO)
06/30/2010ClosedCWA-03-2010-0266 Borough of Tyrone, CWA, (Complaint)
06/30/2010ActiveCWA-03-2010-0273 Berwick Area Joint Sewer Authority, CWA (Complaint)
06/30/2010ClosedCWA-03-2010-0279 Greater Pottsville Area Sewer Autority, CWA (complaint)
06/30/2010ClosedCWA-03-2010-0280 Borough of Huntingdon, CWA, (complaint)
06/30/2010ActiveCWA-03-2010-0282 Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority, CWA (APO), 0282
06/30/2010ActiveCWA-03-2010-0283 Shamokin-Coal Township Joint Sewer Authority, CWA (complaint)
06/30/2010ClosedCWA-03-2010-0284 University Area Joint Authority, CWA, (complaint)
06/30/2010ClosedCWA-03-2010-0288 Altoona City Authority, Easterly WWTP, (CWA) complaint
06/30/2010ClosedCWA-03-2010-0293 Altoona City Authority (Westerly WWTP), (CWA) Complaint
06/30/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4309 Marine Quest, Captains Cove Marina
06/30/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4807 LPD Energy Company, L.L.C.
06/30/2010ClosedEPCRA-03-2010-0301 Rockland Industries, Inc., SCAFO (EPCRA)
06/30/2010ClosedEPCRA-03-2010-0313 Commonwealth Laminating and Coating, Inc., EPCRA (SCAFO)
06/30/2010ActiveEPCRA 06-2010-0512 Duco, Inc.
06/30/2010ClosedEPCRA 06-2010-0512 DUCO, INC.
06/30/2010ClosedEPCRA 06-2010-0512 DUCO, INC.
06/30/2010ClosedRCRA-02-2010-7107 City of Buffalo
06/30/2010ClosedRCRA-02-2010-7504 Davand Aviation, Inc. d/b/a Frankfort Highland Airport
06/30/2010ClosedRCRA-03-2010-0071 Government of the District of Columbia Depart. of Youth Rehabilitatioin Services, RCRA (SCAFO
06/30/2010ClosedTSCA-03-2010-0314 West Penn Power Company d.b.a. Allegheny Power, (TSCA) SCAFO
06/30/2010ActiveTSCA-03-2010-0325 Dobbins, Fisher & Pittman Associates, Inc., d/b/a Dobbins, Fisher & Pittman Realtors
TSCA-03-2010-0325, (Complaint) TSCA
06/03/2010ClosedCWA-07-2010-0097 Kansas City Power and Light
06/03/2010ActiveEPCRA-06-2010-0507 Cryovac Iowa Park
06/03/2010ClosedFIFRA-04-2010-3006(b) Mytech Chemical, Inc.
06/03/2010ClosedFIFRA-04-2010-3036(b) Ace Home and Garden Center of Bay County, LLC
06/03/2010ClosedFIFRA-07-2010-0020 Northwest Iowa Agronomy, LLC
06/03/2010ClosedFIFRA-07-2010-0021 Quality Ag Sales, Division of Let's Have Fun
06/03/2010ClosedRCRA-04-2010-4004(b) United States Department of the Air Force
06/03/2010ClosedSDWA-04-2010-1002(b) Mannon Oil of Tennessee, LLC
06/03/2010ClosedTSCA-04-2010-2713(b) Atlanta Resource Enterprise, LLLP
06/03/2010ClosedTSCA-04-2010-2721(b) First Realty Property Management
06/29/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-1782(b) CTC Construction, LLC

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