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12/20/2010ClosedSDWA-08-2011-0008 TOWN OF RANCHESTER, WY
12/20/2010ClosedSDWA-08-2011-0009 NELSON'S AUTO BODY, INC.
12/20/2010ClosedSDWA-08-2011-0010 KURT J. MENGES, d/b/a MENGES AUTO REPAIR
12/20/2010ClosedSDWA-08-2011-0011 PATTERSON-UTI DRILLING CO., LLC.
12/20/2010ActiveTSCA-03-2011-0029 Amocetia Beckford and Beckford Rentals, Inc. TARGET HOUSING (TSCA)
12/02/2010ActiveCWA-07-2011-0005 Kansas Department of Transportation
12/02/2010ActiveRCRA-03-2010-0043 L.C.W., Inc.d.b.a. Kwik Lube, RCRA, SCAFO
12/02/2010ClosedRCRA-03-2011-0043 L.C.W. Inc., d/b/a KWIK LUBE, (SCAFO) RCRA-03-2011-0043
12/02/2010ClosedRCRA-05-2011-0003 ArcelorMittal Riverdale Inc. (Riverdate, Illinois)
12/02/2010StayTSCA-05-2011-0002 Edward F. Vannoller - IN BANKRUPTCY WITH DOJ - (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
12/17/2010ClosedCAA-05-2011-0010 Western Wisconsin Energy, LLC (Boyceville, Wisconsin)
12/17/2010ClosedCERCLA-05-2011-0003 World's Finest Chocolate, Inc. (Chicago, Illinois)
12/17/2010ClosedEPCRA-05-2011-0004 World's Finest Chocolate, Inc. (Chicago, Illinois)
12/17/2010ClosedFIFRA-07-2010-0013 E.I. Dupont De Nemours and Co, Inc
12/17/2010ClosedMM-05-2011-0001 World's Finest Chocolate, Inc. (Chicago,Illinois)
12/17/2010ActiveTSCA-03-2011-0048 Lynchburg City Schools, TSCA, SCAFO
12/16/2010ClosedCAA-04-2011-1501(b) MarJean Selby Contracting, Inc.
12/16/2010ActiveEPCRA-01-2011-0008 Lamb & Ritchie Company, Inc.
12/16/2010ClosedFIFRA-07-2010-0043 ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc
12/16/2010ClosedSDWA-08-2011-0007 PERKINS AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY
12/16/2010ClosedTSCA-04-2011-2513(b) Crestwood Apartments
12/16/2010ClosedTSCA-04-2011-2515(b) Grand Point Apartments
12/15/2010ClosedCWA-04-2011-5140(b) FedEx Corporation
12/15/2010ClosedCWA-07-2011-0010 Hamptons on the Lake, LLC
12/15/2010ClosedEPCRA-04-2011-2007(b) Tomco2 Equipment Company
12/15/2010ClosedEPCRA-04-2011-2013(b) BASF Corporation
12/15/2010ActiveEPCRA 06-2011-0502 Siemens Energy & Automation
12/15/2010ClosedRCRA-03-2011-0056FC Federal Correctional Institute Loretto, (RCRA) FC
12/15/2010ClosedTSCA-04-2011-2506(b) Morrow Industrial Apartments, LLC d/b/a Silver Spring Townhouses
12/15/2010Closed"CERC-EPC-03-2011-0025 Allied Terminals, Inc., CERC/EPC-03-2011-0025, Allied Terminals, Inc. SCAFO
12/14/2010ClosedCAA-04-2011-1500(b) YKK Snap Fasteners America Inc.
12/14/2010ClosedCWA-02-2011-3402 D.R. Horton LLC
12/14/2010ClosedCWA-04-2010-4526(b) City of Monroe
12/14/2010ClosedCWA-04-2010-4528(b) City of Alabaster
12/14/2010ClosedCWA-04-2010-4530(b) City of Cartersville
12/14/2010ClosedCWA-05-2011-0002 Marmar Investors, LLC (Angola, Indiana)
12/13/2010ClosedCWA-03-2011-0009 Aire Shannon Inc., (CWA) Field Citation CWA-03-2011-0009
12/13/2010ActiveCWA 06-2011-4828 Williams Gas Pipeline Company, LLC Transco Station 44
12/13/2010ClosedSDWA-04-2011-1004(b) Logsdon Valley Oil Company, Inc.
12/10/2010ClosedCERC-EPC-03-2011-0006 Basf, Inc., (CERC-EPCRA) SCAFO $21,746.00
12/10/2010ClosedCWA-07-2010-0169 Mike Bettin d/b/a Mike Bettin Feedlot
12/10/2010ClosedFIFRA-07-2011-0001 Pathfinder Systems, Inc
12/01/2010Awaiting Payment/SEPCERCLA-05-2011-0002 Evergreen FS, Inc. -SEP- (Shirley, Illinois)
12/01/2010ClosedEPCRA-05-2011-0003 Rawcar Group, L.L.C. dba as Contour Fabricators, Inc. (Fenton, Michigan)
11/09/2010ClosedCAA-05-2011-0006 Dutch Farms, Inc. (Chicago, Illinois)
11/09/2010ClosedEPCRA-04-2011-2010(b) Crop Production Services, Inc.
11/08/2010ClosedCERCLA-04-2011-2006(b) Nyrstar Clarksville Inc.
11/08/2010ClosedFIFRA-05-2011-0002 Stephan Company and Parson Enterprise Incorporated d/b/a United Chemical & Supplies (Northfield, Illinois and Kansas City, Missouri)
11/05/2010ClosedCAA-05-2011-0005 Gebauer Company (Cleveland, Ohio)
11/04/2010ActiveCERC/EPCR-03-2011-0008 Colony Pool Service of Delaware, Inc., CERCLA/EPCRA, SCAFO
11/04/2010ActiveRCRA-03-2011-0001 Yuasa Battery, Inc. RCRA (SCAFO) (3008(a)
11/30/2010ActiveRCRA-03-2011-0051FC National Park Service H-3 Stables Washington DC, (Field Citation ) (RCRA)
11/03/2010ClosedRCRA-05-2011-0002 DMI Automotive Inc. (Howell, Michigan)
11/29/2010ClosedCWA-07-2011-0006 City of Hutchinson
11/29/2010ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0006 BNJ Ultra Services Inc dba UltraMax Chemical Company
11/26/2010ActiveCWA 06-2010-1907 Lone Mountain Contracting, Inc.
11/24/2010ActiveC WA 06-2011-4501 Hilcorp Energy
11/24/2010ActiveCAA-02-2011-1207 A. Mac Contracting, Inc. and Bernard Gross
11/24/2010ActiveRCRA-07-2011-0004 Heartland Plating Co and Estate of Gerhard Patliger
11/23/2010ClosedCAA-05-2011-0008 City of Benton Harbor Water Plant (St. Joseph, Michigan)
11/23/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4852 Conoco Phillips Company
11/23/2010ClosedSDWA-08-2011-0005 HIGH COUNTRY TRANSPORTATION
11/22/2010ClosedCERCLA-04-2011-2000(b) Starchem, LLC
11/22/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4817 XTO Energy, Inc.
11/22/2010ClosedCWA-07-2011-0009 Charles Hunze, Sr and Charles Hunze, Jr
11/22/2010ClosedEPCRA-04-2011-2005(b) SPS Technologies, LLC
11/22/2010ClosedEPCRA-04-2011-2019(b) Calgon Carbon Corporation
11/22/2010ClosedRUST-05-2011-0002 Lovely Mobil Inc. (Gary, Indiana)
11/22/2010ClosedRUST-05-2011-0003 Grant Gas & Mini Food Mart (Gary, Indiana)
11/22/2010ClosedRUST-05-2011-0004 Clark Gas Station (Gary, Indiana)
11/22/2010ClosedTSCA-04-2011-2503(b) ADL Properties
11/22/2010ClosedTSCA-04-2011-2504(b) JRK Residential Group d/b/a Flint River Crossing
11/02/2010ClosedTSCA-05-2011-0001 B.W. Parks Property Management Corporation (Lafayette, Indiana)
11/19/2010ClosedCAA-03-2011-0026 JSB Souderton, Inc., (CAA) Complaint
11/19/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-1536(b) Eastern Excavating
11/19/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-1539(b) J.T. Turner Construction Company, Inc.
11/19/2010ClosedCERCLA-05-2011-0001 Gilberts/Kedzie Site and Glenn J. Kedzie, GTCS Corps. and Big Timber Landscape Company - Agreement For Recovery Of Past Response Costs- (Village of Gilberts, Illinois)
11/19/2010ClosedCWA-07-2010-0151 The Neenan Company, LLLP
11/19/2010ClosedEPCRA-04-2011-2014(b) Pine Hall Brick Co., Inc.
11/19/2010ClosedFIFRA-04-2010-9130(b) Cheminova, Inc.
11/19/2010ActiveRCRA-03-2011-0033FC Landmark Services Tourmobile Inc., Field Citation (RCRA)
11/18/2010ClosedCWA-03-2010-0383 Chester Downs and marina, LLC d/b/a Harrah's Chester Casino & Racetrack, CWA (SCAFO)
11/17/2010ClosedCAA-05-2011-0007 City of East Grand Forks (East Grand Forks, Minnesota)
11/17/2010ClosedCWA-07-2010-0130 Ronco Construction Company
11/17/2010ClosedCWA-07-2010-0158 River Products Company, Inc
11/16/2010ClosedCWA-02-2011-3403 Washington County Sewer District II
11/16/2010ClosedCWA-04-2010-5020 Lance Oil Company
11/16/2010ClosedCWA-04-2010-5134(b) Carolina Power & Light Company d/b/a Progress Energy Carolinas, Inc.
11/16/2010ActiveCWA 06-2010-1878 TLC Company, Inc.
11/16/2010ClosedFIFRA-03-2011-0002 Sal Chemical Company, Inc. (FIFRA) SCAFO
11/15/2010ClosedFIFRA-07-2010-0037 Anderson County Noxious Weed Department
11/10/2010ClosedCWA-04-2010-5023 Davidson Fuels & Oil, Inc.
11/10/2010ClosedCWA-04-2010-5024 Mountain Oil, Inc.
11/10/2010ClosedCWA-04-2010-5025 Bluegrass BioDiesel
11/10/2010ClosedCWA-04-2010-5026 Atlantic Clean Fuel
11/01/2010ActiveRCRA-03-2011-0027FC Communication Systems Support Group (ID# 18893)
11/01/2010ClosedRCRA-07-2011-0001 Seabee Corporation, A Division of Hampton Hydraulics, LLC
10/08/2010ClosedCAA-05-2011-0004 Seward Ag Supply, Inc. (Seward, Illinois)
10/08/2010ActiveRCRA-03-2011-0013FC 1615 L Street LLC #2000089 (SCAFO) RCRA

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