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09/12/2011ClosedFIFRA-07-2011-0008 Nebraska Chemical & Supply, LLC
09/12/2011ActiveRCRA-07-2011-0032 SNF, Inc d/b/a Brand FX Body Company
09/12/2011ClosedRCRA-07-2011-0033 Waste Management Lamptracker, Inc
09/12/2011ClosedTSCA-05-2011-0018 Babic Rental Ventures, LLC (Believille, Illinois)
09/01/2011ClosedCAA-07-2011-0018 New Century FS
09/01/2011ClosedCAA-07-2011-0020 Mid America Agri Products Wheatland LLC
09/01/2011ActiveEPCRA-03-2011-0186 Rexnord Industries, LLC, EPCRA, SCAFO
09/01/2011ClosedRCRA-04-2011-4011(b) Bako Pathology Associates, LLC
09/01/2011ClosedRUST-05-2011-0021 Customs House (Chicago, Illinois)
08/09/2011ClosedCAA-05-2011-0045 Sara Lee Corporation (Traverse City, Michigan)
08/09/2011ActiveCWA-07-2011-0095 CJ Foods, Inc
08/09/2011ActiveCWA 06-2011-2720 Camterra Resources, Inc.
08/09/2011ClosedRCRA-03-2011-0187 Penn-Union Corporation, RCRA (SCAFO)
08/09/2011ClosedTSCA-04-2011-2903(b) Madisonville Municipal Utilities
08/08/2011ClosedCWA-07-2011-0092 Bemis Clysar, Inc
08/08/2011ClosedEPCRA-04-2011-2052(b) Jade Tank Lines, Inc.
08/05/2011ClosedCWA-04-2011-4510(b) City of Greensboro
08/05/2011ActiveSDWA-02-2011-8401 Great Gun Beach Public Water System
08/05/2011ClosedSDWA-08-2011-0058 MOUNTAIN CEMENT COMPANY
08/04/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-1516(b) Townsend Pipeline Construction Company, Inc.
08/04/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-1517(b) Westlake Vinyls, Inc.
08/04/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-1518(b) Seminole Gas Company, LLC
08/04/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-1522(b) D.M.J.V.,LLC
08/04/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-1528(b) American Clearing, Inc.
08/04/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-1530(b) MOST, Inc.
08/04/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-8013(b) Barber Ice Cream Company
08/04/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-8015(b) Fleischmann's Yeast
08/04/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-8016(b) Gibson Farmers Cooperative
08/04/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-8017(b) Industrial Chemicals, Inc.
08/04/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-8018(b) Koch Foods
08/04/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-8020(b) Sara Lee Corporation
08/04/2011ActiveCERCLA-08-2011-0013 U. S. MAGNESIUM SITE - U. S. MAGNESIUM LLC.
08/04/2011ClosedCWA-04-2011--4508(b) City of Lake City
08/04/2011ClosedCWA-04-2011-4503(b) Knox County Government
08/04/2011ClosedCWA-04-2011-4511(b) The Allen Company
08/04/2011ActiveCWA-07-2011-0077 City of Oxford
08/04/2011ClosedFIFRA-02-2011-5108 Paragon Household Products, Inc.
08/04/2011ClosedSDWA-04-2011-1012(b) Darry R. Cain
08/04/2011ActiveTSCA-03-2011-0093 Robert and Miriam Logue, TSCA, SCAFO
08/04/2011ClosedTSCA-03-2011-0221 The Beddow School, Inc., (TSCA) (SCAFO)
08/31/2011ClosedRCRA-07-2011-0029 Coca Cola Bottling Co of Mid America
08/31/2011ClosedSDWA-02-2011-8403 Pamelia Water District #2
08/30/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-1532(b) Century Aluminum of Kentucky, LLC
08/30/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-1534(b) Velsicol Chemical LLC
08/30/2011ClosedCERCLA-04-2011-2059(b) Kirby Inland Marine, LP
08/30/2011ClosedCWA-04-2011-5013(b) Service Transport, LLC
08/30/2011ClosedCWA-04-2011-5501(b) Louis W. Breland Ashbury Development and Properties, LLC
08/30/2011ClosedFIFRA-07-2011-0010 Fry Brothers Fertilizer and Chemical, Inc
08/30/2011ClosedRCRA-03-2011-0248FC D&I Automotive/Exxon, RCRA-FC (UST
08/30/2011ClosedRCRA-04-2010-9162 Dental Equipment LLC (d/b/a Pelton & Crane)
08/30/2011ClosedRCRA-07-2011-0028 St Anthony's Medical Center
08/30/2011ActiveSDWA 06-2011-1109 Performance Energy Resources, LLC
08/30/2011ClosedTSCA-07-2011-0011 The Washington University - St Louis
08/03/2011ActiveCERCLA-08-2011-0012 10,000 HAVANA SUPERFUND SITE (Bernard (Leo) Long)
08/03/2011ClosedRCRA-05-2011-0013 Heresite Protective Coatings, Inc. (Manitowoc, Wisconsin)
08/03/2011ClosedTSCA-05-2011-0014 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Muffoletto - INSTALLMENTS - (Mishawaka, Indiana)
08/03/2011ClosedTSCA-05-2011-0015 Robert Ullrich and ARGU South, LLC (Oconomowoc, Wisconsin)
08/29/2011Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-08-2011-0019 SLAWSON EXPLORATION CO., INC.
08/29/2011ActiveCAA-08-2011-0020 KODIAK OIL & GAS (USA), INC.
08/29/2011Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-08-2011-0021 ENERPLUS RESOURCES (USA) CORP.
08/29/2011ActiveCAA-08-2011-0022 WPX ENERGY WILLISTON, LLC. (f/k/aDAKOTA-3 E&P COMPANY, LLC.)
08/29/2011ActiveCAA-08-2011-0023 EOG RESOURCES, INC.
08/29/2011Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-08-2011-0024 PETRO-HUNT LLC.
08/29/2011Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-08-2011-0025 MARATHON OIL CO.
08/29/2011Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-08-2011-0026 QEP ENERGY COMPANY
08/29/2011Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-08-2011-0027 SPOTTED HAWK DEVELOPMENT, LLC. and SHD OIL & GAS, LLC.
08/29/2011ActiveCERCLA-07-2011-0014 Pools Prairie Site - Phase 1 RI
08/29/2011ClosedCWA-08-2011-0023 DEVON ENERGY PRODUCTION CO.
08/29/2011ClosedRCRA 06-2011-0962 HONGA COMPANY LIMITED
08/29/2011ClosedSDWA-08-2011-0061 GUNNELS FARMS, INC.
08/29/2011ActiveSDWA-08-2011-0063 TOWN OF BAGGS, WYOMING
08/29/2011ActiveSDWA-08-2011-0064 BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFIARS
08/29/2011ClosedTSCA-03-2011-0240 Oheb Shalom Congregation of Baltimore City Inc., TSCA, SCAFO.
08/26/2011Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-08-2011-0018 XTO ENERGY, INC.
08/26/2011ActiveCWA-05-2011-0008 Joseph L. Bollig & Sons, Inc. (New Lisbon, Wisconsin)
08/25/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-8021(b) Brenntag Mid-South, Inc.
08/25/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-8022(b) Moccasin Bend Waste Water Treatment Plant
08/24/2011ClosedCAA-04-2011-8019(b) Piggly Wiggly Alabama Distributing Company
08/24/2011ClosedCAA-05-2011-0049 Brooklyn Park Water Treatment Plant RMP-11-EAS-028 (Brooklyn Park, Minnesota)
08/24/2011ClosedCAA-05-2011-0050 City of Kalamazoo Water Station #1 RMP-11-ESA-020 (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
08/24/2011ClosedCAA-07-2011-0017 Gage's Fertilizer & Grain, Inc
08/24/2011ClosedCWA-04-2011-4514(b) Shelby County Schools Administration Building
08/24/2011ClosedCWA-04-2011-4515(b) Loudon Utilities Board
08/24/2011ActiveCWA-04-2011-5015 Action Petroleum Company
08/24/2011ClosedCWA-07-2011-0073 Omaha Public Power District
08/24/2011ActiveCWA-07-2011-0103 Mike Millenkamp d/b/a Mike Millenkamp Dairy Cattle
08/24/2011ClosedFIFRA-04-2011-3022(b) Nisus Corporation
08/24/2011ActiveFIFRA-04-2011-3038(b) Yellow Magic
08/24/2011ClosedFIFRA-07-2011-0012 Dow Agrosciences, LLC
08/24/2011ActiveRCRA-03-2011-0115 US Depart of the Army, US Army Garrison, Fort Belvoir Fort Belvoir, VA
08/24/2011ActiveRCRA-04-2011-4009(b) BRAL Holdings, LLC
08/24/2011ClosedRCRA-05-2011-0014 Industrial Towel & Uniform, Incorporated (New Berlin, Wisconsin)
08/24/2011ClosedRCRA-07-2011-0014 Air Electric Machine Company, Inc
08/24/2011ClosedTSCA-04-2011-2536(b) IFF Chemical Holdings, Inc.
08/24/2011ClosedTSCA-04-2011-2902(b) Standard Texitle Company, Augusta, Inc.
08/24/2011ClosedTSCA-07-2011-0022 Boone Electric Cooperative
08/22/2011ActiveCAA-07-2011-0015 Nedak Ethanol, LLC

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