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06/25/2008ClosedCAA-04-2008-1511(b) Sto Corp.
06/25/2008ClosedCAA-04-2008-1514(b) Clemons Concrete Coatings
06/25/2008ClosedCAA-08-2008-0024 ATLAS ROOFING CORPORATION
06/25/2008ClosedCAA-08-2008-0025 MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES
06/25/2008ActiveCWA-03-2008-0338 Glasgow, Inc.
06/25/2008ClosedEPCRA-02-2008-4107 F.W. Winter Inc. & Co.
06/25/2008ClosedFIFRA-04-2007-9118(b) Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc.
06/25/2008ClosedFIFRA-08-2008-0008 FOREST RIVER FARMERS ELEVATOR
06/25/2008ClosedFIFRA-08-2008-0009 FARMER'S UNION OIL (SHERWOOD)
06/25/2008ClosedFIFRA-08-2008-0010 SOUTHEASTERN COLORADO COOP.
06/25/2008ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0007 Nevada Onion
06/25/2008ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0008 Mitsuwa Corporation
06/25/2008ActiveRCRA-03-2008-0343 Catholic University of America (Expedited Enforcement)
06/25/2008ActiveRCRA-09-2008-0013 Triumph Precision Casting
06/25/2008ActiveTSCA-03-2008-0165 Saint James United Methodist Church
06/24/2008ClosedCAA-05-2008-0022 MacDermid, Inc. (Ferndale, MI)
06/24/2008ClosedCAA-05-2008-0023 Boar's Head Provisions Company (Holland, MI)
06/24/2008ClosedRCRA-03-2008-0047 Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority
06/24/2008ClosedSDWA-08-2008-0070 TOWN OF LABARGE
06/23/2008ClosedCAA-03-2008-0278 Celanese Acetate, Celco Plant
06/23/2008ActiveCWA-02-2008-3351 Desarrollos de la Vega, Inc.
06/23/2008ClosedCWA-08-2008-0015 SOLAR TRANSPORT OIL SPILL
06/23/2008ActiveRCRA-03-2008-0354 D's Market and Lam's Lumber
06/23/2008ClosedTSCA-05-2008-0012 One Management, Inc., L&J Investment, Inc., and One Management Investment Group (Detroit, Michigan)
06/23/2008ActiveTSCA-05-2008-0012 One Management, Inc., L&J Investment, Inc., and One Management Investment Group (Detroit, MI)
06/23/2008ActiveTSCA-05-2008-0012 One Management, Inc., L&J Investment, Inc., and One Management Investment Group (Detroit, MI)
06/20/2008ActiveTSCA-02-2008-9107 Perry Videx, LLC
06/20/2008ClosedTSCA-03-2008-0178 Maritime Academy Charter School
06/02/2008ClosedCAA-05-2008-0019 Brunswick Corporation, Mercury Marine Division (Fond du Lac, WI)
06/02/2008ClosedCAA-05-2008-0020 3M Company, Abrasive System Division (Cottage Grove, MN)
06/02/2008ClosedCAA-07-2008-0005 Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Company
06/02/2008ActiveCWA-01-2008-0065 Robert and Gayle Greenhill
06/02/2008ClosedEPCRA-03-2008-0161 Albemarle Corporation
06/19/2008ClosedFIFRA-04-2008-3015(b) Rex Chemical Corporation
06/18/2008ClosedCAA-07-2008-0021 Qunidaro Water Treatment Plant
06/18/2008ClosedCAA-07-2008-0024 K.R.U. LTDd/b/a Feed Energy Company
06/18/2008ActiveTSCA-03-2008-0153 Allegheny Power Pleasant Valley Service Center
06/17/2008ClosedCAA-04-2008-8015(b) Pleasant View Utility District
06/17/2008ActiveCERC/EPCR-03-2008-0344 Dow Reichhold Specialty
06/17/2008ClosedEPCRA-07-2008-0004 K.R.U. LTD d/b/a Feed Energy Company
06/17/2008ActiveSDWA-02-2008-8403 Mr. George Blackhall Professional Center
06/17/2008ActiveTSCA-01-2008-0045 Daniel J. Lynch and Grace K. Lynch
06/17/2008ClosedTSCA-02-2008-9169 Redbrick II LP
06/17/2008ClosedTSCA-04-2008-2517(b) Phillips Management
06/17/2008ClosedTSCA-05-2008-0011 Dow Corning Corporation (Midland, MI)
06/16/2008ClosedCAA-03-2008-0150 Sunoco, Inc. (R&M) (d/b/a Sunoco Chemicals Frankford Plant)
06/16/2008ClosedEPCRA-04-2008-2029(b) E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company
06/16/2008ClosedRCRA-03-2008-0180 DAG Petroleum Suppliers, LLC and DAG Realty, LLC
06/16/2008ClosedSDWA-08-2008-0069 SOUTH FORK MOUNTAIN RESORT, LLC.
06/16/2008ClosedTSCA-04-2008-2522(b) Franklin Electric Plant Board
06/16/2008ActiveTSCA-08-2008-0007 PETER PAULOS
06/13/2008ActiveCERCLA-02-2008-2015 Cerveceria India, Inc.
06/13/2008ActiveTSCA-03-2008-0160 Mt. Jezreel Baptist Church
06/12/2008ClosedCAA-04-2008-8012(b) Orange Beach Water, Sewer and Fire Protection Authority
06/12/2008ClosedCAA-05-2008-0021 Lehigh Cement Company (Mitchell, IN)
06/12/2008ActiveCWA-01-2008-0070 TLTConstruction Corporation
06/12/2008ClosedCWA-04-2008-5001 Powersource Transportation, Inc.
06/12/2008ClosedCWA-05-2008-0004 Michael Aukerman d/b/a Michael Aukerman Excavating (McComb, OH)
06/12/2008ClosedCWA-07-2008-0034 Pointe Development, LLC
06/12/2008ClosedEPCRA-05-2008-0014 Electronic Interconnect Corporation (Elk Grove Village, IL)
06/12/2008ClosedFIFRA-05-2008-0018 Hercules, Incorporated (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
06/11/2008ClosedCWA-03-2008-0336 Berks Products Corp.
06/11/2008ClosedCWA-07-2008-0051 Williamson Oil
06/11/2008ClosedSDWA-08-2008-0068 SAWMILL LODGE, INC.
06/10/2008ClosedFIFRA-04-2008-3011(b) Burt's Bees, Inc.
06/10/2008ActiveFIFRA-08-2008-0007 ROLLING W ENTERPRISES, LLC.
06/10/2008ClosedTSCA-03-2008-0112 The President and Directors of Gonzaga College Inc.
06/10/2008ClosedTSCA-03-2008-0181 Wesley Grove United Methodist Church
05/09/2008Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-08-2008-0016 WASATCH METAL RECYCLING
05/09/2008Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-08-2008-0016 WASATCH METAL RECYCLING
05/09/2008ActiveCAA-08-2008-0017 WASATCH METAL RECYLING
05/09/2008ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0006 Trees, Inc.
05/09/2008ClosedRUST-05-2008-0010 Sandhill Wildlife Area (Babcock, WI)
05/08/2008ClosedCAA-07-2008-0013 National Beef Packing Company, LLC
05/08/2008ClosedCAA-07-2008-0020 CIity of Hays
05/08/2008ClosedCERC-03-2008-0124 Airgas Specialtly Products, Inc.
05/08/2008ClosedCERCLA-03-2008-0124 Airgas Specialty Pjroducts, Inc.
05/08/2008ClosedCERCLA-07-2008-0009 National Beef Packing Company, LLC
05/08/2008ClosedCWA-04-2008-5506(b) Cress, Gary
05/08/2008ClosedEPCRA-04-2008-2023(b) Pepsi Cola of Florence, LLC
05/08/2008ClosedEPCRA-07-2008-0003 National Beef Packing Company, LLC
05/08/2008ClosedFIFRA-04-2008-3017(b) R.D.T. Business Enterprises, Inc. (d/b/a SynergyLabs, Inc.)
05/08/2008ClosedFIFRA-04-2008-3026(b) Brazos International, Inc.
05/08/2008ClosedRCRA-03-2008-0130 General Motores Corporation
05/08/2008ClosedSDWA-02-2008-8903 St. John School on Gift Hill
05/08/2008ClosedSDWA-08-2008-0045 TIMBERLINE RANCH
05/08/2008ClosedSDWA-08-2008-0046 LINE SHACK, LLC.
05/08/2008ClosedSDWA-08-2008-0047 P&M PETROLEUM MANAGEMENT, LLC.
a Colorado LLC
05/08/2008ClosedSDWA-08-2008-0048 MORRISON INVESTMENTS, a Colorado General Parntership; f/k/a COBB MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS, INC.
05/08/2008ClosedSDWA-08-2008-0049 AUTO PROS & AVENGER FOUR WHEEL DRIVE, INC.
05/08/2008ClosedSDWA-08-2008-0050 AMERICAN & IMPORT AUTO RECYCLERS, INC.
05/08/2008ClosedSDWA-08-2008-0051 CAREFREE TRUCKING, INC.
05/08/2008ClosedSDWA-08-2008-0052 JTL GROUP, INC.
05/08/2008ClosedSDWA-08-2008-0053 WILLIAM S. TUSTIN d/b/a SPRUCE PARK CENTRE
05/08/2008ClosedSDWA-08-2008-0054 KURT SWALLOW, OWNER - SWALLOW'S GARAGE
05/07/2008ClosedCAA-07-2008-0014 Skylark Meats
05/07/2008ClosedRCRA-03-2008-0163FC Georgetown Chevron (Expedited Settlement)
05/06/2008ClosedCWA-03-2008-0155 West Virginia Oil Gathering Corp.
05/06/2008ClosedCWA-07-2008-0043 Missouri Department of Transportation

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