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Active Dockets by EPA Region: 05

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08/11/2014CWA-05-2014-0009Ohio Department of Transportation (Columbus, Ohio)CWA
08/14/2014RCRA-05-2014-0011General Motors LLC (GM LLC) Bedford Castings, Engines Transmissions (CET) - ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT - (Bedford, Indiana)RCRA
09/15/2014FIFRA-05-2014-0029Two Guys and a Grow Shop, LLC -Installments- (Lennon, Michigan)FIFRA
09/18/2014RCRA-05-2014-0013Canton Drop Forge, Inc. (Canton, Ohio)RCRA
09/23/2014EPCRA-05-2014-0020Sherman Dixie Concrete Industries, Inc. - CAFO WITH LEAD REGION 4 - (Evansville, Indiana and Dayton, Ohio)EPCRA
09/24/2014EPCRA-05-2014-0021Century Sun Metal Treating, Inc. (Traverse City, Michigan)EPCRA
09/25/2014CAA-05-2014-0051Pyramid Paving and Contracting Company (Essexville, Michigan)CAA
09/25/2014CAA-05-2014-0052Allied Iron & Steel Company (Peoria, Illinois)CAA
09/25/2014CAA-05-2014-0054The Anderson Albion Ethanol, LLC (Albion, Michigan)CAA
09/25/2014CAA-05-2014-00553M Company (Cottage Grove, Minnesota)CAA
09/25/2014FIFRA-05-2014-0032Kenneth and Sandra Odelehr, d/b/a Odelehr's Roadside Market - INSTALLMENTS - (Brussels, Illinois)FIFRA
09/25/2014FIFRA-05-2014-0033Ohio Pool Equipment & Supply Company d/b/a O.P. Aquatics (Columbus, Ohio)FIFRA
09/25/2014RCRA-05-2014-0014History Wood and Windows Restoration, LLC aka History Construction Management LLC (Odell, Illinois)RCRA
09/25/2014RCRA-05-2014-0015Harold Marcus Limited c/o The Corporation Company Registered Agent for Harold Marcus Limited (Bingham Farms, Michigan)RCRA
09/26/2014CAA-05-2014-0057Polygon Company (Walkerton, Indiana)CAA
09/26/2014CAA-05-2014-0058Olin Corporation Winchester Division --SEP -- (East Alton, Illinois)CAA
09/26/2014EPCRA-05-2014-0022Twin City Concrete Products Co - SEP - (Mendota Heights, Minnesota)EPCRA
09/30/2014CAA-05-2014-0059A-Z Recycling, Inc. (Columbus, Ohio)CAA
09/30/2014CAA-05-2014-0060AK Steel Corporation (Mansfield, Ohio)CAA
09/30/2014CAA-05-2014-0061Summit Ethanol, LLC d/b/a POET Biorefining - Leipsic (Leipsic, Ohio)CAA
09/30/2014CAA-05-2014-0062Access Business Group, LLC (Ada, Michigan)CAA
09/30/2014RCRA-05-2014-0016Custom Chemicals, Incorporated aka Custom Chemical Engineering (Springfield, Illinois)RCRA
09/30/2014TSCA-05-2014-0023Richmond's Complete Home Improvement (Richmond, Indiana)TSCA
09/30/2014TSCA-05-2014-0024United Milwaukee Scrap, LLC (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)TSCA
10/03/2014EPCRA-05-2015-0001Whirlpool Corporation -- SEP -- (Clyde, Ohio)EPCRA

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