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Active Dockets by EPA Region: 05

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06/16/2014TSCA-05-2014-0010Builders License Training Institute (Williamsburg, Michigan)TSCA
06/24/2014CAA-05-2014-0035Apex Recycling Services - INSTALLMENTS - (Fairmont City, Illinois)CAA
06/24/2014FIFRA-05-2014-0022Frank Ousley, d/b/a Frank's Flying Service (Morrison, Illinois)FIFRA
06/24/2014RCRA-05-2014-0009Indiana Department of Correction (Indianapolis, Indiana)RCRA
06/25/2014CERCLA-05-2014-0008Grand Traverse Overall Supply Company Site Agreement for Release and Waiver of Lien (Greilickville, Michgian)CERCLA
07/01/2014TSCA-05-2014-0013Midwest Training Services LLC (Nunica, Michigan)TSCA
07/08/2014EPCRA-05-2014-0017Tasty Breads International, Inc. - INSTALLMENTS - (Franklin Park, Illinois)EPCRA
07/08/2014MM-05-2014-0003Tasty Breads International, Inc. - INSTALLMENTS - (Franklin Park, Illinois)MM
08/06/2014CAA-05-2014-0039Empire Hard Chrome, Inc. (Chicago, Illinois)CAA
08/14/2014RCRA-05-2014-0011General Motors LLC (GM LLC) Bedford Castings, Engines Transmissions (CET) - ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT - (Bedford, Indiana)RCRA
09/23/2014EPCRA-05-2014-0020Sherman Dixie Concrete Industries, Inc. - CAFO WITH LEAD REGION 4 - (Evansville, Indiana and Dayton, Ohio)EPCRA
09/25/2014FIFRA-05-2014-0032Kenneth and Sandra Odelehr, d/b/a Odelehr's Roadside Market - INSTALLMENTS - (Brussels, Illinois)FIFRA
09/30/2014CAA-05-2014-0059A-Z Recycling, Inc. - INSTALLMENTS - (Columbus, Ohio)CAA
09/30/2014TSCA-05-2014-0024United Milwaukee Scrap, LLC (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)TSCA
10/29/2014FIFRA-05-2015-0001B & K Distributors, LLC (Howell, Michigan)FIFRA
11/06/2014RCRA-05-2015-0001Mid-City Plating Company, Incorporated -- INSTALLMENTS -- (Muncie, Indiana)RCRA
11/18/2014TCSA-05-2015-0001Northern Environmental Consultants LLC (Hancock, Michigan)TSCA
11/26/2014CAA-05-2015-0009Truc Truong d/b/a American Recycling Center - INSTALLMENTS - (Belleville, Illinois)CAA
11/26/2014FIFRA-05-2015-0011Defense Soap LLC (Lakewood, Ohio)FIFRA
12/01/2014CWA-05-2015-0004Ohio Department of Transportation (Columbus, Ohio)CWA
12/10/2014RCRA-05-2015-0002Spartek, Inc. - INSTALLMENTS - (Sparta, Wisconsin)RCRA
12/12/2014EPCRA-05-2015-0003Inhance Technologies LLC Formerly Fluoro-Seal International, L.P. (Combined With Region 7) (West Chicago, Illinois)EPCRA
12/18/2014CWA-05-2015-0005Emulsions, Inc. (Lawrenceville, Illinois)CWA
01/08/2015CAA-05-2015-0015Patriot Renewable Fuels, LLC (Annawan, Illinois)CAA
01/16/2015FIFRA-05-2015-0021Tietje, Mullet & Klink, Inc. (Bakersville, Ohio)FIFRA
01/16/2015FIFRA-05-2015-0022Maxicrop USA, Inc. (Elk Grove Village, Illinois)FIFRA
01/20/2015CWA-05-2015-0007Consolidated Grain and Barge Co. (Mount Vernon, Indiana)CWA
01/22/2015CWA-05-2015-0008Hall's Calf Ranch, LLC Mr. J. Hall (Kewaunee, Wisconsin)CWA
01/22/2015CWA-05-2015-0009ArcelorMittal Minorca Mine Inc. -Tailing Basin Spill - (Virginia, Minnesota)CWA
01/22/2015CWA-05-2015-0010ArcelorMittal Minorca Mine Inc., -Haul Road & Pipeline Spills- (Virginia, Minnesota)CWA
01/22/2015EPCRA-05-2015-0006Hardy Industrial Technologies, LLC - SEP - (Painesville, Ohio)EPCRA
01/22/2015RUST-05-2015-0004Phillips 66 - dba Conveniance Mart - (Thornton, Illinois) RCRA
01/22/2015RUST-05-2015-0005Wright Industries/Automated Fueling Systems (Summit, Illinois)RCRA
01/23/2015RCRA-05-2015-0004City of Toledo, Ohio - ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT - (Toledo, Ohio)RCRA
01/27/2015CERCLA-05-2015-0002Brandt Consolidated, Inc. (Williamsville, Illinois)CERCLA
01/27/2015EPCRA-05-2015-0007Brandt Consolidated, Inc. (Williamsville, Illinois)EPCRA
01/27/2015FIFRA-05-2015-0023Dow AgroSciences LLC (Indianapolis, Indiana)FIFRA
01/27/2015MM-05-2015-0002Brandt Consolidated, Inc. (Williamsville, Illinois)MM
01/28/2015FIFRA-05-2015-0024Brandt Consolidated, Inc. (Springfield, Illinois)FIFRA
01/29/2015FIFRA-05-2015-0025BioMatrix, Inc. (Princeton, Minnesota)FIFRA
CWA-05-2015-0006Skytanking USA, Inc. (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
FIFRA-05-2015-0019Coeus Technology, LLC - INSTALLMENTS - (Anderson, Indiana)FIFRA

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