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Active Dockets by EPA Region: 01

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CAA-01-2014-0025143rd Airlift WingCAA
CAA-01-2014-0040Mereco Technologies Group, Inc. CAA
CAA-01-2014-0045In the Matter of: T. Miozzi, Inc.CAA
CAA-01-2014-0048Associated Grocers of New EnglandCAA
CAA-01-2014-0050Crystal Ice Company, Inc.CAA
CAA-01-2014-0051Bozzuto's Inc.CAA
CAA-01-2014-0052Borden & Remington CorporationCAA
CAA-01-2014-0052Borden & Remington Corp..CAA
CAA-01-2014-0053Lake Champlain Transportation Company, Burlington, VTCAA
CAA-01-2014-0054Lake Champlain Transportation Company, Shelburne, VTCAA
CAA-01-2014-0058 DuBrul Family, LLC et alCAA
CAA-01-2014-0063AmeriPride Services, Inc.CAA
CAA-01-2014-0064AmeriPride Services, Inc.CAA
CERCLA-01-2009-0005Britannia Street SiteCERCLA
CERCLA-01-2009-0010Great Lakes Container Corporation Superfund Site CERCLA
CERCLA-01-2009-0086Centredale Manor Superfund Site
CERCLA-01-2010-0019Zonolite / W.R. Grace Superfund SiteCERCLA
CERCLA-01-2010-0045Emhart Industries, Inc, Centredale Manor Restoration Project Superfund Site CERCLA
CERCLA-01-2011-0033Former Tombarello and Sons Property Site
CERCLA-01-2014-0026Leeds Metal Superfund Site, Maine Central Rail Road CompanyCERCLA
CWA-01-2007-0004Maine Wild Blueberry CompanyCWA
CWA-01-2007-0017Rymes Heating Oil, Inc. CWA
CWA-01-2008-0002Chestnut Farms Development Corp.CWA
CWA-01-2008-0004Crocker Technical Papers, Inc.
CWA-01-2008-0012C.B. Blair Development Corp.
CWA-01-2008-0014Bristol, RICWA
CWA-01-2008-0021Heanssler Oil Company, Inc.
CWA-01-2008-0022Murray Oil CompanyCWA
CWA-01-2008-0023E.H. Perkins Construction, Inc.CWA
CWA-01-2008-0026Saloomey Construction, Inc.CWA
CWA-01-2008-0051High Pine Corporation CWA
CWA-01-2008-0088Blanchard Oil Co, Inc. CWA
CWA-01-2008-0092Scittuate Concrete Pipe, Co.
CWA-01-2008-0093Nylon Corporation of AmericaCWA
CWA-01-2008-0095Independence Energy Inc. CWA
CWA-01-2009-0003Harris Energy Corp.CWA
CWA-01-2009-0008Petroleum Heat and Power Co, Inc. CWA
CWA-01-2009-0057Five Acre Farm GreenhousesCWA
CWA-01-2009-0058Big Y Foods, Inc. CWA
CWA-01-2010-00060American Sciencae & Engineering, Inc. CWA
CWA-01-2010-0023 Mirant Kendall, LLCCWA
CWA-01-2010-0030 Myra Distributing, Inc. CWA
CWA-01-2010-0060American Science & Engineering, Inc.
CWA-01-2010-0075Town of Brookline
CWA-01-2011-0002In the Matter of EntoleterCWA
CWA-01-2011-0023 Reliant Aircraft Service, Inc.
CWA-01-2011-0024Tango Yankee LLC d/b/aCWA
CWA-01-2011-0052Mayhew Steel Products, Inc.
CWA-01-2011-0053Mayhew Steel Products, Inc.
CWA-01-2011-0081Town of Hopedale, MA
CWA-01-2011-0085Town of Chatham, MA
CWA-01-2011-0087Town of Mattapoisett, MA
CWA-01-2011-0094Town of Wareham, MA
CWA-01-2011-0095Town of Swansea, MACWA
CWA-01-2011-0103Town of Medway, MA
CWA-01-2011-0106 Town of Rollinsfors, NH
CWA-01-2011-0114Town of Norton, MA
CWA-01-2011-0115Town of Rayham, MA
CWA-01-2011-0118Town of Braintree, MA CWA
CWA-01-2012-0113City of Portland, MaineCWA
CWA-01-2013-0030Plymouth Cogeneration Limited PartnershipCWA
CWA-01-2013-0033City of Attleboro, MassachusettsCWA
CWA-01-2013-0071Barberry Homes, Inc.CWA
CWA-01-2014-0017VIP Tour and Charter Bus CompanyCWA
CWA-01-2014-0018L.S. Starrett CompanyCWA
CWA-01-2014-0022C-V Oil Company, Inc. CWA
CWA-01-2014-0025Gloucester Marine Railways Corp.CWA
CWA-01-2014-0030Lakeside Oil Company, Inc. CWA
CWA-01-2014-0031Brewer Pilots Point Marina, Inc.CWA
CWA-01-2014-0035 Essential Power Massachusetts, LLCCWA
CWA-01-2014-0039Tegra Medical, LLCCWA
CWA-01-2014-0056Erickson Fuel Company, Inc.CWA
CWA-01-2014-0057Wildcat Acquisition CorporationCWA
CWA-01-2015-0008In the Matter of EMB, Inc. (d/b/a Landscapers Depot), Kingston, NH 03848CWA
Docket Number: CWA-01-2011-0081Town of Hopedale, MassachusettsCWA
EPCRA-01-2008-0015Murray Oil CompanyEPCRA
EPCRA-01-2008-0016Lisbon Fuels CompanyEPCRA
EPCRA-01-2008-0018Fusco Brothers, Inc.EPCRA
EPCRA-01-2008-0019M. Weisman Roofing Co. EPCRA
EPCRA-01-2008-0020Dixfield Discount Fuel Co.EPCRA
EPCRA-01-2008-0025R.I. Heat Treating Co., Inc. EPCRA
EPCRA-01-2008-0106CITGO Petroleum CorporationEPCRA
EPCRA-01-2009-0089Alvin Hollis & Co., Inc.EPCRA
EPCRA-01-2010-0073Campton Industries LLCEPCRA
EPCRA-01-2011-0056Foam-Tite Amesbury Group
EPCRA-01-2012-0037In the Matter of Questech CorporationEPCRA
EPCRA-01-2012-0057Bostik, Inc.EPCRA
EPCRA-01-2014-0055Fiber Material Inc., 5 Morin St., Biddeford, MaineEPCRA
FIFRA-01-2009-0061BioDefense CorporationFIFRA
FIFRA-01-2010-0066FCS-Chemsupply, Inc., d/b/a Chemstation- BostonFIFRA
FIFRA-01-2011-0063BioDefense Corporation FIFRA
FIFRA-01-2011-0065Boyd Technologies, Inc.
FIFRA-01-2011-0066Scot W. Pollack
FIFRA-01-2011-0070North Safety Products, LLCFIFRA
FIFRA-01-2011-0071Phoenix Divina Products, LLC
FIFRA-01-2011-0072Rachel Systems, Inc.
FIFRA-01-2014-0016EnviroCare CorporationFIFRA
FIFRA-01-2014-0016EnviroCare CorporationFIFRA
FIFRA-01-2014-0016EnviroCare Corporation FIFRA

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