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Heat Island Effect

Heat Island Actions

This database provides examples of local and statewide initiatives to reduce heat islands and achieve related benefits. The actions listed here are representative of the efforts currently underway to cool communities, reduce air pollution, and save energy. If you are aware of a program or initiative that is not included in our list, we invite you to submit an initiative for our review.

The database includes information on the state and locality, the initiative type (e.g., an incentive or a building code), the mitigation type (e.g., cool pavements or green roofs), and the status, as well as a title and description of the action. Wherever possible, the title of the initiative links to a Web site providing additional information. The following pages provide several different ways to view the data:
  • By State & Locality is an alphabetical listing of all initiatives;
  • All Initiative Types groups the programs by the type of initiative; and
  • A clickable map (shown below) displays all initiatives in that state.

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