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Heat Island Effect

Climate Action Plan

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State - LocalityInitiative TypeLink Exit EPADescriptionDate
California - BerkeleyCool RoofsCity of Berkeley Climate Action Plan (PDF)Cool Roofs - As part of the city's Climate Action Plan, Berkeley will consider requiring the installation of a cool roof anytime a commercial building is built or re-roofed. Cool roofs can achieve a solar reflectance of 70-80%, compared to 10-20% for a typical roof.Active
California - Menlo ParkTrees and VegetationCity of Menlo Park Climate Change Action Plan (PDF)Plant Trees - In Menlo Park's Climate Action Plan, the city has set a goal to plant 100 new trees per year. Properly planted trees will reflect sunlight and shade buildings, mitigating the urban heat island effect. The city also has a Heritage Tree Program and Street Tree Reforestation Project and the city maintains an arborist to provide tree management.Active
California - San DiegoTrees and VegetationExecutive Summary for the Climate Protection Action Plan (PDF)San Diego Climate Protection Action Plan - The City of San Diego identified several steps to help mitigate the urban heat island effect. These steps are included in the city's Climate Protection Action Plan and are as follows: develop and adopt an urban heat island mitigation policy; support the Community Forest Advisory Board and Community Forest Initiative, which includes planting 5,000 shade trees per year on public property for twenty years; develop a public tree protection policy; and annually review and revise existing policies that are related to tree planting, water reclamation, and open space preservation.Active

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