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102nd U.S. Congress, 2nd SessionGlobal Environment. "What should the United States do to improve the global environment?" National Debate Topic for High Schools, 1992-93HC110.E5G55X 1992
12th German Bundestag's Enquete Commission "Protecting the Earth's Atmosphere"Climate Change--A Threat to Global Development: Acting Now to Safeguard the FutureHD1751.E23 1992
Aaron, Henry J.,Schultze, Charles L., editorsSetting Domestic Priorities: What Can Government Do?
HN59.2.S48 1992
Abbey, EdwardThe Monkey Wrench GangPS3551.B2M66 1985
Abe, Joseph,Davis, Wayne,Flanigan, Thomas,Schwarz, Andy,McCarthy, MichaelEnvironmental Indicators for Surface Water Quality Programs. Pilot StudyTD170.E5 1992
Abrahamson, Dean Edwin, editorThe Challenge of Global WarmingQC981.8.G56C42 1989
Abramson, H. Norman,Encarnacao, Jose,Reid, Proctor P.,Schmoch, Ulrich, editorsTechnology Transfer Systems in the United States and Germany: Lessons and Perspectives.T1743.T412 1997
Abt Asociates Inc.Possible Changes in U.S. Producer and Consumer Surplus from Regulatory Action That Restricts Usage of Turf Pesticides.TD879.A28 1993
Abt Associates Inc.Ecological Impacts from Climate Change: Scoping Study for an Economic Assessment, Draft Report.QC981.8.P6E5 1992
Abt Associates Inc.Analysis of Non-Respondents to Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know ActTD1050.R46.A63 1990
Abt Associates of CanadaSocio-Economic Impact Assessment of Implementing the Montreal Protocol on Substances That Deplete the Ozone LayerQD181.O1.E5 1988
Abt Associates of CanadaMeasuring the Benefits of Environmental ImprovementTD181.A2
Ackerman, Bruce A.Economic Foundations of Property Law.KF562.E25 1975
Adams, R.C.,Currie, J.W.,Hebert, J.A.,Shikiar, R.The Visual Impact of Alternative Closed Cycle Cooling Systems: Volume II.GE170.A3N8 Vol. II 1979
Addison, John T.Labor Market Reregulation in the European Union: Chapter and Verse--Policy Study Number 140.HD8380.5.A32C4 1997
Addison, John T.,Bord, Nancy A.,Harrison, Glenn W.,Rutstrom, E.E.Estimating Employment Effects of Regulatory Policy Using Computable General Equilibrium Models, Final Report.HC79.A3.N3 1992
Adger, W. Neil,Pettenella, Davide,Whitby, MartinClimate-change Mitigation and European Land-use Policies.QC981.8.C5C595 1997
Adler, Robert W.,Landman, Jessica C.,Cameron, Diane M.The Clean Water Act 20 Years Later.TD223.A4663 1993
Administration and Resources ManagementAccess EPATD171.U54 1993
Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental RelationsStudy Guide: Federal Infrastructure Task Force II Applying Benefit/Cost Analyses to Investment Options.HD3888.A35C6 1994
Aghion, Philippe,Howitt, PeterEndogenous Growth TheoryHD45.A47 1998
Ahmad, Yusuf J.,El Serafy, Salah,Lutz, Ernst, editorsEnvironmental Accounting for Sustainable Development.HF5686.N3E58 1989 (2 copies)
Aiken, William,Baier, Annette C.,Gunn, Alastair,Jamieson, Dale,Johnson, Edward,Machan, Tibor R.,Sagoff, Mark,Shrader-Frechette, K.S.,Simon, Robert L.,Regan, Tom, editorEarthbound: New Introductory Essays in Environmental Ethics, First EditionGF80.E16 1984
Air Resources CenterStudy of the Social and Economic Effects of Changes in Air Quality, 1970-71 Annual Report.TD883.5.O7A3 1971
Air Risk Information Support CenterGlossary of Terms Related to Health, Exposure, and Risk AssessmentRA427.3.G56 1989
Air & Waste Management AssociationJournal of the Air and Waste Management AssociationTD883.A48

v.46, June 1996
v.46, July 1996
v.46, Aug. 1996
v.46, Sept. 1996
v.48, Nov. 1998
v.52, Jan. 2002
v.52, March 2002
Alberini, Anna,Edelstein, David,Harrington, Winston,McConnell, VirginiaReducing Emissions from Old Cars: The Economics of the Delaware Vehicle Retirement Program. Discussion Paper 94-27TD885.5.A4.R4 1994
Albert, Roy E.Carcinogen Assessment Group's Final Report on Population Risk to Ambient Benzene Exposures.RA1242.A47E5 1979

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