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Regulatory Economic Analyses Inventory: by Title

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Wage Rates For Economic Analyses Of The Toxics Release Inventory Program. (2002)Not Reported
Waste Energy Registry: Regulatory/Economic Analysis, Executive Summary.. (2009)Not Reported
Wastewater Impact Analysis. (2007)Not Reported
Wastewater Treatment Technology Documentation, Formulation of Aldrin/Dieldrin, DDT, Endrin, Toxaphene. (1976)Other
Water Assessment for Proposed New Myclobutanil Uses on Hops and Soybeans. (2006)Not Reported
Water Quality Assessment of Proposed Effluent Guidelines for the Pulp, Ppaer, and Paperboard Industry. (1993)Not Reported
Water Quality Benefit Analysis For The Proposed Effluent Guidelines For The Coastal Subcategory Of The Oil And Gas Extraction Industry, Final. (1995)Final
Water Quality Benefits Analysis For Proposed Pretreatment Standards For Existing And New Sources For The Industrial Laundries Point Source Category. (1997)Globe IconNot Reported
Water Quality Benefits Analysis Of Final Effluent Limitations Guidelines And Standards For The Coastal Subcategory Of The Oil And Gas Extraction Point Source Category. (1996)Not Reported
Water Quality Guidance For The Great Lakes System And Correction, Proposed Rule, FEDERAL REGISTER April 16, 1993. (1993)Proposed
Water Quality Standards for Surface Waters of the Sacramento River, San Joaquin River, and San Francisco Bay and Delta of the State Of Calfornia; Final Rule, FEDERAL REGISTER January 24, 1995. (1995)Final
Water Quality Standards; Establishment Of Numeric Criteria For Priority Toxic Pollutants, States' Compliance, Final, FEDERAL REGISTER December 22, 1992. (1992)Final
Water System Byproducts Treatment And Disposal Cost Document, Draft Final. (1993)Draft
Wood Preservative Pesticides Creosote, Pentachlorophenol And The Inorganic Arsenicals (Wood Uses) Position Document 2/3. (1982)Not Reported
Wood Preservative Pesticides: Creosote Pentachlorophenol Inorganic Arsenicals, Position Document 4. (1984)Final
Wood Preserving; Identification And Listing Of Hazardous Waste; Standards And Interim Standards For Owners And Operators Of Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, And Disposal Facilities, Final Rule, Federal Register December 24, 1992. (1992)Final
Wool Fiberglass Insulation Manufacturing Industry--Background Information for Proposed Standards. (See U.S. EPA Air Docket #A-90-49, II-A-9.) (1983)Proposed
Worker Protection Standard, Final Rule, Federal Register August 21, 1992. (1992)Final
Worker Protection Standard, Hazard Information, Proposed Rule, FEDERAL REGISTER August 21, 1992. (1992)Proposed

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