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Regulatory Economic Analyses Inventory: by Document Type

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Show details for Background Benefit-Related DocumentBackground Benefit-Related Document
Show details for Background Cost-Related DocumentBackground Cost-Related Document
Show details for Benefit AnalysisBenefit Analysis
Show details for Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) SectionCode of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section
Hide details for Community Impact AssessmentCommunity Impact Assessment
Analysis of the Impacts of Control Programs on Motor Vehicle Toxics Emissions and Exposure in Urban Areas and Nationwide: Volume II: Detailed Toxics Emissions and Exposure Estimates. (See FDMS: OAR-2005-0036-0033.1). (1999)Not Reported
Chlormequat Chloride: Screening-level Acute and Chronic Dietary (Drinking Water Only) Exposure and Risk Assessment for the Reregistration Eligibility Decision. (2007)Not Reported
Show details for Cost-Benefit AnalysisCost-Benefit Analysis
Show details for Cost-Effectiveness AnalysisCost-Effectiveness Analysis
Show details for Cost AnalysisCost Analysis
Show details for Economic Impact AssessmentEconomic Impact Assessment
Show details for Environmental Impact StatementEnvironmental Impact Statement
Show details for Environmental Justice AssessmentEnvironmental Justice Assessment
Show details for Federal Register (FR) NoticeFederal Register (FR) Notice
Show details for Legal Background DocumentLegal Background Document
Show details for Other DocumentOther Document
Show details for Other Equity-Related AssessmentOther Equity-Related Assessment
Show details for Other Regulatory Background DocumentOther Regulatory Background Document
Show details for Regulatory Flexibility AnalysisRegulatory Flexibility Analysis
Show details for Regulatory Impact AnalysisRegulatory Impact Analysis
Show details for Regulatory Option Development/Description DocumentRegulatory Option Development/Description Document
Show details for Risk AssessmentRisk Assessment
Show details for Small Business Impact AssessmentSmall Business Impact Assessment
Show details for * DocType Not Defined* DocType Not Defined

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