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Improving the Assessment and Valuation of Climate Change Impacts for Policy and Regulatory Analysis: Research on Climate Change Impacts and Associated Economic Damages

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EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics (NCER) and Climate Change Division (CCD), together with DOE’s Office of Policy and International Affairs sponsored a two-day workshop on Modeling Climate Change Impacts and Associated Economic Damages. This was the second in an EPA/DOE workshop series, "Improving the Assessment and Valuation of Climate Change Impacts for Policy and Regulatory Analysis."

The impetus for this workshop series was the 2009-2010 inter-agency 'social cost of carbon' workgroup that used the DICE, FUND, and PAGE integrated assessment models to estimate time paths of the social cost of carbon for use in future U.S. government regulatory analyses. A summary of the workgroup's findings (854K) is available. The U.S. government’s intention is to revise these estimates, taking into account new research findings that were not included in the first round. To help motivate and inform this process, EPA and DOE are hosting a series of workshops. The November 18-19, 2010, workshop focused on conceptual and methodological issues related to integrated assessment modeling and valuing climate change impacts, along with methods of incorporating these estimates into policy analysis. The second workshop (January 27-28, 2011) reviewed research on estimating impacts and valuing damages on a sectoral basis.

If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Kopits (Kopits.elizabeth@epa.gov) or Charles Griffiths (Griffiths.charles@epa.gov).

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